Intuition 101

Yesterday I began this intuition course with Jana Johnson and Tamara Brown who are both empathic and intuitive healers and all-round very funny and cool women. Studying the subject of Intuition with two experts was a very fascinating process indeed!

After Punnu introduced me to Jana, she and I bonded quickly over  filmy stories when she told me she had co-produced and actedl in a feature film that premiered at The Sundance Film Festival in 1999 called Los Enchiladas.

I was intrigued to lear more about intuition, knowing I and we all have it as a natural instinct but feeling somehow a bit disconnected from it with layers of logic and decision making and practicalities confusing things over the years.

I was really surprised to sit down and learn right away that I was in fact going to be learning about ESP. It must have been my intuition that wanted to learn about intuition and I hadn’t even realised that I was actually going to be learning about clairvoyancy and the many forms of receiving and reading psychic information.

I found this totally exciting that I had subconsciously led myself into this kind of class and situation becuase I have had a lot of what they described to me as “Claircognizant” moments in my life but have never really known what to do with that information or where it ws coming from so I preferred to ignore it and over the years this began to shut down my own intuition. Though I realise I have played upon this psychc intuitive archetype quite a few times over the years- from fortune-telling gypsies to Solitaire in James Bond, so I am superduper grateful for a few days to tune into and learn how to master and what to do with my intuitive abilities.

I really like the very grounded fact that we know in our guts if something is good or bad or right or wrong yet for a zillion different reasons, mostly lower vibration or lower self reasons…we ignore these gut knowings. Yet the wiser higher self listens to the gut instinct and the hearts wisdom.

If you already know this stuff and live this way…well you rock and I hope perhaps you share some of that way of knowing with those around you because if people keep this wisdom to themselves then I imagine more then half the world is going around deciding everything logically and only a small percentage have the confidence to listen to their gut or listen to their heart. Really interested to hear some personal responses to this matter.

It is so awesome to be a student when you are really interested in what you are studying.

We did a guided meditation to meet our spirit guides. I met one who has been with me all along and funnily enough I had written about her in a previous blog post- but at the time I didn’t realise the weight or significance of what I was writing– when I said “I’ve had the angel of integrity with me for a long time asking me to check in with her along the way- am I in my integrity?” So, I literally do have an angel of integrity as a guide. She was beautiful and It seemed she was Haida or certainly some kind of First Nations Archetype- very tall towering over me with a big white feather headdress and she clearly represented light and purity and good and power possibly the ideal best of me. Then there was this other creature, I was uncertain at first it seemed like a mermaid but then she morphed into this dolphin who at first was very playful and telling me to play and have fun but then it got all serious, macabre and quite scary. When I emerged from my guided journey with spirit guides I immediately wrote down the name of this song as this dolphinwoman creature in the video was very much like one of my spirit guides

I understood that Integrity represents the light in me and the best of me and that the Dolphin hybrid creature represents the mischevious shadow in me.

Anyway that was a powerful and surreal journey but I didn’t have much time to make sense of it all a I had to rush off to a commitment of filming a sound healers collective performance. I made it just in time and it was so beautiful, like a ballet of dancers with healing sound props moving about the room whilst the audience lay on the floor with their eyes closed- the healers would move about banging bowls and gongs and strumming harps and mandolins right above each individuals head…magical to film and watch.DSC_0163

I then filmed an interview with Baba Ji for my Sound Healing documentary. Baba Ji doesn’t speak much English so he answered my questions in Punjabi and sometimes Punnu (his son) would translate what he was saying into English.



I got home to start writing this blog and then stopped to have a real life and totally inspiring chat with my next door neighbour Angelika Hansen, author of her travel memoirs Nur Mut: Be Courageous amongst other English titles. She is a woman who has a very strong sense of intuition and it seems that travelling solo also helps one to develop and fine tune that inner listening/knowing. She is an AMAZING storyteller and could totally have her own tv show in Germany.

Then I went home and tried to write about the day but fell asleep mid-writing.

I awoke early and excited the next morning/today… dreaming that I had a little kitten curled up beside me and shortly after waking up a little kitten did wander in and climb up to curl in a ball beside me- so cute!

Then it was day two at Psychic school….

I’ll write about today, day 2 in hindsight tomorrow. After I have slept on it and seen what comes up in my dreams I think, because it was really powerful, strange and insightful day of intuitive work and insights.

But before  I go…

Jana also took some time to explain mala beads and the importance of a daily meditation practise in becoming more and more attuned to our intuition, also in communicating with our spirit guides.

