Sound Healing Documentary & The Conscious Hipster Collection

I am so inspired by people who allow me to film them- it is a great privlege and also a great way to learn.

I wonder if any potential Executive-Producers out there might be reading this and might also be willing and able to kick off 2014 meeting/pitching with a tv comissioner for the documentary project working title “Sound Healing. I am gathering a lot of footage of the inspiring and colourful characters for a film about modern day healers. In Bali I am focusing mainly on healers working with sound including all of the Bali Sound Healers Collective. I’m also exploring themes like what is life like for a modern day healer who is “in this world but not of it” and looking at alternative new age lifestyles, focusing on some of the shiny souls I am meeting in Ubud, also known as “The New Age Capitol of the world”.

I would love to continue meeting with and filming alternative healers around the world. There are of course so many different types of modern day healers from Reiki Masters to Acupuncturists to Shamans and beyond, I would like to travel, meet, film and learn from them all.

I would also like to manifest Executive Producers to mentor, promote and secure a broadcaster for this project- ideally as a feature length documentary or possibly as a series for the BBC or CBC. I am open to any pointers and suggestions.

Here are a few photo portraits of some of the awesome people that I have been filming with so far out here.


Shervin Boloorian


Shervin Boloorian


Punnu Wasu


Punnu Wasu


Larissa Israel


Fire-Mane Honey-Voice






Kash Killian






Baba Ji

In the run up to Christmas and the wrap up of 2013, the only place where it feels vaguely Christmassy here is in Starbucks. I will miss my family and it does feel strange to be on my own out here at this festive, family time of year.

I’m remembering that movie I pitched years ago at Raindance: Live Ammo!…it was for a film I named “Scroogie”- a modern day adaptation of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” but this version revolved around a hard-working single woman who is alone at Christmas and she meets the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. To me this was a commercial, seasonal, rom-com kind of no-brainer-get-the-green-light movie concept with a guaranteed annual audience and replays on cable tv…a Sandra Bullock kind of movie. Anyway it was shot down in the competition for being “too commercial in concept”. Here I am now a bit like Scroogie in my story but I’m happier, hippier and in the tropics so really my life is not at all like “Bah Humbug!” Scroogie…thankfully. But the recapitulation time travel sort of work I am doing out here does echo the concept of past/present/future visions…

For Christmas, I am facilitating the empowering transformative experience of the Oneness cours- this will be my way of giving back for a process that empowered me to do a lot of healing work. I’ll be “holding space” for empowerment and transformations to take place, then I will probably go to the beach and catch some waves for a few days before heading to work as a volunteer running workshops at The Soulshine Festival and then back up to celebrate New Year‘s Eve at The Baliwood Mansion which all sounds very curious and potentially very fun.

I am giving myself the gift of some coaching sessions for xmas via skype with someone I met on a training course we both did in London. She has just finished her studies and has evolved from a brilliant psychologist into a co-active coach. It felt unusual and great to be coached for a change.

In my session, I committed to saying 5 no’s for every yes in order to exercise my “NO muscle”. This is a warning that my answer to your request is likely to be NO for a while. This will be an interesting challenge and will hopefully annihilate any trace of “FOMO-Fear of missing out”.


I’m also committed to nurturing my femininity, as I realised out here through all the recapitulation, that my “inner masculine” “control freak” has mostly been running the show for years now and that it is a major factor in my feeling anxious, stressed and sometimes burntout. Allowing my masculine energy to run the show as a Producer, Director, Consultant and Coach has built layers of armour and an unsafe feeling around my vulnerability and femininity….

So I am giving time to my inner Goddess every day out in the tropics and am committed to honouring her in some way out here every day…doing things like dancing, singing, listening to my intuition, reading tarot cards, swimming, massages, dressing up…smiling more….

Today my inner Goddess was honoured by Jelila with a surprise gift of a crystal “Goddess Crown” which I love and will continue wearing as much as possible to honour both my inner Goddess and all Goddesses everywhere!

And by the way…here’s some breaking news of an endeavour that totally feels right for me,,, I am launching an online shop which is going to grow and grow in 2014.

