Wizardry, Healing, Alchemy

I love my magical life…

After a week of intensive hoop training I feel on a new path of mastery with the sphere, the hoop and the circle as a portal to other dimensions. If you are interested to read more about the art of hooping, I have been blogging about the amazing experiences for the past week on Sacred Circularities and there will be other guest bloggers over on that site for each weeklong retreat over the next three weeks.


I had breakfast with a Wizard

aka Yogi Master and Dancer Anastasis.

DSC_0821 DSC_0827 DSC_0790

Anastasis is only reachable by what he describes as “Ethermail” no phone- wow how unusual these days- just like me (well, until Lynne Franks kindly gave me her old phone which was a very supportive metaphor- Thank you Lynne 😉

Anastasis was a ballet dancer and these days has a yoga and dance school in Crete and is mostly touring the world teaching his unique style of “Zorba Yoga”. He can be found this summer teaching at Yoga Festivals in Istanbul, Barcelona, Oxford and Turkey. If you get a chance to practise with him you are in for such a treat. We were doing some early morning filming for Danny Paradise’s new music video “Everyday Grace”. I have attended several Ashtanga and Shamanism workshops now with Danny and Anastasis teaching together and have found the m all enlightening and empowering- highly reccomended!

I had coffee with a Healer

aka Artist and Singer/Songwriter Jelila at Starbucks, of all places! Meeting a healer in Starbucks makes me think of The Matrix for some reason…

DSC_0008 DSC_0005

I paid off the remaining %50 of an original artwork/painting of hers that I am delighted to have accquired and also had a chance to checkout her new jewellery designs.

I am a massive fan of Jelila’s healing crystal jewels and book about crystal healing. I have been learning a lot about healing and crystals in particular from her over the last few months and she has become a great friend and a soul sister out here.

I had lunch with an Alchemist

aka Artist & Filmmaker SOH Alex Vermeulen at Ubud Raw food hotspot Alchemy.

DSC_0016 DSC_0024

I was invited back to Alex’s studio to view his latest feature film SOH which is a mashup of Science Fiction and Opera/Theatre

You can view it here 

I learnt that Alex was a pioneer of PIoneer interactive VJ software and I have asked him to be my VJ mentor…as he said he has moved on from VJing and is mostly interested in making feature films these days and would love to work with Sci-Fi author William Gibson and make music videos with Lady Gaga and Prince. Watching some of his live VJ demos was mind-blowing and made me think of a scene in a movie I love “The Fifth Element”, where Leeluu is having her mind blown by all these scenes of terror and the shadows in human nature when she discovers the internet…it felt a bit like that. I was impressed when he told me that one of his VJing highlights was the premier of American Psycho in NYC.

I also got to meet a renowned healer called Per Van Spall who popped over briefly. I had heard a lot of good things about Per, so it was interesting to finally meet him.


All in all it has been a most inspiring day and I live for the magic in life.

The more I welcome magic and wonder, the more it seems to find me too. Such is “The Law of Attraction” in action.

I am currently excited about getting back on the remixing horse as I feel very inspired to produce some electronica remixes of Sound Healing as well as diving into editing some beautiful projects including music videos for Pablo J and Danny Paradise, a promo for Desa Seni “Celebrate Life” and one for “Rising Hearts” which is an Acro Yoga and thai massage retreat experience. That’s how I roll on independent projects- by bouncing between audio and visual platforms- to keep up the enthusiasm and freshness.

I’ll basically be geeking out on my computer for the next few weeks…

Glad I have my hula hoops and yoga practise to keep me in shape….maybe I will take a break and flee to the sea and surf- catch the waves whilst I still can.

Europe is beckoning me and it seems like I will make a pilgrimage over to this year’s Cannes Film Festival to catchup with industry friends and former colleagues, to wear some great outfits, to have some glam fun in a new and conscious way and to promote a community project which is also my writing/directing feature film debut- now complete. Maybe I’ll even get some job offers or more Creative work out of it? Yes please!

These are some recent posters I have made (feel free to share them) and bye for now xo

1520732_10152028739876127_4082061001715759681_n 164648_10152030910101127_3572948722120999173_n




Kundalini, Naturopathy & A little bit of Bahasa

I’m inspired to post about the Kundalini yoga which I have been practising for the last few days with Dani Durgani aka Jiwanpal Kaur. My friend and neighbour golden Oneness Goddess and devotional singer Harmony Polo invited me to take an early morning class with her and in that first class my kundalini energy was activated but it got stuck in the manipura chakra more specifically at my liver which began to hurt and metaphorically “speak to me”. Now chakras are one of the most fascinating aspects of yoga to me and Kundalini Yoga very much focuses on connectiing, charging and balancing the chakras and energy body, moreso then other forms of yoga it feels a more spiritual energy-based yoga tradition. I love exploring the different styles of yoga on offer out here and around the world, also  continuing to learn from amazing teachers. This current exploration of Kundalini is definitely raising my vibrations and that is very much in line with the intention I set for 2014 (see New Year’s Eve blog). I have also been introduced to the beautiful healing sounds of Snatam Kaur which is played at the end of a Kundalini yoga class.

At breakfast after the morning class, a fellow yogi suggested I write a letter to my liver and ask it for any information it might be trying to send me.

So I did it, I wrote a letter to my liver and it told me to “Say YES to speaking my truth as frequently as possible, despite being pretty certain at times that someone may react negatively to what they hear. Allow others the power to own their reactions, it is not doing anyone a favour to be nice in an attempt to help them avoid pain. Speak your heart-centered truth more and often and ask friends and loved ones for support in this process. Express a support of this authentic truth-speaking in others as well. Invite it in as a normal way of communicating and co-create a conscious community of truth speaking, heart centered relationships and collaborations. Also please say NO to alcohol and sugar. One glass of champagne or very good red wine as a rare exceptional treat is fine but no beer guzzling when you are surfing at the beach and no cocktails when you are celebrating or jetsetting. Beer is fattening and cocktails are just sugary poison.”

Wow what clear demands this dear liver was asking for! I know that it was also shifting and clearing some gunk from the Cloves I had developed a sudden and very irritating penchant for since returning to Bali.

