Inspiring: A Breath Of Fresh Air

Hello again! I know it’s been a little while since my last post. My weekly blog writing energy was re-directed into writing an in depth Q&A and an article for a new online web community that’s about to launch. It’s pretty cool and I look forward to sharing that with you when it’s published. After a week of Sacred Circularities blog writing and fun, I was coopedup on my own for a bit, house and dog sitting in a luxury villa quietly editing away day and night on a few videos that I’d like to wrap up out here. Music videos for Pablo J and Danny Paradise and promo videos for Desa Seni and Jungle Yoga. I’m counting down the days here in Bali before I make my way back to Europe and on to the Cannes Film Festival which is exciting and slightly daunting. I haven’t worn shoes or makeup for the last 6 months so those are two hurdles to overcome amongst many not to mention the prospect of small talk and schmoozing…can I do that now in a more conscious way? I like to believe that I am going to attract some like minded souls out there and forge some deep co-creation relationships, rather then my previous party, party, party and elevator pitch experiences out there. I have friends premiering their films, so I’m really looking forward to celebrating their efforts and my Guerilla feature film is now complete. I’m going out there to enjoy life on the med, surrounded by filmmaking geeks and stars; to let people know about my movie and to manifest a distributor or festival premier invitation for it.

Now I would like to share a story about a powerful workshop I did recently, when I crept out of the dogsitting mansion to interact with some of the shiny souls of Ubud. I was out jogging with the dog around sunset, dripping in sweat and out of breath when I bumped into Antony Abbagniano (Founder of “The Ark” Healing Center and “The Community of Healing”) and he invited me to take part. It was a one day workshop called “Alchemy of Breath” and it was hosted by Antony Abbagniano and Christobel Zamor founders of    Breath of Bliss My experience with breathwork began a few years ago when I won a competition and was invited to attend a weeklong Transformation Vacation led by Dawn Delgado and Beau Robb which incorporated daily sessions of both experiencing and supporting others through Satori breathwork.

Upon arrival in the morning my lunch order was taken and I chose a fresh salad from Alchemy , a watermelon blush juice and a chewy chocolate bar (I am seriously going to miss these three delicious diet essentials when I leave Ubud). We then gathered in a circle to introduce ourselves and set intentions for the day ahead. My intention was to learn and grow, it’s pretty much my life mission and an intention that works daily or for any workshop introduction. I always feel nervous about speaking in group circles and it always surprises me that I feel nervous. After the introductions, some paperwork was handed out and we were presented with a talk about personas; in particular the many personas or masks we wear to get by in life. I made my list of most obvious personas and then was guided to write down what was required for me to maintain each persona. That exercise was very insightful as it revealed just how much effort goes into each persona- which is not in fact the true self at all, just masks fabricated along the way to get more of what I consciously or unconsciously want and need. It was interesting to fully understand that more often then not the persona is a creation of the frightened or angry ego. We then split up into twos and had to focus on one of these personas, perhaps the one we have identified with for a long time. For the sake of story-telling, catharsis and personal revelation, I’ll share my little interview that was conducted with my main persona.

“The Muse”.

Q: What is your name?

A: Fabulous

Q: What’s the most important thing to you?

A: Contribution

Q: What are you most proud of?

A: Inspiring geniuses

Q: When did you first make an appearance?

A: As a child, sitting for painters then later when asked to be a muse for fashion designers.

Q: Where did you learn your style from?

A: Ballet comes to mind, from my days training as a dancer and from the designers who adopted me as their muse, they taught me what it involved. Also, from my mother, she is a patron to artists and writers.

Q: What are you most afraid of?

A: Being insignificant, contributing nothing and leaving no positive legacy behind in this world.

Q: What do you most want?

A: Recognition

So I had a moment of silence with the understanding of what I had been carrying along with this persona of a fabulous muse. I also understood that I had at times been feeding her too much with ego projects and other times I had been fighting against her in by dismissing her calling for my attention. I know that in recent years I have channeled all the good things about being a muse into inspiring and empowering people through life coaching. So perhaps a life coach is something of a modern day muse, empowered and operating within defined boundaries.

After exploring personas we were asked to take on one/not necessarily the same one and write it on a label to stick on our chests- choosing a persona that would be beneficial to airout and dissolve. I chose the “Cold Bitch” persona because it is one I put on often, acting aloof and sometimes uncaring or I fight it by people pleasing and overgiving. So I felt it was time to let her shine, feel the authenticity and the shame of doing so. Christobel then invited us to mingle in our personas and that was a very funny and surreal experience. I felt like the guest at a party that you would want to avoid, basically being harsh to the other personas such as “Darth Vader”, “The people pleaser” “Ms. overhwlemed” it was easy to be harsh to the meeker personas and it actually felt awkward at first to be so unlikeable, it then felt good not to care.

That was such a gift, to test out behaving in an extremely unlikeable way and to really feel and be witnessed as unpopular or unliked. I knew this was an experience I could fold into my true nature, to adopt more of a sense of discernement and less worry about being liked or likeable.

We then were given a presentation on “Conscious communication”, the crux of which being that most people are in “their story” and without awareness or understanding of that fact, we are often interacting and being triggered or hooked into other people’s “stories”. Powerful wisdom there. We did some conflict resolution exercises around conscious communication vs the blame game. This basically involved staying grounded and clear with someone getting angry at me and accusing me of things and chosing to respond with empathic questions rather then being sucked into an argument- no matter how annoying i felt at first by responding to “You are not understanding me” with “I commit to communicating clearly and other such ethereal yet empowered responses. IT helped me shift my concept of being a bitch, from being controlling, cold and unfriendly to a slightly detached and empowered observer who chooses who and what she engages with lovingly. Eureka! an Aha moment! as Oprah would say…


After our delicious lunch break and laughter over the personas we settled in to do some breathwork. Breathwork being a rapidly trending word out here in Ubud as well as in holistic circles worldwide. I have heard it being described as “ten years of therapy in one hour”.  Lying down on my back with soft tinkly music playing in the background, I covered my face with a tshirt to assist me in dissappearing off into the deep maze of my persona and soul. We were guided to contemplate the personas we had looked at and in particular the one we had brought in to mingle at the virtual cocktail party.