JAna makes these beautiful mala bead chains and explained the entire full moon ritual of dipping the stones in holy waters that have been gathered from Balinese temple springs an then setting intentions into the stones and chanting specific mantras whilst stringing them together so each one is programmed with a specific mantra and intention. They also look beautiful and like very stylish jewellery as well as having deep healing capacities. I put these two aside as Christmas presents for my sister and mum and then went out to see if I had the cash for them. When I returned someone else had snapped them up as gifts for his friends…I guess it wasn’t meant to be those mala beads as gifts for my Mum and sis and he saved me some money too.

But if you are reading this ladies (Mum and Sis) also any other friends out there who might be reading this and might like the look and concept of them and also want one…I could ask Jana to make one especially for you- programmed to help you with a specific area of concern or to empower you with a specific goal- love it and here are some pics.


IMG_0258 IMG_0034 IMG_0032 IMG_0028

You could also commission your own one by contacting Jana directly at

Jana Johnson Healing Works

Maybe I will open a holistic healing jewellery shop or somehow sell it all online through The Conscious Hipster at some point because I am crossing paths with some really interesting and talented healers and creatives who are also makers of exquisite pieces of jewellery out here, all very different and all beautiful as you will see if you browse through my past blogs…and I like making jewellery too.


Awakening : I am Love. You are Love. We all are Love

What to say? I’ve been slightly at a loss for words today, such is the profoundity of the revealing teachings I received yesterday on the final day of the Oneness course…

Breakfast, I’ll start with that.

My day began with this colorful, tropical  and delicious bowl of sliced papaya and dragon fruit.


It kind of made me think of the symbol for the  Muladhara/Root Chakra


The last day of the Oneness course was jam-packed full of learning and activity with little time to process what was actually being said, taught,or happening.

I do feel incredibly priveledged to have had this experience though and it has a lot to do with all the lovely souls/people I connected with through this course as well as Dr. Punnu Wasu who I found to be the epitome of a “Sound Healer” and by “Sound” I don’t just mean music but I mean safe, authentic, clear and pure in thoughts, words and intention to enlighten empower.

We learnt about how the birth process affects our personality types in adult life, even down to the different phases of conception and growth and how different traumas, emotions of the mother or father or disruptions to the embryo during those phases can affect people’s personality types later in adult life. We had a Scientist and a Doctor/Surgeon in the group and he was slightly sceptical of it all at first but then confirmed on a scientific level everything that was being taught as a spiritual concept or philosophy. We also learnt how the “womb time” is a great time to begin an education. It was suggested that both a mother and a father can start to tell their life stories to the embryo as the embryo can apparently feel and absorb information.

I also learnt an idea that “Conception” begins when we have the idea that we want to get pregnant or conceive, we are in that moment calling in the soul of the person we will call our child…!?!

I also learnt that if an adults ears get blocked or they lose their hearing it’s because their inner child is “lockedup inside the grownup” and they need to free their inner child a bit and play more. This actually seemed true to me because when I am stressed, I often have ear problems and grind my teeth, so it feels like my ears are blocked or like I can’t hear properly. After doing the inner child work of sitting under a tent and talking in a babyish voice; I felt and heard a loud pop in my ears and they became what I can only describe as “unblocked”- Awesome!! I also concluded that creativity and creative-expression is a really important and healing aspect for the inner-child to be free in exploring and communicating thoughts, feelings and ideas.

All the talk of conception and birth made me decide I would reachout to my dear, sweet mother and ask her to revisit it all by writing my birth story down for me- when she can find the time to travel back to what must have been both a beautiful and traumatic experience.

We spent a good chunk of time learning and discussing relationships in the context or “Life Partners”. Asking and answering questions such as

“How do I identify my life partner?”

And in response to this question, I learnt that one major thing I need to do in that arena is activate “The Art of Listening” meaning listening to myself first, my inner wisdom and being aware of what is happening within me and what I am feeling before then of course being able to really listen to someone else. I was also reminded how important it is too connect to, own and communicate negative emotions in a healthy and non-blaming way.

I learnt that the most important thing to work on, in order to have a great relationship is self-acceptance of my: Body, Childhood, Past, Abilities, Emotions and Personality.

“Unless one is able to love oneself, one cannot love another.

It made me think about the millions of people who are in unfulfilling relationships because they have not even considered trying to connect to these parts of themselves and it also made me think of the millions of people who are in relationships and clashing or arguing about meaningless things when really it’s these un-addressed wounds that are being triggered and causing conflict. And then of course it made me think of a wonderful, conscious, complimentary and fulfilling relationship the kind I would love to have and that I imagine most people would like to have…

“Relationships that add joy and meaning are founded on a great deal of RESPECT”

“Either choose a partner with the same values or with the values I seek”

Anyway, there was a lot more great stuff taught and discussed on the theme of partnership  and relationships but I don’t want to just share all my notes from the course. I’d actually prefer to encourage you to experience it for yourself.