I was really upset with myself for returning to smoking and filled with shame about it. I somehow justified it to myself that they weren’t really cigarettes because they were made with cloves and tasted like sugar and cinnamon and smelled delicious like incense…but that was complete and utter bullshit and the underlying truth is that I was feeling very anxious about the mountainous video workload I have built up- I am speedy with shooting but slow with editing…anxious about my new housing situation after a dissapointing return and not ending up living with the friends I had planned, hoped and wanted to rent with here so ending up alone in a big house for a few weeks ( ha could be a lot worse!)  and a need to negotiate boundaries around the new people who had been proposed to move into the spare bedrooms…flatmates yikes…space invadors yikes…not being in control of my home live and work space yikes…it all triggered me to the max and got me falling back on an old familiar crutch of smoking again in a lame attempt to claim my space or starting hurting myself into consciousness or something…

Anyway I was sitting in a warung puffing on a clove and feeling so mad at myself for doing so at the same time. I struck up a conversation with a women at the tbale next to me who happened to be a retreat leader/creator, a naturopath, acupuncturist, and hypnotherapist specialising in quit smoking therapy…ANGEL!

“I really need your help right now” is what I said. I told her I had been praying for someone like her to help me kick these nasty cancer sticks to the curb…I had been doing so well without them for months and in just one casual puff I was once again hooked for a few days…

So that was 2 weeks ago and a few days later she came over to my house and we recorded her doing an empower hypnotherapy session around how disgusting cigarettes, cloves and any toxins are….I asked her to please suggest that when I may get  acraving to smoke, that I have the consciousness to really feel into my emotions and ask “what am I feeling right now” to name it internally and to repeat the mantra “this too shall pass”. This process gets easier as the cravings diminish but it’s quite amazing how the addiction can restart after only a few days of unconsciously smoking.

So Here I am on day 6 now smoke free and back on the “smoking is disgusting” mindset, the hypnotherapy session definitely helped me, the mantra I chose of “This too shall pass” has been overriding any possibility of running to a shop and buying some cloves to smoke. I am determined to live a smoke free life and to ride these waves of emotion and cravings into consciousness, into knowing exactly what I am feeling when I am feeling it and not numbing any underlying pain with toxins. I really am getting to a place where I love myself too much to treat this body temple badly with toxins like alcohol and cigarettes. I love feeling conscious and alive too much to pollute my physical and energy body with toxic gunk and I love life too much with all it’s wonder and synchroncity and kismet…to shorten my time here on earth in this beautiful curious feminine form.

So far it has worked… I don’t want to smoke, I tam back to thinking it’s disgusting, I can override any cravings and am paying even greater attention to what is really going on inside me which of course also gives me greater empathy for the silent struggles that others may be grappling with too.

If you are in Bali or want to work with Anne Maree on skype to quit smoking or with a number of other things she is an expert in treating. Checkout her website here Bali Vitality

After working through that over these last few days I have just noticed how the intense kundalini exercises strengthen my aura and energy body. Something seems to be shifting in the way people to relate to me. I have noticed that I am becoming more in demand as a photographer, videographer, writer, marketing consultant and just generally being invited to more meetings and rendezvous….getting asked out on dates and a high dose of romance injected into my life would be fun… though I’m currently finding myself wary of socialising ( so how can anyone ask me out?) and short on time ( so how can I go out?) as I have piled up a mountain of videos to edit and now have a greater need to use the word “NO” effectively and not to waste time on storytelling excuses as to why I am using the word NO but just to say it strongly and clearly with love and then let go of FOMO (Fear OF Missing Out) or wanting to be liked by people. I know that using a strong heartfelt NO creates more space for me to lovingly apply myself fully and effectively to anything I say YES to…such as romance ha!

I have also become more energised and pro-active although the challenge for me right now is tapping into the lucid, creative intuitive side that loves to and needs to write (a script) right now…I am charged up on the doing/being present energy and I’m working on reconnecting a bit with my loner, emo super creative side- so perhaps thats where I need to do some more serious work…on being present in this world fully proactive and firing on all cylinders yet still very connected to my dreamy, intuitive nature and imagination…

I know I am most creative when I spend a lot of time alone but this is of course quite a lonely process too…so perhaps the world is throwing some big challenges at me right now like “step up to it lady- this is your time to both make shit happen and come up with great ideas and creations”. Always up for a challenge I am rising to it.

Also super excited to get involved with this year’s Bali Spirit Festival. With an inspiring lineup of world famous musicians, artists,speakers and yoga teachers it will be an action-packed week long experience for all those lucky enought to be out in Bali at that time March 19-24th some tickets still available!

I did my first private Indonesian Bahasa lesson yesterday with a lovely teacher called Ibu Ayu and it is a super challenging language filling me with admiration for any expats who learn to speak Bahasa- am I really going to manage it? Seems to me that there are some familiar links in some of the words to spanish and latin which helps me to grasp it a bit better, but so many words with difficult vowel sounds to explain a simple thing…will it stick? Let’s see…. I started writing some phrases down and got into a deep discussion with the teacher about some of it and ended up writing down this little chunk of words in English and in Bahasa.

Saya Panulis, Film Producer, Fotografer dan Guru Yoga

Ubud adalah tempat yang bagus untuk belajar banyak hal tentang hidup, seperti seni kebahagiaan.
Ibu Ayu bertanya “Bagaimana caranya?”
Jawaban saya: Selalu bersyukur. Setiap kesempatan itu berharga.
Ibu Ayu bertanya “Baik kebahagiaan maupun kesedihan?”
Jawaban saya:”Pelajaran tersembunyi

In English:

I’m a Writer, Filmmaker, Photographer and Yoga Teacher

Ubud is a good place to learn many things such as the art of happiness.

Ibu Ayu asks “How to be happy?”

I say ” By practising gratitude. Every moment is precious”

Ibu Ayu asks “both happiness and sadness are precious?”

I say “Yes. Lessons in disguise”.

Well this seemed to make sense at the time and between trying to absorb a multitude of Bahasa phrases ( most of which I have forgotten today) it was fun to try communicating a deeper conversation between English and Bahasa.

Early today prompted by a video an amazing friend shared on facebook…I sat down to write a free flow on the themes of Integrity, Sexuality, Desire and Boundaries.

Wow such powerful themes to write about and certainly more than a books worth of material if I were to write about just those themes…very revealing.

I am very interested in dialogue and to collect stories on these themes with other single people, people who are walking a conscious path, people who are leading accountable lives as teachers, people choosing to live alternative or unconventional lifestyles-  a sort of educational sexual Ted Talk/Debate….as a topic sexuality, desire and integrity hasn’t really reached mainstream media yet has it? The subject of the power of sexual energy and the multitude of ways to channel and master sexuality and desire are surely fascinating to many on the solutions and magnified life experiences such mastery can create…anyway that’s for another blog perhaps….an exploration of Tantra!