As we began this rythmic circular breathing, which at times felt a bit like hyperventilation, I started to drift off somewhere and it felt a bit like time travelling. I noticed how at times I would completely stop breathing and this reminded me of my childhood where I would hold my breath instead of having screaming tantrums. It also reminded me of the times where I would hold my breath in ballet classes hoping I would pass out because after years of intensive daily training I began feeling that I wanted to quit and I would do my exercises at the barre holding my breath, hearing my heart beating louder but disappointingly, never actually able to make myself passout and be sent to the infirmary for the rest of the morning. Antony and Christobel would occassionally come and place a hand on my diaphragm reminding me to continue with the circular breathing and I would drift off even deeper into the maze of me. I had a big revelation around the bitch persona and shed a few tears understanding that I had created her to protect me and that she had caused much pain and alienation for me particularily in my close romantic relationships. I understood how she would appear when things got tough and that I would stonewall or emotionally cut off from a loved one if I felt they weren’t loving me in the way I expected or wanted to be loved..That was a huge pattern to see, the anger at not being loved in the way I felt was right, the assumption that I should be treated a certain way and if I was not then the other person was wrong- blame game. The frustration at not having the skills to express those needs in a non-accusational way without fear of them not being met. Big things I figured out then in that breathwork session and with those realisations and deep sense of calm and relief swept over me; mostly by becoming aware that by seeing those patterns they could be broken.

I awoke from the lucid dreamlike experience feeling compassion for my inner bitch and feeling love for my inner muse, with an awareness that I needed to become my own fabulous muse instead of looking for affirmation from others or hiding behind and feeding the greatness of others. I decided that in life coaching I could give that space and energy to support and empower others and out of a life coaching session, in daily life I would be my own fabulous muse and even cultivate conscious relationships with muses I might find inspiring along the way too.

Towarss the end we split up once again into twos and took turns to take a few deep breaths, relax and go into meditation. Then the other person asked some scripted deep questions to assist in revealing our true essence to ourselves, beginning with the question “what is the name of your true essence?” to which my reply was my newly adopted spirit name “Dragonfly”.

Dragonfly by Isidroa PAz Lopez customised by TCH

Dragonfly by Isidroa PAz Lopez customised by TCH

We then all sat once again in a circle to do sharings about our experiences and many people were in tears. It was a beautiful day, a steep learning curve and a very healing experience. Chirstobel and Antony led us through it all brilliantly, especially as they modelled everything taught to us themsless creating the space for vulnerability and humility within the circle.

I have had a huge burst of creativity since then and decided to get myself down to the beach for some surf time. It’s easy to get engulfed by the alluring vortex and bubble of safety and healing that is Ubud. Sometimes I compare it to Never Never Land in Peter Pan, where many run away and contribute to this conscious living Utopia remaining eternally youthful and never wanting to leave. For me, getting a change of scenery and improving my surfing abilities was a good move as it got me into extreme physicality as opposed to sitting in front of a computer editing. It also allowed me to gain some perspective on my life and recent learnings. I  think it was a confidence boost too, seeing how I have improved and how far I have come. The waves in Bali are unpredictable and often very big and the currents are really strong so I fee really brave whenever I hit the Balinese surf. I feel exhilirated and so very alive when catching the waves and my body aches with newly tonedup muscles afterwards as I happily fall asleep exhausted.  Whilst staying by the beach, I tapped into my inner fabulous muse and got stuck into creativity too with making more conscious themed comic book style illustrations and coming up with some artwork and design ideas for my own custom surfboard. I took time to answer the in depth Q&A sent to me by a new web community which is about to launch and then got stuck into writing an article on a tricky existential topic that they had asked me to contemplate and write about. I look forward to sharing that with you and more as I respond to their questions and prompts from time to time.

Over the last six months I’ve had a taste of a new way of living and there is definitely no going back to being an inner city workaholic! From now on I choose who and what I engage with from an empowered centre and I do it lovingly.

If you are interested in learning more about breathwork:

Antony is offering a breathwork cruise experience this summer which will be an adventure in sailaing the Adriatic as well as daily breathwork circles on beautiful islands along the way. Breathe on Board

And Christobel is offering workshops around the world as well as videos to empower and inspire on her website Christobel Zamor




Later that evening, still floating with the breath of bliss and awareness… I popped by the going away party for sound healer Larissa Israel. She has been a significant part of my sound healing journey and documentary and it was a gathering of many of the sound healers I have been filming over the past few months too. It was sad to see her go and say goodbye but also exciting that she is setting off on tour.


Shervin Boloorian and Larissa Israel


Larissa Israel, Anne Maria Hernmarck and Jana Johnson


Dr. Punnu Wasu

Since I packedup my life in London and began writing this blog six months ago, there has been so much momentum, such a steep learning curve, so many invitations to take part in things and comissions to write other stories… so it was a very organic wise move.

I have Balinese artist Karim Rabik to thank for suggesting the concept of writing a blog to me. It’s also been fun at times to jump over from this my home page and be a guest blogger for other sites such as The Bali Spirit Festival and Sacred Circularities too.

I will be doing some diary blogs soon from The Cannes Film Festival with videos and features on some of the people I connect with out there and I will keep on writing about my learnings and reflections as I intend to keep learning, reflecting and growing… so likely will feel to keep writing too,

Until the next blog…





Wizardry, Healing, Alchemy

I love my magical life…

After a week of intensive hoop training I feel on a new path of mastery with the sphere, the hoop and the circle as a portal to other dimensions. If you are interested to read more about the art of hooping, I have been blogging about the amazing experiences for the past week on Sacred Circularities and there will be other guest bloggers over on that site for each weeklong retreat over the next three weeks.


I had breakfast with a Wizard

aka Yogi Master and Dancer Anastasis.

DSC_0821 DSC_0827 DSC_0790

Anastasis is only reachable by what he describes as “Ethermail” no phone- wow how unusual these days- just like me (well, until Lynne Franks kindly gave me her old phone which was a very supportive metaphor- Thank you Lynne 😉

Anastasis was a ballet dancer and these days has a yoga and dance school in Crete and is mostly touring the world teaching his unique style of “Zorba Yoga”. He can be found this summer teaching at Yoga Festivals in Istanbul, Barcelona, Oxford and Turkey. If you get a chance to practise with him you are in for such a treat. We were doing some early morning filming for Danny Paradise’s new music video “Everyday Grace”. I have attended several Ashtanga and Shamanism workshops now with Danny and Anastasis teaching together and have found the m all enlightening and empowering- highly reccomended!

I had coffee with a Healer

aka Artist and Singer/Songwriter Jelila at Starbucks, of all places! Meeting a healer in Starbucks makes me think of The Matrix for some reason…

DSC_0008 DSC_0005

I paid off the remaining %50 of an original artwork/painting of hers that I am delighted to have accquired and also had a chance to checkout her new jewellery designs.

I am a massive fan of Jelila’s healing crystal jewels and book about crystal healing. I have been learning a lot about healing and crystals in particular from her over the last few months and she has become a great friend and a soul sister out here.

I had lunch with an Alchemist

aka Artist & Filmmaker SOH Alex Vermeulen at Ubud Raw food hotspot Alchemy.