If this course does not feel like a good possible fit for you, there are others and I have done other process-work retreats and seminars but this one was clear, fascinating and felt safe. I put the safety and trust factor down to Punnu, I wonder what the other Onenss course leaders are like? I liked that I was not being recruited to sign up and pay for more courses at the end- which is the cult-like vibe I have felt from other courses I have done…even on some life-coach training workshops I have done.

To narrow down what I learnt yesterday…

“Accept that we all need to love and be loved and that a higher state of consciousness is beyond needing”

Then we were taught a healing modality which involved the laying of hands on people, something I had already learnt with reiki healing so this kind of energy work came very naturally to me.

There was then a lot of work around becoming the super-observer of my own thoughts words and actions so that I may become really aware that I am not my thoughts, my words or my actions- this is where my head felt a bit scrambled and this is the work I feel I must process and experiment with integrating into my daily life because I have been such a thought and analysis oriented person for a long time now…so for me to make that journey from my head to my heart is both confusing and exhilirating.

I have heard several times along the way that the journey from the head to the heart is the longest journey a person can make in their lifetime and I am so excited to really be on that journey- I feel I have been on it for at least 6 years now…a conscious journey of awakening and accountability. Now my challenge is to “BE LOVE” and it’ll be really interesting to see how that pans out…

Oh and somewhere along the way we had a debate about “innovation” in particular about thoughts, ideas and creativity. Some of the concepts revealed around these themes blew me away and turned everything I knew to be true on these themes completely upside down…I am still digesting as it means I will have to approach creativity and creating in a radically new but totally exciting and challenging way…more on that in a future blog once I have experienced some of this new experiment in action…

Oh and the massive discussions and debates throughout about God, with several atheists or uncertains in the group as well. I like that there was an encouragement to and a recognition of the potential that everyone participating might believe in and pray to different gods- that it was not about praying to anyone in particular but it was crystal clear that it is important to have a connection to what I would call God or The Universe or a Higher Power…ie something outsdie of the self, the ego and outside of an internal consciousness- perhaps a good term would be a “collective consciousness”?

I actually really loved the random debates that would erupt throughout the course, they were one of my favourite things about the process also as it revealed how intelligent and free-thinking everyone in the space was.

It was fascinating to learn about and debate the notion that “The way I relate to myself internally is the same way I relate to others”.

Finally I learnt about true fulfillment and how selfish goals are rarely fulfilling. therefore it is always important to check in with goals and ask not only “Why do I want this?” but also “IS this for the greater good for myself and also others or those around me?”.

The final steps were so profound, so powerful and carried us all the way until Midnight- a late night to end on an exhausted and transformed and empowered on a radical high note.

So much more to say on what I learnt but it’s getting a bit late now and this blog has taken me waaaay more then the supposed 20minutes I had set out to write every morning.

I have the cutest little kitten sitting on my lap as I write this, I filmed a bunch of testimonial videos earlier today and then we formed a “sharing circle” and I just kept the camera rolling as we discussed and debated everything that happened over the last few days.

I found that to be so beautiful, so sacred and was in awe of the intelligent and beautiful people from around the world who had gathered in Bali to explore the concept of “Oneness”…and for letting me film them/it!

I also really love that this course does not insist on secrecy which means it is much easier to communicate the benefits of then some other personal development work and programmes I have explored over the years…

Does all this personal inquiry and desire to know and understand myself and others and the underlying oneness in all creatures, people and  faiths make me “conscious”?

I do not know…

Does it make me “Awakened”?

I do not know…

All I do know is that I stopped trying to make my blogs funny, cuz I’ve been so busy diving deep into really experiencing it all rather then clowning, judging, persecuting or being cynical about things- I guess thats where humor mostly comes from then…I feel like it’s time to have a bath.

So I’m on a journey from my head to my heart and I am in the process of awakening…

How fascinating is that?

Here’s a pic of me getting some mala beads and a certificate of “Consciousness” qualification that says I can officially give “Oneness blessings”- sweet.


And here’s an afterglowy group shot wearing normal clothes again (not all white like the last few days) of those of us who were not camera shy during the process.IMG_2103

“I am LOVE. You are LOVE. We all are LOVE”

Sending you virtual blessings from the blogosphere with golden shiny light, with LOVE LOVE LOVE and in Oneness