Whilst writing on the themes of sex and sexuality I am of course listening to Dakas/Dakinis/Tantrikas Deva Premal, Miten and Manose

Also wanted to share some images which I recently shot in a lush jungle garden for a collective world music funk jam band based in Bali called “Garden Underground”.



Garden Underground visionary Producer & Bali Sprit Festival Music Director Rob Webber

Also excited to share an idea for crystal healing “Conflict Resolution” jewellery that came to me in a flash download and that I shared with friend, author and healer Jelila (who I have been learning a lot about crystal and energy healing from over the past few months) Well our co-creation of green agate for understanding, rose quartz for soothing and fresh water pearls for divine wisdom has gone intoo production and I am the proud owner of the first two pretty prototype samples. You can order your own to wear and bring awareness to/clear away any inner or outer conflicts or as a perfect gift for a friendship that may need some healing. Click on the image below for a direct link to Jelila’s online shop.


Now I have some serious homework to do…back to the documentary script-writing!

May your days and nights be full of love in all it’s many forms…

Bye for now

Music Mansion, Yoga Barn, Crystal Cave

Yesterday was my busiest, most proactive and consciousness challenging day so far in Bali. I began with a video shoot for Jelila’s song “The Law of Attraction” in a quirky, colourful and beautiful hotel and spa called The Mansion. Not only did they allow us to film in there but they explained how they actively support collaborations and creativity. I told them about my time living at The Gershwin Hotel in NYC as an artist in Residence and explained how they run an inspiring and empowering artist residency programme there. IT sounds like The Mansion are kicking of an artist residency programme soon too beginning with co-creation initiatives and onsite collaborations such as ours. I am also delighted that they were open to and supportive of the “Sound Healing” documentary project I am making and invited me to come back and film more music videos, interviews and performances with other sound healers in and around their amazing Ubud Mansion, swimming pools and gardens. Such a colourful, eccentric and great place, I am very curious about and would love to meet the owners.

We had found a beautiful woman the day before called Katerina at Soma Cafe and Jelila  asked her to be the healee and  babe in the music video- she was totally up for it too. Suddenly the team was expanding and it felt more like creative playtime and improvisation then a professional shoot at The Mansion.

It was inspiring to begin filming there with Jelila. We had been told by the Manager that filming was allowed for 3 hours and I had planned to try Guerilla-style shooting of a music video, an interview and a mini crystal healing session to include in the music video also to get a testimonial feedback with Katerina the model/healee.

Just as we were about to start rolling a guy showed up who also turned out to be an uber creative VJ and cinematographer with his own Canon 5D and he offered to helpout with filming too. Suddenly our team was expanding.

I was anxious about timing also because I was scheduled to teach a free community yoga class at The Yoga Barn later that day and had also pre-arranged to go after that to film a sound healing performance with AwaHoshi at Taksu Spa after the yoga class. It was my first day out here of lining various endeavours up back to back. This is the norm for me back in London and is the lifestyle of juggling that I began to find very stresfull, so this created some anxiety for me, perhaps the memories of always trying to do too much juggling…and not doing any of it well enough, up to scratch, as good as the perfectionist in me would like things to be…

We managed to get through the filming and wrap up our shoot only 90 minutes later then originally planned leaving enough time for us all to be driven home in the pouring rain, for me to make a playlist of pefect songs for my yoga class, to jump in the pool as a cleanse to release the masculine energy of directing a video and welcome in the feminine energy of teaching a yoga class and also to charge the camera batteries.

Here are some photos of our shoot at The Mansion

DSC_0026 DSC_0064 DSC_0143 DSC_0170 DSC_0140

It was an amazing location to shoot a video for a beautiful healing song, the performers were brilliant, the crystals were in abundance and even Haidai, who showed up last minute to muck in did a great job.

DSC_0067I did feel a bit torn at times between taking control/masculine//directing/ and holding space for creative playtime/intuitive/feminine/producing. My intention though was and always is to bring out the best in everyone, starting with myself. I was reminded yesterday that there are some important steps I must remember to include- like meditating together as a group to all be on the same frequency before starting (especially important for a Guerilla-style shoot with no shot lists or script).

It’s amazing how a film shoot becomes a whirling tornado of energy and ideas. I am reminded of how bossy and demanding Directors are and also of my deep longing to be a different kind of Director- it’s a battle though and I am not certain that is possible within a time frame- to be a Director who is more focused on bringing out the best in others then on getting the shots in. Jelila was telling me that my attachment to and worry about time and timing would only continue to create problems for me around time. So if I can bring awareness to the fact that that which I worry about will manifest and become worse…then I can focus more on what I want and less on what I do not want and put the law of attraction into action and in a way that supports me rather then works against me…

Urghhh ummmmm ok!?! It gave me a lot more to digest then I had expected. Who would have thought that a film shoot could also become such a great opportunity to learn more about my shadows!?

Anyway, here is a great shot of Jelila and Katerina looking glam in front of the camera.


As Jelila sang “The Law of Attraction” over and over again and we filmed it all with two cameras in various beautiful locations around the Mansion…I felt a great sense of awe and wonder that the song I have been listening to for years was being performed in an amazing space live in ront of me and that I was filming it all with a cool random team- talk about the alw of subconscious manifestation/attraction in action!

I also unfortunately found myself jumping out of presence at moments and becoming anxious about preparing the music for my yoga class and quietly more irritated and even angry at times that we had another filmmaker jumping in to give direction sometimes too. I guess the words “irritated” and “angry” were emotions coming from my ego- good to realise this but what to do when it happens I had to ask myself…So I kind of started to feel overwhelmed by it all ( the self-awareness on top of trying to get the shoot in the can) and not very grounded or blissedout or confident as my self awareness progressed through the tornado of shooting, rolling rolling- so much energy and so much to get done in a short space of time… I was basically subliminally coaching myself to get over any anxieties or anger and just see how fucking brilliant it all was, us there making great things happen on the fly and shooting from the hip!