DSC_0016 DSC_0024

I was invited back to Alex’s studio to view his latest feature film SOH which is a mashup of Science Fiction and Opera/Theatre

You can view it here 

I learnt that Alex was a pioneer of PIoneer interactive VJ software and I have asked him to be my VJ mentor…as he said he has moved on from VJing and is mostly interested in making feature films these days and would love to work with Sci-Fi author William Gibson and make music videos with Lady Gaga and Prince. Watching some of his live VJ demos was mind-blowing and made me think of a scene in a movie I love “The Fifth Element”, where Leeluu is having her mind blown by all these scenes of terror and the shadows in human nature when she discovers the internet…it felt a bit like that. I was impressed when he told me that one of his VJing highlights was the premier of American Psycho in NYC.

I also got to meet a renowned healer called Per Van Spall who popped over briefly. I had heard a lot of good things about Per, so it was interesting to finally meet him.


All in all it has been a most inspiring day and I live for the magic in life.

The more I welcome magic and wonder, the more it seems to find me too. Such is “The Law of Attraction” in action.

I am currently excited about getting back on the remixing horse as I feel very inspired to produce some electronica remixes of Sound Healing as well as diving into editing some beautiful projects including music videos for Pablo J and Danny Paradise, a promo for Desa Seni “Celebrate Life” and one for “Rising Hearts” which is an Acro Yoga and thai massage retreat experience. That’s how I roll on independent projects- by bouncing between audio and visual platforms- to keep up the enthusiasm and freshness.

I’ll basically be geeking out on my computer for the next few weeks…

Glad I have my hula hoops and yoga practise to keep me in shape….maybe I will take a break and flee to the sea and surf- catch the waves whilst I still can.

Europe is beckoning me and it seems like I will make a pilgrimage over to this year’s Cannes Film Festival to catchup with industry friends and former colleagues, to wear some great outfits, to have some glam fun in a new and conscious way and to promote a community project which is also my writing/directing feature film debut- now complete. Maybe I’ll even get some job offers or more Creative work out of it? Yes please!

These are some recent posters I have made (feel free to share them) and bye for now xo

1520732_10152028739876127_4082061001715759681_n 164648_10152030910101127_3572948722120999173_n



Nyepi & Nadya

Life has been moving at a rapid pace post Bali Spirit Festival…

I had a brilliant time celebrating my Finnish friend Anne’s birthday by seeing Dustin Thomas and Xavier Rudd play live in Uluwatu with a backdrop of sunset and waves at a Cleaner Waters fundraiser at The Surf Villas.

I did a two day intensive training of Ashtanga Yoga and Shamanism with Danny Paradise and Anastasis and these two are really amazing teachers with the beautiful Bishaka aka Nannapat Tanapatita assisting and showing some of her shadow yoga kung fu moves too. If you go to Danny’s website you can see the wonderful retreats they are offering in Europe this summer including a week aboard a luxury sailboat, which will no doubt be amazing!

I shot a music video for Danny’s new song “Everyday Grace” it’s a funky dancy discoish tune and I am excited about the video which also features Anastasis dancing and Bibi doing some kungfu moves- a community creative project. We also shot some live jams of a few other Danny Paradise songs so more good stuff to come there too…totally inspired by and loving that crew…my shamanic soul family. It feels like I am still on the “Road to Yogini” veering onto “The Road to Shamaness” and I like it a lot!

1966675_10153934016665697_2115879362_n 1966675_10153934016655697_344950925_n bibi

Lynne Franks was also in Ubud for the Bali Spirit Festival and a few days afterwards so we got to have some quality time catching up, talking empowerment and chanting “Nam Yoho Renge Kyo” in her garden as well as meeting many of her interesting Ubud/Bali friends (she has many!).

I was invited to attend a water ceremony by the beach in Canggu as part of releasing the past year and preparing for the new year, where people were carrying all sorts of vaguely scary looking shrines and offerings to dip them in the sea, also to be blessed by a priest and then go to collect blessed holy water from the sea. As I moved closer to get some good photographs, a sudden large wave swept me and many others under water taking all my gear underwater too, wallet, camera , phone, dictaphone, chargers, sunglasses etc though I managed to hold my big Nikon out of the water like the lady of the lake carrying excalibur- it was quite a miracle that camera was not destroyed  (the currents can be shockingly strong out here). It was also a powerful reminder of the unpredictable force and strength of mother nature.


I headed back up to Ubud to attend a party at Lynne Franks’ Ubud Oasis and to catch the divine Nick Wallaki’s Betelnut gig with support from Greta Orion and Radha Divine ( I have grown to love all three of these musicians as they are the shiny local Ubud Music Superstars). Unfortunately though I didn’t make it to that gig in the end as I got heldup at the conscious Goddess gathering at Lynne Franks’ Villa for her last night in Bali and it felt so comforting to be with a familiar friend from London after the whirlwind of the Bali Spirit Festival and the past few months of living a completely different lifestyle away from London…

So for Nyepi (which is a family time to be still at home with no electricity and no talking) I was invited by fashion designer Nadya to join her clan of internationals and expats and stay at Kura Kura a beautiful Yoga retreat right by the beach in Canggu.

DSC_0734 DSC_0738 DSC_0741

It was a beautiful place to spend the Nyepi days and the group she had gathered were all interesting and kind and intelligent and fun.

I felt a lot of gratitdue for being included amongst them during this family time.

We went out on the night of the Ogoh Ogohs which made me think of “Where The Wild Things Are” a parade through the streets of handmade monsters or giant sculptures depicting vices and cautionary tales from “Greed” to “Lust” to “Gluttony” it looked like most of the 7 deadly sins were covered by the Ogoh Ogohs too…to scare us all into nightmares and probably into being good viceless people…


DSC_0629 DSC_0606 DSC_0608 DSC_0636 DSC_0642 DSC_0658


How epic are these depictions of terror? There are some even more scary ones such as the woman sacrificing her baby or the man beating up his wife….I’ll leave those ones to your imagination…needless to say I had totally weird dreams that night!

The following day of peace and quiet involved playing dressup with some creative friends as models including Prehida Permatasari, Lauren Elaine, Dylan Tarn, Mary Manifestor, Michelle and little Jamie all wearing Nadya’s exquisite handmade and reversible creations. Here are some lovely photos from that day- an angelic contrast to the monsters of the night before- scaring the terrors away with our conscious styling!

DSC_0556 DSC_0543 DSC_0659 DSC_0594 DSC_0614 DSC_0610 DSC_0649 DSC_0641 DSC_0623 DSC_0712 DSC_0677 DSC_0731 DSC_0736 DSC_0743 DSC_0769So, as you can see it has been a colourful and eventful week! The most magical moment of all was probably spending several hours lying down in complete silence under a blanket of stars, thinking about “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction”. Making many wishes, sending many blessings and feeling so much gratitude for the life I am living, the people I am meeting, the things that I am learning and the person I am becoming.

Tomorrow I begin a hula hooping adventure with international goddess JAguar Mary and friends…

971796_672129422816746_827434009_n 69288_760796810616673_1078760427_n

I am taking part in a one week hula hoop training and personal empowerment retreat led by international Goddess Jaguar Mary called Sacred Circularities

I will be writing a daily diary reflection blog about the experience up on here so read all about it by following this link for a week Sacred Circularities Blog

See you on the other side of the circle…



A late UPdate on reflecting, shooting & surfing…

It’s been more then a week since I sat down faithfully to spill the beans on my latest escapades, learnings and discoveries and I’d like to apologise for that to any of you out there who enjoy reading my stream of consciousness ramblings. So sorry and thanks if you are reading this.

It’s like a diary really and I originally setout to develop my written voice, to delve further into free-flow and to maybe even writing something more profound and culturally significant then a diary…something I could eventually evolve into a magazine with guest writers, artwork and photographs. That’s really where I see The Conscious Hipster going down the road, meandering to the left, getting dolled up and evolving into an online forum or magazine. Perhaps a fusion of a style mag meeting a yoga mag in a virtual permaculture garden…

For now, it is what it is and lately that’s been real presence in the real world and not so much a virtual presence…slowly and slightly reluctantly getting back on the blogosphere writing horse., mainly as I’ve meet some very interesting people worth writing about and this seems a good platform for getting the word out too…

So here’s the latest in chronological order.

Backing up a bit and I spent some time on Koh Samui after floating in the middle of nowhere with no technology other then a camera for a few weeks…

I spent a few nights at the Samahita Yoga Retreat as a decompression zone of sorts and had quick deep chats throught my time there with Simon Low whom I adore and who was leading a Yin Yoga teacher training which I was invited to join however the cost of teacher training for a month is way out of my travel budget and so I just treated it as a decompression zne to reflect on my jungle experience for a few days.

I went into a recording studio to hear a new remix and then conceived and directed a music video for the song by an artist called Pablo J That shoot was really fun and Produced by Shelley Poplak the co-owner of an amazing Avatar jungle spa where we shot the video, called Tamarind Springs The song is a dance remix of his existing hit song “All You Precious People”. I also did a photoshoot out there with him and I’m pretty pleased with the results- easy to shoot a beautiful subject and this artist is beautiful inside and out!

pablojposterAfter the Guerilla one intense hot day of filming was the highly anticipated or slightly dreaded Valentine’s Day. I’d had so much fun filming with delicious Pablo J that I was buzzing with creative love, enough to see me through the global romance celebration day on my own. I had been invited to do a boat trip with a very handsome and old friend from London who also just happened to be on Koh Samui but I decided I didn’t want to spend the entire day on a small boat under the scorching sun so met them instead for dinner the next day at a very chic Orient Express hotel with a private beach. It was heavenly to sip fancy cocktails with not one but two seriously handsome, entertaining and very well mannered men. We also went out paddle-boarding which I loved and was pretty good at thanks to all the floating yoga from the weeks before.

I then moved into a small cottage by the beach and started to work through a book by local resident author Dorien Israel called “Becoming Unbound”. This book is available as an ebook directly from her website and it is packed with powerful and empowering insights. It was great to be able to have frequent one to one dialogue with her about the information in the book and I filmed many videos of our discussions throughout my stay there. She explained to me that the book was “channelled” that it came through her. I wonder if I could try channeling some creativity or what kind of work I might offer if I were open to receiving information from a greater source then my own imagination or ego. I’m definitely up for trying this approach and seeing what comes to me…I feel quite certain that my current documentary project is guided by a collective energy much more powerful then my own vision.. Please like the facebook page for the project here The Sound of Healing

These are posters I quicklydesigned for the project-perhaps channelled as the images and title came together in a flash.



I then flew to Singapore and did a photoshoot for my new role as a sponsored pro Yogi Ambassador for a well established Yoga brand. I’m really excited about this new collaboration as it is a platform for me to consult on yoga products and accessories as well as linking up with some of the beolved charities I have done work for over the years.

I’m aiming to keep this blog anonymous, which frees me up to write whatever I like so I probs wont post my ad campaign pictures on here but I will say that I am very excited about the whole thing coming together and to see what opportunities it opens up too.

The photographer for the shoot Sarah Landolt is seriously talented and cool. We met for a location recce and wandered around a futuristic manmade park in the centre of Singapore and then went for a drink at Ku De Ta on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands. The hotel is designed as a large floating cruise ship on top of three 57 story towers. It made me think of a film I love called The Fifth Element.

Sarah told me all about the concept for her passion project SKIN DEEP NOMAD™ which she has already presented as an exhibition of tasteful nude and semi nude portraits and she continues to shoot and develop it around the world to empower people (so far mostly ) women to fall in love with their own bodies in all shapes and forms. The images are stunning and I can totally imagine them blown up large on the wall of a stylish home or apartment.

We also discussed our focus and shoot for the next day being the yoga ad campaign and our location being a Chinese garden in the middle of the city- I was not planning or encouraged to get naked for it and in fact I was pretty uncomfortable with being in front of the camera as I have become so accustomed to being behind a lens or behind the scenes, so it would take some serious warming up for me to consider getting naked for a shoot- bikinis though no problem and I have just pickedup a hot new aztec-inspired bikini from Billabong. I am so pleased with the results of the shoot and the strong images she selected for the yoga campaign. I hope we will get to reconnect on a beach somewhere and have some fun shooting surf and bikini shots in the sun…

So that intense 24 hours in Singapore and a photoshoot with a talented pro later brought me back to Bali sweet Bali and moving into a new house, new chapter and all that.

I was invited to attend a traditional Balinese temple ceremony right away, so dressed up in my chic temple look and headed out with hundreds of Balienese people to chant and pray and throw flower petals at the statues of Gods and Goddesses. Previous to the ceremony I had a one to one sound healing session with Larissa Israel arriving all scruffy and sweaty and departing all blissed out and dressed like a Balinese woman going to a temple- transformation!

I was invited to visit a friend of friends with a beach house in Canggu and coincidentally my favourite band of the moment Wallaki were playing a gig at a local Canggu hotspot called Deus Ex Machina It was so awesome to finally see them perfoming live and by now I have been listening to the album “the Follower of The Sun” a lot, so I know the tunes and the words- makes a concert even better! We did a photoshoot in a professional studio space before the gig which was rushed and exciting to have a fancy studio with lights and a good-looking band to shoot in it.



The unpredictable tropical monsoon rain came down heavily during their last few songs, but the band played on and the brave kept on dancing- including me. It was very sensual and a lot of fun to dance in the rain to some of my favourite new tunes! I also caught up with my favourite Bali couple at the gig, Tara and Markus from Journey Surf who are making the most beautiful custom wooden vintage looking surfboards and sponsoring surf competitions in Bali as well as planning some great sounding surf retreats for those interested to learn or improve their surf skills and we agreed to go out for a surf the next morning.