Taking a step back to breathe for a moment, come in to presence (not worry about teaching the big yoga class in a few hours or my ego wanting to be in control or my heart wanting everyone to just enjoy the process). So I paused to connect to, assess and express my feelings “I’m feeling angry and I just need to say it so I can let it go thank you.” which gave me a chance to own and then detach from those negative emotions, thankfully this authentic approach is normal communication out here. Being met by Jelila with a simple “ok” in response totally diffused my anger and made me lough out loud at myself also to see anger and irritation as a concoction of my subconscious mind stirring up emotions which were not serving me other then perhaps asking me to change the way I approach film shoots in the future…

It also gave me some clarity that I was definitely going to be affected even behind the camera throughout filming a project about healing. Of course I was going to be receiving healing through this process too, even if I am busy producing and directing, it is still going to affect me energetically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. I am certain that a mix of anger and anxiety were bubbling within me because I had setout an overly ambitious goal for our few hours in The Mansion and I was battling between the perfectionist and the Guerilla filmmaker whilst my subconscious was trying to make me let go of “The plan” to just go with the flow and enjoy the playfulness and enthusiasm and talent that this amazing little team were bringing to the Mansion.

DSC_0145 DSC_0177

Anyway…we did it all got everything intended to film that day- I dont really know how but we did film it all!!

The feeback I received from Jelila and Katherina was that the loved the whole experience and found it all very confidence boosting. I still have to sit down with Haidai and see his footage and learn how he found the experience diving into our team without knowing any of us- did he feel welcomed our rejected and what was his intention in being a part of it all? I am sure he is talented, some of the shots I saw looked beautiful and it certainly is unusual for me to work with someone I don’t know at all just like that. Perhaps with some brainstorm time, we will shoot more videos together at the Mansion.

My intention is to empower and to bring out the best in people but I know I have to set my boundaries in order to be able to do that effectively. I was super grateful to have conscious people around, so when I vented and said “I am feeling kind of angry right now and I don’t know what to do about it so I just want to put it out there.”

It made me contemplate the illustrations Jelila had made for her presentation before and how they related to what was happening around me.




Here’s the Flyer for the “Shadows & Light” Friday 13th 2013 Yoga class I offered to the Community and residents of Ubud for free at The Yoga Barn.


Here’s the yoga playlist I ceated as a soundtrack for the class. These are songs that I felt really suited the flow I had created for my class and also themeatically that suited the concept of exploring shadows and light. I encouraged everyone to visualise healing light enetering their body and energy field with every inhale and exhale wvisualising releasing mental negativity, emotional and physicial toxicity or an easier way I would describe it as dark matter It has inspired me to put more of my yoga class soundtrack compilations up on mixcloud

Shadows & Light : Yoga Compilation

Teaching was awesome, there were so many people who showed up despite the tropical rain downpour- it seems that everyone does love a free yoga class. It was also interesting to have a class of such mix abilities, from people who were trying yoga for the first time to teachers. I sat for a few moments to meditate and call in the support of my great teachers, all those who loved music and would appreciate my soundtrack too. I asked God, Spirit and the Divinely abundant energy force of unconditional love to assist me with guiding this group safely through an awerness of their internal shadows and light to wherever they each needed to go and as I began to open up and invite all my great teachers to move their wisdom through me- I experienced something very new and very awesome.

Time flew and suddenly we were there with a room full of sweaty happy people lying in Sivasana.

We wrapped up the class and I grabbed the laptop, tripod and camera and raced down to Taksu and down down into the avatar jungles to find and start filming AwaHoshi‘s crystal sound healing vibrational medicine. It was the perfect end to an intense and magical day of living so much of my life passion- collaborating, filmmaking, empowering, teaching yoga, giving and receiving healing, learning, growing setting boundaries, understanding, feeling…

AwaHoshi invited us all to chant for a bit and then to each make offerings to Mother Nature and one by one release the offerings of flower petals down into the river below.

DSC_0207 DSC_0228

Taksu is a magical and beautiful setting deep down in the Avatar-like jungle. Once the lights were switched off it was super atmospheric by candlelight but too dark in my opinion to let the camera roll on for 40minutes. After filming some of the candlelit, powerful and atmospheric performance, I too then lay down to receive some healing crystal vibrational medicine. I feel something different each time I experience the resonant healing of the crystal bowls. I love it each time as it always takes me on a deep journey into myself. It was really good and an unexpected emotional release too at the end of such a busy full day I felt tears in my eyes and also felt they were tears of gratitude and healing.

IMG_0007 IMG_0012

When I spent some time with Awahoshi at her home, I told her that my intuition saw her playing the crystal bowls on a massive stage and giving healing sounds to thousands of people at a concert beside a famous rocks star/musician. When I asked her who she would most like to do that with she said Peter Gabriel. So, let’s just put that idea out there and see what manifests.

I saw a vision of her performing alongside Bjork and Yoav with a large audience in a circle around them, lying on the foor to receive their sound vibrations, healing and guiding their audience on a journey of empowerment and transformation…

I am actually finishing this blog now in the middle of the night because I have been woken by a cockroach crawling on me whilst I was sleeping. This is thankfully only the second time it has happened but I find it pretty freaky. I switched on the lights to see 2 kittens and one adult cat in here, so why don’t they scare cockroaches away? I suppose the good thing is that it has woken me up to finish writing this blog. 3am now and I would like to go back to sleep and awake rereshed and ready for tomorrow’s Ubud Sunday community ritual of ecstatic dance.

Despite waking up in the middle of the night by a cockroach, I feel am bursting with love and gratitiude and that’s a great feeling. Look forward to sweating my prayers and gratitude on the dancefloor.

I will be doing some filming interviews and performances of sound healers this week but I am going to try and practise presence more then I have been doing out here. I think I will do a blog with highlights of the week rather then a daily drizzle of my own internal working-out of things. Seriously though life is getting so interesting and full of challenges, every time I feel I have figured something out about myself or about life, I am almost immediately tested to see if I will repeat a pattern or choose something new! So I want to try a week of just living with and integrating everything I have been learning and wind down the attachment to people, places, things and writing about or documenting it all….for a week at least.

Goodnight & Goodmorning.

Forced to Pause

Yesterday, I was on the back of a motorbike and the roads were muddy, slippery and wet from a heavy rainfall. As we snaked our way through a side path in the Monkey Forrest, the wheels just spun out and suddenly in what felt like complete slow motion, we tumbled down and sideways to the ground and were just kind of very still for a moment. The driver hopped up and said “I’m bleeding, we need to go to a clinic right now.” I was in shock and not sure if I could move or what had just happened. I slowly got up shaking a bit too and examined the minor cuts and sore spots and got back on the bikewhich required a few attempts to kick start, as we both slightly green in the face wobbled our way on to the closest clinic.

The closest clinic happened to be a very interesting place called Bumi Sehat

Bumi Sehat is a natural birthing clinic and the founder of the clinic has been the recipient of the CNN Heroes Award.