After surfing mostly in the cold waters of Tofino Canada and Cornwall U.K (with a taste of warm waves and some surf lessons in Costa Rica from yogi, artist and surf pro babe Ale Munoz) I became hooked on the Ocean Devotion in Canggu and decided to stay a few more days delighted with my strength and ability to sucessfully surf the 5 foot waves- it was exhilirating and I definitely want to spend more time surfing in Bali and the friend of a friend I stayed with turned out to be such a kindred spirit and so much fun- yay for perfect introductions and kismet!

So getting settled now in my new Ubud home and have met with an amazing ex-MTV editor to cut a trailer for The Sound Healing doc and launch an indiegogo or kickstarter campaign to complete it and get some buzz going around everyone who is in it and the project itself.

Exciting times….more to come…I do love writing it all down!

Bye for now

Full Moon, Flying & Captain Love

Let’s start with the full moon in Cancer on January 16th…

I love the energy of the full moon. For a pale person like me it is the ultimate recharge to bask or dance or howl  under the light of the moon. I usually put my crystals or jewellery out under the moon to cleanse and charge them up too.

Being a Cancerian it was a significant full moon for me to embrace by meditating in gratitude, setting some intentions and making some manifestation wishes aka praying…

I like to read this blog for insight into full moon significance and astrology Mystic Mamma

I was delivered a powerful mala bead necklace by Jana Johnson Healing just before the full moon, which I wore around my neck that night to cleanse and bless and empower my full moon wishes and intentions.DSC_0235I was invited by Jana to a full moon gathering hosted by sound healer and spirit guide White Star.


It was a powerful ceremony of song and chanting and toning, dancing and shaking all sorts of percussion instruments and picking cards to call in our own individual spirit guides before we set off on a guided meditation to receive some important intuitive messages and directions whilst White Star sang and Crystal worked with Tibetan Bowls.

The card I picked as my master spirit guide was Lady Nada. I think she looks very beautiful in a kind of Mills & Boone fantasy way. I found some information about her online here Lady Nada and without knowing all this stuff about her archetype when I drew the card under the full moon, I would say that Love & Christ Consciousness have been the underlying vibrations of my week so it all fits together quite well- spoooky magical, love it!


Then for two days I took part in “Rising Hearts” a workshop study of Acro Yoga and Thai Massage led by Carlos Romero and Bex Tyrer at Villa Naya in Ubud.

Acro Yoga is really very advanced yoga and involves both “Basing” and “Flying” ie being on the ground and lifting humans not weights and also being lifted up and flipped upside dwon. Both basing and flying require complete trust and concentration because one minute out of focus could lead to a great crash and injury, though there is always a “spotter” to ensure that doesn’t happen. On several occasions I was asked to lift men and women who looked heavier then me and to my surprise I was able to lift them suggesting that I am stronger then I thought- it apparently has something to do with locking the bones rather then muscle capacity. We also did a lot of assisted handstands as they are a big metaphor for turning ones point of view upside down, and for the first time in my life I was able to do an unsupported handstand once Carlos let go of my legs it was a pleasant surprise to be able to stay put on my hands unsupported.

DSC_0032 DSC_0023 IMG_0038 IMG_0036 DSC_0031

DSC_0041 DSC_0075 DSC_0011 DSC_0081

After all the basing and flying my body was aching though, in a good and very exercised/workedout kind of way.

I had already done a short one hour thai massage course with Carlos at The Yoga Barn, so it was great to dive deeper into the thai massage techniques. It’s a fun thing to study as it involves both giving and receiving massages. On the second day I filmed it so there will at some point be a Carlos Romero Thai Massage educational video out in the webosphere for those of us that may need a refresher on the “choreography” of thai massage.


Thai massage really feels like a flowing dance wherin the receiver is completely passive and surrendered to the process and the giver has to effortlessly and smoothly pummle, stretch, lift, swing and sway the receiver’s body so as not to disturb the tranquility at the same time to give deep almost yoga stretches whilst massaging…I look forward to giving some thai massage bodywork in the future…who will be my lucky recipients?

It was also accompanied by a group of sound healers who performed global world healing music whilst everyone massaged eachother in a circle and then lay still in sivasana to receive the sound healing- it was quite a sight and the musicians Rob and Patricio were powerful. I filmed it moving in and round and swooping overhead with a D.I.Y steadycam, so there will probably be a world music video for the sound healers filmed that day too.



It was a beautiful community experience and a gathering of many familiar faces that I have seen around or crossed paths with in one way or another over my time here in Ubud.


It was a stretch out of my comfort zone to be able to lift people I saw as being “too heavy” and to trust in my “spotters” whilst doing handstands and turn everything literally upside down! It was a lot of fun to fly.

I have also become really full of wonder in my day to day life out here which is a most joyous way to exsist. It’s almost as though life is a full on game and everytime I make a conscious decision to change something I don’t like about myself or way of living, the universe presents me with a hallenge right away as if to say “so you think you can change?”. In those moments of challenge, my higher self really gets it, the humour of the universe challenging me. My lower self maybe just gets triggered or annoyed by the challenge and tempted to fall back into old familiar patterns of reacting and acting ad my higher self fights to try something new and ask myself “what would love do?” rather then identifying with what my inner child wants or my eo is afraid of…

Anyway perhaps this all sounds a bit cryptic as I usually am more direct in writing about a particular learning experience rather then just a vague and generalised big learning- but there you have it some food for thought that I am loving dealing with as and when this stuff comes up which is pretty much anytime I interact with people!

I also recently experienced the gift of meeting once again with my own coach on skype. This truly is a gift as I have been a great giver, space holder and emotional support to many over the last 5 years since training as a life coach and to have a solid hour of focus purely on bettering myself originally felt slightly uncomfortable for me but I have come to anticipate these sessions with such appreciation and focus also as she is a trained psychotherapist so I feel supported and challenged in many ways through our time together as well as being expanded in my own potential to empower and catalyse greatness in others.

In  this session I was led on a guided meditation to meet the “Captain of my ship” the inner essence who is guiding the decision I make in life. This was a very fascinating process as it also required a great deal of surrender for me as I have a very vivid imagination and I had to really let go of constructing my ideal super hero kick ass Captain and really see who would just show up if I let that happen…

Without giving too much away (some things do need to stay sacred for me to integrate them!) I met Captain Love who drives my “ship” my “physical being” through this lifetime. Who re-assured me that I never have been and never will be alone, that I have some great strengths I need to believe in more yet at the same time he sowed me to be very humble and heart centred not arrogant and ego centered. Yes, my ship’s Captain was a he but a very ethereal, radiant and otherworldly almost angelic he. And in this meditation I felt as though I were the consort, the soul mate of this “Captain Love” that I had known him through many lifetimes and that in this “other dimension” or “hyper reality” we had and were always connected”… He looked liked Jesus, my type of guy…I have always had a soft spot for handsome conscious bearded guys.

I also found it very comforting to understand that I could connect to his unconditional love and wisdom anytime I wanted or needed to, through prayer and meditation.

It seems like that guided meditation may also have been a wonderful medicine for some feelings of loneliness that I have been battling with and trying to cover up or push away or deny for a while…

Between this new found inner masculine Ship’s Captain aka “Captain Love”, my inner Goddess “The Angel of Integrity” and my spirit guide that I met on the “Intuition 101” course  “Ariel Delphina” the Dolphin/Mermaid hybrid… as well as my inner child, inner parents, inner artist, filmmaker, yogi, coach, ceo and probably many others including the shadows…there is a lot going on and the crew is pretty big…

Without having a clear awareness of all these aspects of the “I”  there was much inner clutter or “noise”. As I get to know these conscious and subconscious parts of myself, I am better equipped to silence the opinions or judgements of each as well as to understand which part of me is expressesing itself and then choose which to listen to.

It all sounds a bit long-winded when I take a quick look back at what I’ve just written…

I feel to share it in case you are fully on this kind of self-awareness or personal development journey or are just experiencing some confusion or conflict in life or relationships. Perhaps just starting to notice the many parts of the self that make us each the unique snowflake that we are is a step towards consciousness.

My friends who have attended the Oneness University are all very conscious, sensitive and inspiring and they explain to me that they have learnt to go beyond understanding all the parts of the self and actually detaching completely from the concept of “I”.

For me right now, the thought of annihilating the”I” would mean completely letting go of everything I am just discovering that I am and that I am capable of – which would probably be a blessing in disguise and a totally freedom of the suffering of the mind as this sort of “consciousness” is described, but then if I were to completely annihilate all sense of identifying with “I” why would this mind or body that is me here on earth aka “I” bother to make any plans or do anything with myself and my life other then A: just be fully present, compassionate and happy 24/7 or B: be of service 24/7 to the sick and the poor like Mother Teresa?

Actually I like the concept of living life based on plan A: being fully present, compassionate and happy.

With a good chunk of time dedicated to plan B: being of service to the sick and the poor

And I haven’t quite figuredout yet if it is possible to live that way by continuing to identify with Me/I/The self or if true consciousness is only achieved by annihilating the self and the ego…

(how many times have I used the word Annihilate in this blog! Makes me think of the Daleks in Dr. Who go around repeating “Exterminate Exterminate- Annihilate Annihilate”)

Anyway perhaps enough deep thoughts, questions,reflections and revelations for one blog?

Yesterday, I started the day doing some work on the music video for Jelila‘s song “The Law of Attraction” and it really puts me in a good mood to work on that because I really love that song and I really love her!

Also I have “attracted’ some amazing, talented new friends out here which is interesting… to see who is showing up in my life at the moment…inspiring, authentic, talented and confident people who seee greatness in me- thank you to you angels, I feel so blessed for your appearance in my life and supporting me along this journey to living as my wisest, most conscious, heart-centered self.

On a final note, today I went to my favourite weekly activity of Ecstatic Dance. After the dance, all sweaty and ecstatic- I went to the buffet to get some deliciious vegetarian food and then looked around for somewhere to sit. The entire restaurant was full, every seat taken except one chair, so I made my way over to that chair and asked if it was taken. The guy at the table was engrossed in a conversation with a woman at the next door table and I half wondered why they were not sitting together but was grateful for a seat. Throughout y meal I listened to their very interesting debate discussion about what drives people, it was a passionate debate and I felt invisible as I devoured my big bowl of veggies. Eventually they finished their conversation and the woman left, just as I was finishing my lunch, I noticed a sketchbook on the table with some really amazing drawings in it so I asked the guy if he was an artist…

3 hours and possibly one of the most interesting reciprocal discussion of my life later and it turned out the guy was not only an artist but an entrepreneur and a life coach too.

He also kind of looked like Jesus so momentarily my inner sense of humour wondered if I was in fact deep within some guided meditation and having lunch with “Captain Love”…

Ha anyway if you are looking for a masculine energy Life Coach who is an expert at highlighting the obstacles which are holding people back- I would recommend a session with Adrian Bolli. We sort of coached eachother for few hours but it felt more like conscious sharing then any kind of structured coaching. It was a sacred conversation for sure, one of those fleeting moments as he leaves tomorrow.

Adrian Bolli of Next Level Coaching

Adrian Bolli of Next Level Coaching

Staying put in this kind of magical town is interesting that way too- seeing people come and go and becoming acutely aware of how precious and sacred each moment, each conversation, each energy exchange is…

And I haven’t even started to write about my most amazing day with a colourful creative fashion designer who lives in my fantasy dream house…and who named a bag she has designed after me!

That was truly one of my best and most creatively magical days in Bali so I’ll save that story for a lovebeam about and dedicated to her! It’s been an action packed week- just the way I love it.

Currently feeling vibrant and very alive with a heart that’s recently risen under a full moon and in many ways thanks to some sound healing as well as deep, insightful and at times triggery conversations or encounters has also been cracked open, challenged and decluttered…

Sound Healing Documentary & The Conscious Hipster Collection

I am so inspired by people who allow me to film them- it is a great privlege and also a great way to learn.

I wonder if any potential Executive-Producers out there might be reading this and might also be willing and able to kick off 2014 meeting/pitching with a tv comissioner for the documentary project working title “Sound Healing. I am gathering a lot of footage of the inspiring and colourful characters for a film about modern day healers. In Bali I am focusing mainly on healers working with sound including all of the Bali Sound Healers Collective. I’m also exploring themes like what is life like for a modern day healer who is “in this world but not of it” and looking at alternative new age lifestyles, focusing on some of the shiny souls I am meeting in Ubud, also known as “The New Age Capitol of the world”.

I would love to continue meeting with and filming alternative healers around the world. There are of course so many different types of modern day healers from Reiki Masters to Acupuncturists to Shamans and beyond, I would like to travel, meet, film and learn from them all.

I would also like to manifest Executive Producers to mentor, promote and secure a broadcaster for this project- ideally as a feature length documentary or possibly as a series for the BBC or CBC. I am open to any pointers and suggestions.

Here are a few photo portraits of some of the awesome people that I have been filming with so far out here.


Shervin Boloorian


Shervin Boloorian


Punnu Wasu


Punnu Wasu


Larissa Israel


Fire-Mane Honey-Voice






Kash Killian






Baba Ji

In the run up to Christmas and the wrap up of 2013, the only place where it feels vaguely Christmassy here is in Starbucks. I will miss my family and it does feel strange to be on my own out here at this festive, family time of year.