What the bike driver told me is that in Indonesia, many poor women go to a hospital to give birth and if they cannot afford the hospital bill then the hospital will hold on to/keep the baby until the bill is paid- in many cases this can take years. Speedy C-sections are also popular in Indonesian hospitals ad Bumi Sehat offers women the option to have a natural birth in a tranquil setting with love, care and attention. Westerners or tourists using the clinic have to pay and make a donation but Indonesians are invited to Bumi Sehat for free.

There were no agonising noises of women giving birth when we hobbled in cut and bleeding. There was a room with a door open and all I could see were bodies that looked like they had smoking incense sticks all over them…it looked kind of freaky like a cremation but I was assured it was a holistic therapy. Bumi Sehat embraces alternative medicine, homeopathy and ayurveda as well as all the best of what traditional western medicine has to offer.

I told my cutup bike companion about an old friend of mine Melissa Rodrigues who is a doula very much championing the concept of natural births and co-founder of a doula collective called Wood and Water Doulas

We were led into a room to see the nurse who promptly disenfected and then injected the bike drivers knee with some kind of strong pain killer before getting out a thin needle and thread and stiching up the flap of skin that had been sliced off in the fall. I am a qualified first aid nurse but stitches and surgeries always make me squirm. So, I took on the role of chief distractor and led biker woman through some breathing exercise whilst she was injected and stitched up. She screamed a bit as though she were giving birth and then joked how it would be funny if i made a baby screamng crying sound as it would be totally fine and appropriate given that we were in a birthing clinic. It was all expertly done and I mentioned how arnica would be a really good thing for us both to have since we were going to be covered in bruises from the fall. I was really impressed when the nurse produced arnica homeopathic pills and cream. Other then some minor cuts and bruises I looked fine but my knee was starting to swell up since I fell right onto my knee cap- I was told to R.I.C.E it and no that doesnt mean a bag of rice it means: Rest Ice Compress Elevate.

So I came back to my beautiful little home away from home with the slightly shaken post-surgery bike driver and we ate take away vegetarian burritos from Taco Casa. Then I elevated my leg on some pillows and drifted off for a few hours with two or maybe three little kittens curled up on me. They are adorable these little kittens. When I first arrived, one of them was the little runt, smaller then the rest and a bit sickly. She curled up in a ball on my heart, I think she need to hear a heartbeat or something. She is so much better now so it felt like yesterday she was helping me to feel better.

Anyway other then slipping on a bike and resting with my leg in the air feeling a bit down about being “forced to pause” especially as I was just getting pumped up to go surfing and start doing power yoga… In the end, I didn’t do much yesterday.

I have been invited to teach some free community yoga classes on Fridays at The Yoga Barn, which is really exciting as it is probably the most beautiful yoga studio I have ever been too. I have been warned to expect a minimum if 50 people in my class likely many more- there is space for several hundred people… I am really excited to do my thing as a yogi in paradise, to uplift, to inspire, to heal and to empower in the massive world famous Yoga Barn! I just have to heal this knee up fast so I can walk properly again…

Here’s a photo of my Avatar/inner jungle warrior Goddess shot in the Monkey Forrest by Ida Kristine Hogbakk. Someone commented on my hairstyle being a combover– ha I really had to laugh out loud at that comment because 1: it was very funny and 2 it was true (although that comment would be what I know from Neil Strauss as a “Neg”- when a guy puts a girl down to make them feel stupid or insecure”). I am not going to let piss-taking facebook comments rain on my parade. I am intent on laughing more, especially at myself and I am here stepping into my Goddess power (even with a jungle combover) and rocking an earring by Leela Creations with an impromptu jungle warrior combover look…


Perhaps for 2014 and beyond myself, we will see a revival of the all hair on one side 1980’s look or even the sticky hot sweaty jungle combover.

Now I am on my way to a meeting with Author and healer Jelila, who I met a few years ago. I am going to study and learn more about crystal healing with her out here. I really love listening to her song “the Law of Attraction” as a meditation it’s 20 minutes long so I sometimes just lie down on the floor and close my eyes and listen to this song and remember a feeling of confidence and trust in life, knowing that I have the power to manifest my authentic dreams. Jelila- The Law of Attraction

Here’s a video I made with her a few years ago:

Then after my meeting with Jelila, I am going to have lunch with Yoga master and Shaman Danny Paradise and his girlfriend Bibi. I know that is going to be the most interesting and inspiring lunch I have had in a long time…

I just have to psych myself up to get back on a bike now, because i definitely cannot walk there today…and I really hate being “forced to pause” but maybe that’s exactly what I need to do right now- feel gratitude, as it could have really turned out to be a lot worse, a motorbike crash… and probably what I need to do right now is pause and return to the breath…

Namaste : Goddesses (From Styling the Self to Leela Creations)

Hello and Namaste.For any of you out there who don’t know what Namaste means, I’ll explain it because it means something really rather beautiful.

Namaste: “The light within me recognizes and honours the light within you”.

I realise that this blog experiment is becoming something of a diary for me too, as each morning I awake to reflect upon what I saw, experienced or learnt the day before. It is however interrupting my morning yoga practise to start the day with a reflective/stream-of-consciousness blog, but thats ok because I have the rest of the day here to sweat out any toxins in this humidity and I also have my one week unlimited access pass to The Yoga Barn, where I have been enjoying a plethora of yoga, meditation, dance and sound healing workshops.

So for this week at least, my morning practise is to blog. Perhaps next week I’ll do more reflective writing in the evenings and return to my morning yoga and meditations. The morning yoga start for me is also a time in which I set intentions, in a state of deep focus and relaxation I feel very connected to my heart, my core, my intuition, my inner “wise woman” the setting of intentions in this state is like the planting of very significant and almost subconscious seeds.