I’m remembering that movie I pitched years ago at Raindance: Live Ammo!…it was for a film I named “Scroogie”- a modern day adaptation of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” but this version revolved around a hard-working single woman who is alone at Christmas and she meets the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. To me this was a commercial, seasonal, rom-com kind of no-brainer-get-the-green-light movie concept with a guaranteed annual audience and replays on cable tv…a Sandra Bullock kind of movie. Anyway it was shot down in the competition for being “too commercial in concept”. Here I am now a bit like Scroogie in my story but I’m happier, hippier and in the tropics so really my life is not at all like “Bah Humbug!” Scroogie…thankfully. But the recapitulation time travel sort of work I am doing out here does echo the concept of past/present/future visions…

For Christmas, I am facilitating the empowering transformative experience of the Oneness cours- this will be my way of giving back for a process that empowered me to do a lot of healing work. I’ll be “holding space” for empowerment and transformations to take place, then I will probably go to the beach and catch some waves for a few days before heading to work as a volunteer running workshops at The Soulshine Festival and then back up to celebrate New Year‘s Eve at The Baliwood Mansion which all sounds very curious and potentially very fun.

I am giving myself the gift of some coaching sessions for xmas via skype with someone I met on a training course we both did in London. She has just finished her studies and has evolved from a brilliant psychologist into a co-active coach. It felt unusual and great to be coached for a change.

In my session, I committed to saying 5 no’s for every yes in order to exercise my “NO muscle”. This is a warning that my answer to your request is likely to be NO for a while. This will be an interesting challenge and will hopefully annihilate any trace of “FOMO-Fear of missing out”.


I’m also committed to nurturing my femininity, as I realised out here through all the recapitulation, that my “inner masculine” “control freak” has mostly been running the show for years now and that it is a major factor in my feeling anxious, stressed and sometimes burntout. Allowing my masculine energy to run the show as a Producer, Director, Consultant and Coach has built layers of armour and an unsafe feeling around my vulnerability and femininity….

So I am giving time to my inner Goddess every day out in the tropics and am committed to honouring her in some way out here every day…doing things like dancing, singing, listening to my intuition, reading tarot cards, swimming, massages, dressing up…smiling more….

Today my inner Goddess was honoured by Jelila with a surprise gift of a crystal “Goddess Crown” which I love and will continue wearing as much as possible to honour both my inner Goddess and all Goddesses everywhere!

And by the way…here’s some breaking news of an endeavour that totally feels right for me,,, I am launching an online shop which is going to grow and grow in 2014.

The Conscious Hipster Collection will offer holistic, empowerful and pretty fashion and lifestyle accessories all sourced directly from the designers and creators I know or meet along the way on my journey.

“A virtual boutique of conscious chique”

Coming soon…

Music Mansion, Yoga Barn, Crystal Cave

Yesterday was my busiest, most proactive and consciousness challenging day so far in Bali. I began with a video shoot for Jelila’s song “The Law of Attraction” in a quirky, colourful and beautiful hotel and spa called The Mansion. Not only did they allow us to film in there but they explained how they actively support collaborations and creativity. I told them about my time living at The Gershwin Hotel in NYC as an artist in Residence and explained how they run an inspiring and empowering artist residency programme there. IT sounds like The Mansion are kicking of an artist residency programme soon too beginning with co-creation initiatives and onsite collaborations such as ours. I am also delighted that they were open to and supportive of the “Sound Healing” documentary project I am making and invited me to come back and film more music videos, interviews and performances with other sound healers in and around their amazing Ubud Mansion, swimming pools and gardens. Such a colourful, eccentric and great place, I am very curious about and would love to meet the owners.

We had found a beautiful woman the day before called Katerina at Soma Cafe and Jelila  asked her to be the healee and  babe in the music video- she was totally up for it too. Suddenly the team was expanding and it felt more like creative playtime and improvisation then a professional shoot at The Mansion.

It was inspiring to begin filming there with Jelila. We had been told by the Manager that filming was allowed for 3 hours and I had planned to try Guerilla-style shooting of a music video, an interview and a mini crystal healing session to include in the music video also to get a testimonial feedback with Katerina the model/healee.

Just as we were about to start rolling a guy showed up who also turned out to be an uber creative VJ and cinematographer with his own Canon 5D and he offered to helpout with filming too. Suddenly our team was expanding.

I was anxious about timing also because I was scheduled to teach a free community yoga class at The Yoga Barn later that day and had also pre-arranged to go after that to film a sound healing performance with AwaHoshi at Taksu Spa after the yoga class. It was my first day out here of lining various endeavours up back to back. This is the norm for me back in London and is the lifestyle of juggling that I began to find very stresfull, so this created some anxiety for me, perhaps the memories of always trying to do too much juggling…and not doing any of it well enough, up to scratch, as good as the perfectionist in me would like things to be…

We managed to get through the filming and wrap up our shoot only 90 minutes later then originally planned leaving enough time for us all to be driven home in the pouring rain, for me to make a playlist of pefect songs for my yoga class, to jump in the pool as a cleanse to release the masculine energy of directing a video and welcome in the feminine energy of teaching a yoga class and also to charge the camera batteries.

Here are some photos of our shoot at The Mansion

DSC_0026 DSC_0064 DSC_0143 DSC_0170 DSC_0140

It was an amazing location to shoot a video for a beautiful healing song, the performers were brilliant, the crystals were in abundance and even Haidai, who showed up last minute to muck in did a great job.

DSC_0067I did feel a bit torn at times between taking control/masculine//directing/ and holding space for creative playtime/intuitive/feminine/producing. My intention though was and always is to bring out the best in everyone, starting with myself. I was reminded yesterday that there are some important steps I must remember to include- like meditating together as a group to all be on the same frequency before starting (especially important for a Guerilla-style shoot with no shot lists or script).

It’s amazing how a film shoot becomes a whirling tornado of energy and ideas. I am reminded of how bossy and demanding Directors are and also of my deep longing to be a different kind of Director- it’s a battle though and I am not certain that is possible within a time frame- to be a Director who is more focused on bringing out the best in others then on getting the shots in. Jelila was telling me that my attachment to and worry about time and timing would only continue to create problems for me around time. So if I can bring awareness to the fact that that which I worry about will manifest and become worse…then I can focus more on what I want and less on what I do not want and put the law of attraction into action and in a way that supports me rather then works against me…

Urghhh ummmmm ok!?! It gave me a lot more to digest then I had expected. Who would have thought that a film shoot could also become such a great opportunity to learn more about my shadows!?

Anyway, here is a great shot of Jelila and Katerina looking glam in front of the camera.


As Jelila sang “The Law of Attraction” over and over again and we filmed it all with two cameras in various beautiful locations around the Mansion…I felt a great sense of awe and wonder that the song I have been listening to for years was being performed in an amazing space live in ront of me and that I was filming it all with a cool random team- talk about the alw of subconscious manifestation/attraction in action!