A lot of people have asked me to teach them to meditate over the years, which I find a great compliment. There are many different paths to get to the same super calm and empty space of meditation and I have been fortunate to meet many teachers who have shown me different ways to meditate. I could and probably will write a blog just on the theme of meditation but that is not todays theme…so I’ll only drift into it a little bit. I am very calm and focused most of the time unless I am living in a big busy city and multi-tasking (which is when I need to be even more calm and focused yet lack of sleep knocks me right off my centre). Between running a film company/ finishing my feature film/shooting/editing/brainstorming/pitching/running a record label/managing distribution/clearances/promotion/life coaching, yogaing and meditating with clients…well there never seemed to be enough hours in the day and sleep was massively compromised by that causing everything in my life to feel kind of lucid and intangible. Having now stepped away from that juggling act I am very aware of just how much effort has to go into time management and staying centered and calm in order to weather any and all storms. It’s obviously so much easier to dedicate life to being calm focused and enlightened when away from it all in a tropical paradise then when deeply enmeshed in the urban rat race. I see this chapter of my life with so much gratitude as  a renewal and a return to my source and a chance to nurture and strengthen my inner wise woman or Goddess in prep for whatever may lie ahead. Hopefully that will be love and fulfillment and projects and collaborations that are truly significant to me and my heart and soul. I learnt through life coaching that if I choose to align myself with people and projects that speak to the core/inner calling/life purpose, there will be massive amounts of energy to fuel and see things through the ups and downs and the fulfillment will be so much greater.

Anyway…enough of a ramble from me (seriously this blog diary thing feels like a risk on my part to just let the thoughts dribble out, fairly unedited…especially as I keep forgetting that I want it to be funny or die!)

Stream of consciousness has always been a good friend and tool for me. I have written  diaries for NIGHT Magazine since 2000 and have done some creative writing courses which encourage free flow as a way of unblocking the blocks, for info about that checkout: Creative Writes Workshops

I’m exploring this daily blog platform to report on what I’m learning, finding inspiring and who I am meeting…but mainly to unblock me so that I may write a more structured and potentially significant screenplay out here too.

Today I would like to highlight some amazing Goddesses who have appeared on my path out here.

Firstly there is my neighbor Sue Useem of Spotted Frog Productions She is a documentary filmmaker, she is very real and very funny. The word I used to describe her (to her face) was “Transparent” and she liked that. Honesty is fairly rare and she manages to deliver honesty in such a blunt and funny way, I immediately warmed to her and can imagine the two of us teaming up to make a film together one day.  Sue set the tone for me out here to relax from the moment I showed up. She has a very cute puppy who comes over to my house to play with the cats, it’s funny to watch them all playing together- I thought that cats and dogs hate eachother but these ones all seem to get along just fine.

Here is Sue chilling in the hammock.

Sue Useem

Sue Useem

The next woman I would like to highlight is Susana Sarmiento of L’Aqua Image Style & Image Coaching, who was also staying next door for a few days. She is beautiful, stylish and bursting with positivity and good vibes. Susana is a style and image coach and each day she would rock up in the most effortlessly chic tropical wear. I am out here with pretty much yoga clothes and bathing suits and a few retro sun dresses. Susana’s daily looks have really expanded the horizons for me on what is possible re tropical style. We talked at length about love, life and style and also where to find the best natural giant pearls. I hope to go and source some of my own black pearls on this trip too- they just seems such a magical and powerful natural jewel. I imagine Susana to be a wonderful image  coach to work with as she is so warm and uplifting, if only she had stuck around longer- I thoroughly enjoyed our girlie night out to a Tex Mex restaurant ( including Margaritas- a welcome break from the very healthy diet and delicious Balinese food or steamed veggies I have been eating out here). I would have liked to tryout a style coaching session with her myself out of interest. I would describe my personal style is very eclectic and I recently gave away, sold and packed up 14 years of an amazing London party girl wardrobe of vintage dresses and costumes. I managed to narrow my entire life down to one suticase and that process in itself was emotional and challenging for me but in the end, I felt and feel lighter for it- just with way less style options, however throughout that cleansing process I became a lighter being! If I could, I would now have a monochrime style and wear only black or white…but that might be a bit dull and predictable, so I must throw in a bit of rainbow brights from time to time too.

Here are some cute photos of Susana rocking some yellow neon and long pearls and holding one of the kittens in my care (I call her Squeaky because it’s like she is still learning to miaow and can only squeak like a duck- it is reaaally cute!)

Susana Sarmiento of http://www.laquaimage.com & Squeaky the Kitten

Susana Sarmiento of http://www.laquaimage.com
& Squeaky the Kitten



Inspired by my encounters with style guru Susana, I decided to make a visit to the Ubud market to pickup a traditional temple outfit, as women must dress a certain way to enter temples in Bali and it is a really elegant look involving a lace or silk blouse and a colourful either clashing or co-ordinated sarong. The market experience was hot, sweaty and intense, involving a lot of haggling. I made my way through the market trying to see what was on offer and where I could find the best quality and price. I ended up with a bargain on two blouses (one white silk and one multi-coloured lace) and two sarongs (one bright orange and one multi-coloured). I now feel, with two temple outfits that I must pray a lot and attend many ceremonies if nothing else, to get good wear out of these looks. I was immediately invited to a ceremony that same day in my new outfit but admitted that I had my period (is that TMI for a blog?) I was reminded that women are banned from temples and sacred spaces when they have there period in this country as it is considered impure and there are big signs outside the temples saying so. This reflects a sanction against human blood on holy ground. I feel a bit offended by this/being labelled impure, it is just human nature after all…and who would actually know if I didn’t admit it? I could just go in… but maybe it’s a karma thing or maybe the vicious monkeys would attack me if I told noone and entered anyway to be punished by the Gods for hiding my impurity or something like that? So you’ll just have to wait for some great photos of my temple looks, when I am considered pure again and can dress up in these beautiful traditional outfits to go and formally, ritually send love and blessings out to you and to make wishes and to pray.

Here are some previews of the fabrics anyway:



And lastly but by no means leastly…

I ended my day with a fabulous adventure, being met at Bali Buddha (delicious organic and raw food cafe) by Anna Maria, the Creative Director of Leela Creations

She then drove me up and out of Ubud on the back of her motorbike to a place she calls the Goddess Palace, which is the HQ for her designs and for a collective of creatives and mostly jewellery designers. Wow, the journey there and the place itself was amazing, set amidst lush rice feels under a pink sky at sunset and feeling very remote despite being only 10 minutes by bike from the centre.

Anna Maria’s label Leela Creations offers clothing and jewellery for Goddesses, Yogis, Light seekers, Fairys, Pixies, Gypsy spirits and Nomads. I came to buy an earring she had designed as it was unlike anything I had ever seen, truly original. Upon arrival I learnt that she had many different styles of gemstones and colours to activate and balance out the chakras. I chose one for myself and a few others for friends and loved ones (xmas presents sorted then).