I also unfortunately found myself jumping out of presence at moments and becoming anxious about preparing the music for my yoga class and quietly more irritated and even angry at times that we had another filmmaker jumping in to give direction sometimes too. I guess the words “irritated” and “angry” were emotions coming from my ego- good to realise this but what to do when it happens I had to ask myself…So I kind of started to feel overwhelmed by it all ( the self-awareness on top of trying to get the shoot in the can) and not very grounded or blissedout or confident as my self awareness progressed through the tornado of shooting, rolling rolling- so much energy and so much to get done in a short space of time… I was basically subliminally coaching myself to get over any anxieties or anger and just see how fucking brilliant it all was, us there making great things happen on the fly and shooting from the hip!

Taking a step back to breathe for a moment, come in to presence (not worry about teaching the big yoga class in a few hours or my ego wanting to be in control or my heart wanting everyone to just enjoy the process). So I paused to connect to, assess and express my feelings “I’m feeling angry and I just need to say it so I can let it go thank you.” which gave me a chance to own and then detach from those negative emotions, thankfully this authentic approach is normal communication out here. Being met by Jelila with a simple “ok” in response totally diffused my anger and made me lough out loud at myself also to see anger and irritation as a concoction of my subconscious mind stirring up emotions which were not serving me other then perhaps asking me to change the way I approach film shoots in the future…

It also gave me some clarity that I was definitely going to be affected even behind the camera throughout filming a project about healing. Of course I was going to be receiving healing through this process too, even if I am busy producing and directing, it is still going to affect me energetically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. I am certain that a mix of anger and anxiety were bubbling within me because I had setout an overly ambitious goal for our few hours in The Mansion and I was battling between the perfectionist and the Guerilla filmmaker whilst my subconscious was trying to make me let go of “The plan” to just go with the flow and enjoy the playfulness and enthusiasm and talent that this amazing little team were bringing to the Mansion.

DSC_0145 DSC_0177

Anyway…we did it all got everything intended to film that day- I dont really know how but we did film it all!!

The feeback I received from Jelila and Katherina was that the loved the whole experience and found it all very confidence boosting. I still have to sit down with Haidai and see his footage and learn how he found the experience diving into our team without knowing any of us- did he feel welcomed our rejected and what was his intention in being a part of it all? I am sure he is talented, some of the shots I saw looked beautiful and it certainly is unusual for me to work with someone I don’t know at all just like that. Perhaps with some brainstorm time, we will shoot more videos together at the Mansion.

My intention is to empower and to bring out the best in people but I know I have to set my boundaries in order to be able to do that effectively. I was super grateful to have conscious people around, so when I vented and said “I am feeling kind of angry right now and I don’t know what to do about it so I just want to put it out there.”

It made me contemplate the illustrations Jelila had made for her presentation before and how they related to what was happening around me.




Here’s the Flyer for the “Shadows & Light” Friday 13th 2013 Yoga class I offered to the Community and residents of Ubud for free at The Yoga Barn.


Here’s the yoga playlist I ceated as a soundtrack for the class. These are songs that I felt really suited the flow I had created for my class and also themeatically that suited the concept of exploring shadows and light. I encouraged everyone to visualise healing light enetering their body and energy field with every inhale and exhale wvisualising releasing mental negativity, emotional and physicial toxicity or an easier way I would describe it as dark matter It has inspired me to put more of my yoga class soundtrack compilations up on mixcloud

Shadows & Light : Yoga Compilation

Teaching was awesome, there were so many people who showed up despite the tropical rain downpour- it seems that everyone does love a free yoga class. It was also interesting to have a class of such mix abilities, from people who were trying yoga for the first time to teachers. I sat for a few moments to meditate and call in the support of my great teachers, all those who loved music and would appreciate my soundtrack too. I asked God, Spirit and the Divinely abundant energy force of unconditional love to assist me with guiding this group safely through an awerness of their internal shadows and light to wherever they each needed to go and as I began to open up and invite all my great teachers to move their wisdom through me- I experienced something very new and very awesome.

Time flew and suddenly we were there with a room full of sweaty happy people lying in Sivasana.

We wrapped up the class and I grabbed the laptop, tripod and camera and raced down to Taksu and down down into the avatar jungles to find and start filming AwaHoshi‘s crystal sound healing vibrational medicine. It was the perfect end to an intense and magical day of living so much of my life passion- collaborating, filmmaking, empowering, teaching yoga, giving and receiving healing, learning, growing setting boundaries, understanding, feeling…

AwaHoshi invited us all to chant for a bit and then to each make offerings to Mother Nature and one by one release the offerings of flower petals down into the river below.

DSC_0207 DSC_0228

Taksu is a magical and beautiful setting deep down in the Avatar-like jungle. Once the lights were switched off it was super atmospheric by candlelight but too dark in my opinion to let the camera roll on for 40minutes. After filming some of the candlelit, powerful and atmospheric performance, I too then lay down to receive some healing crystal vibrational medicine. I feel something different each time I experience the resonant healing of the crystal bowls. I love it each time as it always takes me on a deep journey into myself. It was really good and an unexpected emotional release too at the end of such a busy full day I felt tears in my eyes and also felt they were tears of gratitude and healing.

IMG_0007 IMG_0012

When I spent some time with Awahoshi at her home, I told her that my intuition saw her playing the crystal bowls on a massive stage and giving healing sounds to thousands of people at a concert beside a famous rocks star/musician. When I asked her who she would most like to do that with she said Peter Gabriel. So, let’s just put that idea out there and see what manifests.

I saw a vision of her performing alongside Bjork and Yoav with a large audience in a circle around them, lying on the foor to receive their sound vibrations, healing and guiding their audience on a journey of empowerment and transformation…

I am actually finishing this blog now in the middle of the night because I have been woken by a cockroach crawling on me whilst I was sleeping. This is thankfully only the second time it has happened but I find it pretty freaky. I switched on the lights to see 2 kittens and one adult cat in here, so why don’t they scare cockroaches away? I suppose the good thing is that it has woken me up to finish writing this blog. 3am now and I would like to go back to sleep and awake rereshed and ready for tomorrow’s Ubud Sunday community ritual of ecstatic dance.

Despite waking up in the middle of the night by a cockroach, I feel am bursting with love and gratitiude and that’s a great feeling. Look forward to sweating my prayers and gratitude on the dancefloor.

I will be doing some filming interviews and performances of sound healers this week but I am going to try and practise presence more then I have been doing out here. I think I will do a blog with highlights of the week rather then a daily drizzle of my own internal working-out of things. Seriously though life is getting so interesting and full of challenges, every time I feel I have figured something out about myself or about life, I am almost immediately tested to see if I will repeat a pattern or choose something new! So I want to try a week of just living with and integrating everything I have been learning and wind down the attachment to people, places, things and writing about or documenting it all….for a week at least.

Goodnight & Goodmorning.