I was led up to the design studio and styledup or rather transformed by Leela into what she decided was a “Cosmic Ninja Goddess” I wish I had a photo of the look she styled me up in- I loved it and could hardly recognise myself. (I must remember to start documenting/photographing more for the blog). I was so in the moment and loving it and a bit shocked by my transformation at the Palace. She put me in a very sexy bra top with chains instead of straps that gave me awesome cleavage and was really unlike anything I would normally consider wearing, a long slinky black skirt with sacred geometry symbols down the side and a cropped bolero Ninja jacket with a flower of life symbol on the back and a silver dragon clasp to squeeze it together above my cleavage. I felt AMAZING very powerful, sexy and magical in this look. I decided I had to have the jacket too- maybe the whole look for New Year’s eve, though I don’t know yet what I’ll be doing for NYE, it’s good to have an outfit in preparation and to lead the way to an amazing party invitation.

This outfit was basically the complete opposite of the demure traditional temple outfit I had pickedup earlier at the market…

Here’s a photo of the same jacket but in orange:


And here’s a photo of the jewellery (modelled by Lubna Lana Salah):


Anna-Maria Leela introduced me to all the creatives staying in the palace including hunky jewellery designer Vladimir Trillobeat Jewellery (very brown and buff and wearing nothing but a loin cloth!) Lubna Lana a stunning model and jewellery designer from L.A House of Shakti and singer songwriter Tia LaTia Music

This tropical palace and these beautiful creative people in it…as though my imagination were coming alive right in front of me, I mean this is the sort of community and these sort of characters are what I’d want to write a book about…

It also happens that a room has become available to rent in the Palace!

Of course I was really tempted to just move in and join the jamboree on the spot, though I am committed to living in my beautiful little zen nest in the centre of Ubud and doing my own transformational work and feeling grounded and caring for the cats and kittens for a while and yaddah yaddah yaddh….but if Bali calls for me to stay on longer then maybe I will move on to the Goddess Palace! Til then, I am definitely going to visit and offer to teach some yoga up there (in exchange for jewellery and clothes?).

If you are interested in spending some time out here in Bali too or looking for a room in a cool house just outside of Ubud (and if you like to cycle or know how to ride a motorbike- because you’ll need one or a driver if you are going to stay out of town and in the rice fields) then checkout this amazing community and Palace and book in for a stay on airbnb Tropical Goddess Palace

Here’s a photo of the divine creatrix Anna-Maria Leela


So this blog post was kind of long, longer then I had anticipated- I have been writing for an hour now and I set an intention to write stream of consciousness for just 20 mins a day. I will try to keep things short and sweet from now on, but yesterday was a very cool day worth writing about in the realm of Goddesses and Style. Oh and I forgot to mention the 90 minutes that I spent in silence meditating with an Astrologer called Levi… it’s totally surreal to meet someone new and then to just sit there in silence together trying to rise above mind chatter and think about nothing. I’ll interview him for another blog perhaps about meditation and astrology.

Love to all and Namaste

From Paradise Ashtanga to Neon Splash

Hello, Day two in the blogosphere for me. Hope you are having a good day and that you started it off with something nurturing and healthy and not just a quick fix rushed breakfast. I woke up and chopped up a papaya with a bit of lime squeezed on it and am sipping my ritual cup of strong coffee as I write. I have just had fresh coconut water delivered, such are the perks of life in the tropics. I am a massive fan of coconut water- fresh or not, it is moisturiser from the inside. In fact coconut water, coconut oil- for drinking, cooking, massage, for face for hair- everywhere- I love coconuts! In London, I would splash out on Vita Coco from Planet Organic or Coconutty will even deliver fresh coconuts to your door: [http://www.coconutty.co.uk/green-coconuts-p-85.html]Image

So, what I really want to write about for a bit today are Ashtanga Yoga and Danny Paradise.

I met Danny a few years ago in Bali through Simon Low (Ex-Record Exec, founder of Triyoga in the U.K and renowned trainer and teacher of super yummy and chilledout Yin Yoga)

Danny is a very respected and famous yoga teacher and is best known for introducing yoga to Sting, Madonna, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon (and the list goes on). Danny is a very funny guy, full of anecdotes of his life as a yogi and a Shaman.  I would like to make a fictional movie based on his life story. I would cast Johnny Depp to play Paradise- I can really see it being a brilliant movie, so I think that is the screenplay I want to write out here and I have invited Danny and his beautiful girlfriend Bibi out for lunch at Clear Cafe (my favourite raw food temple in Ubud) so hoping to explore how that might evolve.

Danny is a dear old friend of Ganga White. I hungout and made some videos with Ganga and his wife Tracey a few months ago in California (see one of the vids here):

Danny Paradise is in town to teach and lecture at the Ashtanga Yoga Conference.


Now as far as yoga styles go, Ashtanga is revered as  a classical form of power yoga. It is the Yang to the Yin- it is the sweat to the chill. Founded by Pattabhi Jois, back in the day it was a big honour if he invited you to attend his ashram in India- that would mean you were an outstanding yogi. Ashtangis are very strong and very flexible.

I am not an Ashtangi Yogi– I am fluid, I go with the flow and I am intuitive. I like to work with what is right in front of me, tailoring asanas or discourse to what I feel those in front of me would benefit from rather then adhering to a strict drill-like series. I feel a resistance to such austerity and I mostly blame it on my very strict training as a ballet dancer from a very young age- the repetition every day did improve my technique and focus my mind but it didn’t make me happy…

I wonder however if the universe is calling me to become more disciplined in matters of body, mind and spirit and not just with the intention to write a daily blog for example…and now the introduction yesterday to the world’s top Ashtanga yoga masters. A brief conversation with local Ashtangis Prem and Radha went something like this:

Me: It all seems very strict and austere (Ashtanga yoga)

Them: It is a discipline, something you must do every day. It is about consistency not fluidity.

Me: ok well this training might be worth a try for me.

Them: You’d have to committ to training 6 days a week for at least 3 weeks and we would treat you like a beginner, even if you are already a teacher.

Me: Wow hmmm ok… let me think about it.

I don’t know if I want or need my consciousness and confidence to be smashed down and rebuilt right now, but I do always want to become a better teacher and part of my intention out here is transformation and evolution/growth so maybe Ashtanga Power training will be a massive part of that transformation process…”stepping into my power”?

To be continued…

Here is a photo of me with the lovely Danny Paradise awww…


So, for today’s reflection on Consciousness- I am pondering whether I can keep learning, picking and choosing and shaping my life philosophies as I go along or if I really need to surrender to and go through a process such as being broken down and rebuilt by a different experience or teacher from time to time (this must be more of a fast track learning curve method “smash em down, dust em off, build em back up again).

I met a cool artist and yogi for brunch the other day, who described himself as a turtle and not a hare- slow and steady wins the race. I am inclined to lean that way now too after being mostly a hare throughout my life- bursting with energy and impatience I would now like to try to be more slow and steady. Yes that is my revelation for today. I want to be a Tortoise with humility, patience and grace and not an unconscious, frantic, arrogant hare.Image

And now for some pop culture…

If you haven’t already heard of it then checkout Neon Splash. Inspired by the Indian festival of Holi, ravers showup dressed head to toe in white and throughout the night are splattered with rainbow coloured paint. It’s wild, sexy, slippery, loud fun and it’s a booming business with Neon Splash parties being thrown around the world. Checkout this video here and congrats to the team for the entrepreneurial skills!

Welcome Om : Laughter& The Power of Intention


Invisible In The City

Invisible In The City

The earring I am now on my way to collect.

The Leela Creations earring I am now on my way to collect. I like that it climbs the ear and is more about magic than cool.




I want this to be funny.

LOL Laugh out loud would rock or quietly chuckling with familiarity or disdain.

Ideally I want this blog to be Woody Allen kind of funny. 

There is so much potential for laughter along a spiritual, conscious, mindful and awakened life path.

Are you on it?

I would like to interview you for this blog if you are!

Are you one of those austere-take-everything-including-yourself-really seriously types? I have met many of those, I have even been one of those at points too, I think.

Can you laugh at yourself?

I laugh at myself daily, often out loud…I find this very therapeutic.

From Bridget Jones clutzy moments to insane ideas or eureka inventions; try as I might to be the epitome of grace- I very often trip up or bail along the way.

There is so much potential for laughter in the world of Fashion, Art, Music, Trends too.

Laughter in The Zeitgeist, in the now and in the wow.

Do you create it?

I would like to interview you for this blog if you do.

I first heard the word “hipster” in NYC in 2009 over a coffee at The Gershwin Hotel sitting with the art collective I co-founded “The NEW Breakfast Club”. One of the co-founders was a punk artist, in the vein of Shepard Fairey . He made some diss comment about Hipsters being “too cool for school” and looking around me I thought aren’t you/we all possibly Hipsters? These kids were kind of the coolest young things I had met in NYC so if anyone or thing was Hip…to me, they were it. Then it was brought to my attention that we were as a collective were not hipsters- we were cooler then that or something- even thought we nearly had our own reality tv show…

Fast forward a couple of years and I was Producing/Hosting my own weekly radio show and had just made a short film about vintage Balloon Tire Bicycles. After posting a photo of me on a vintage bike, someone commented underneath “Hipster”.

Eeek, that word again! I felt my inner teenage Emo resist with thoughts of “No I am not a Hipster! I find my own groove in life, I do not follow trends or fit in to any kind of mould” And then an epiphany struck me- Aha!Trying and wanting to not fit into any mold was in itself trying to be something. My round-abouty ways of thinking led me to a conscious choice of embracing The Hipster tag and helping it to evolve. Like the little bald man in the Princess Bride would say “Inconceiveable!” Thus “The Conscious Hipster” was born.

Why not make mindfuless, compassion, presence and personal development “The New Cool”?

I feel it’s worth a try as I love a challenge, an experiment and a mission.

So for 10-20 minutes everyday, I am going to sit down and write whatever I feel, prompted by the themes of Consciousness and Hipster of Pop Culture and Mindfulness and everything in between…

We’ll see where it goes…hopefully on to inspire. Based on the posts I read from friends on facebook and twitter (otherwise known as “The Zeitgeist”) and based on the random daily learnings I have received through conversation with sages of the urban, cyber, spiritual and everyday varieties.

This will be my discipline.

Along with my yoga and my youtube videos (current theme of particular interest: Sound Healing)


And how am I going to try and contribute to the world by merging all that is cool with all that is conscious?

By really listening to you more and less to what rattles about in my head.

By writing out that which rattles about in my head and also reflecting on what you/others have said.


The readers.

The creators.

The teachers.

You are my Zeitgesit.

I am just a mirror.

Ooooo that’s all getting pretty earnest in it’s weight and sincerity, isn’t it? This makes me laugh at myself a bit more.

So anyway, stream-of-consciousness this first post is- yes.

Perhaps I will write with more structure as this evolves.

That might be better for you to read.

When I made a radio show, I was very organised and would structure each show around themes and playslists with pre-meditated powerful questions for the guests.

So I would like to try that format out here via the blog maybe too.

Interviewing people in the realms of wellbeing and creativity: from Popular Culture to Mindfulness.

I would like to feature your wisdoms and creations on here and in between, I’ll write my stream of consciousness, perfectly imperfect, slightly neurotic, earnestly conscious, now and wow musings.

Since I am currently mobile and based mostly in places where a smorgasboard of spiritual, learning and new age/conscious activities abound; I am likely to have much to write about in those realms as well as possible reflections upon what I have experienced, learnt, processed thus far.

Also I have just left my life in the Eye of The Zeitgeist behind- London that is. And so I am of course missing many of you talented, unique, one-of-a-kind Hipsters in London and NYC. I use that word with fondness and respect and not with disdain and am writing this in a way for all of you too- to remind you to laugh ( at yourselves, at me, whatever…ideally at one thing each day).

In truth, I want to sit down and write my next screenplay.

In truth that requires mad discipline because I also want to do yoga, to meditate, to eat healthily to dance, to sing, to love…to mak a documentary about “sound healers” (pun intended)

So this blog will be the beginning of my creative discipline with a little writing each day in this free-flowing way before i work on anything else.

Ah yes I am so zanily optimistic on this day one of my very first ever blog.

What is conscious about it though…other then my intention?

Here is an inspiring blog post by Deepak Chopra on “The Power of Intention


And here is another article about intention and the law of attraction by a wise man Dr. Wayne Dyer : http://www.drwaynedyer.com/articles/the-power-of-intention

Happy to receive your feedback or questions.

One thing I know is that when I try to be funny I usually am not.

When I am earnest and neurotic and slightly over the top, I can be pretty funny.

I will consciously avoid drama- addiction just for the sake of a funny blog…or maybe it will evolve into a comedic work of fiction- it’s an experiment after all.

Some call it Schadenfreude: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schadenfreude

And for this week’s trend/style love, I am now on my way to accquire some pretty and unusual earrings by Leela Creations