The Conscious Hipster Collection will offer holistic, empowerful and pretty fashion and lifestyle accessories all sourced directly from the designers and creators I know or meet along the way on my journey.

“A virtual boutique of conscious chique”

Coming soon…


From Monkey Magic to Mystical Music


Yesterday I made a magical trip down and deep into the Monkey Forrest of Ubud.

I had memories of and the theme tune for Monkey Magic in my head

I was also feeling as though I were a character in the movie Avatar, surrounded by the lushness and the trees with long red hanging vines.

Here are some photos of the lush jungle and the beautiful trees.


Monkey Forrest Trees



Similar to the Tree of Life in the beautiful movie Avatar

Forrest-bathing is something I love doing- just moving very slowly through a dense forrest smelling, listening and touching the plants to re-connect with nature and Mother Earth- %100 nourishing and grounding. In this case I was Jungle-bathing in deep humidity to the sounds of waterfalls and monkeys everywhere- some of the monkeys were such posers literally lounging about in a very human way or posing on top of people’s heads. I didn’t shoot photos of the poser monkeys but I did do some posing of my own together with one of my neighbours a Norwegian blogger, traveller and fellow fiery redhead Ida Kristine Høgbakk who is living a dream on a tour around the world with her husband and writing about it in Norwegian Ida’s (Norwegian) Blog

I told her about the musical and uber creative Norwegian HK119 aka Heidi Kilpelainen (who coincidentally just saw a photo of me posing in the jungle and asked if I could send some of the vines over for a bespoke piece of magical jewellery she is going to make for me).  Heidi is a brilliant London-based creative making music, videos, performance art, sculptures, jewellery and clothes. I had a great time catching up with her on my radio show. You can listen to that episode HK119 on K2K Radio “Motivational Monday’s” and check out her website here: HK119

Here’s a photo of Ida & I in the jungle:


And some monkeys …

(I felt like this statue could have been a prop from a James Bond film with cctv cameras in the eyeballs)



It was a beautiful walking meditation through the jungle and we went to join a guided meditation with Andrea, Detox Director at The Yoga Barn There I was reminded of how the mind has to be trained like a puppy during meditation all it wants to do is run off into stories, dramas or fantasies. Bringing awareness to this energy-wasting and distracting habit of being hooked on intellectual stories (which the Buddhist call a “monkey mind”) is the key to rising above or anhillating thoughts. It reminds me of something I studied called Transactional Analysis which is a logical method for conflict resolution that focuses on “The Drama Triangle” and how all drama whether intellectual or in relationships/conflict is rooted in one of three roles “Persecutor- I am right and you are wrong” “Victim-Poor me” “Rescuer- After everything I have done!” Learning about “The Drama Triangle” helped me to sort through and decipher between the useful and the useless thoughts.


As I often say to myself and others: “I am not my thoughts” and that is the goal to see thoughts as mere constructs, stories, projections, dramas. Then, to move above and beyond the thoughts into a state of empty bliss. One of my teachers/mentors David Sye (Founder of Yogabeats) would say “Just watch your thoughts floating by like cars on a busy highway”.

After the bursting inspiration of the forrest and the reminder of the beauty and romance in Avatar…it took some time for me to rise above my “Monkey Mind Busy Brain” full of thoughts, projections  and fantasies yesterday. I dealt with that by introducing a different mantra to cancel out or assist me in rising above each re-occuring story I’ve got playing out in my imagination at that moment.

So after meditation, I did a Yin yoga class which was lovely and super chilledout. I decided though that I’ve had enough with all the floating and chilling of Yin yoga and meditation for a bit and now want to start doing some power yoga and this weekend I would like to get myself down to the beach and onto a surfboard. It’s funny here how the vibes and the people are so different from the jungle to the beach

For an evening activity and wonderful treat, I attended a mystical music and sound healing concert featuring two globally renowned and respected founders of Bali Sound Healer’s Collective that I had met a few years ago when I last came to Bali. Here is a photo of the lovely teacher, healer and musician Punnu Wasu


Here’s a photo of healer and musician Shervin Boloorian


And here’s a photo of the whole ensemble last night who played a powerful 60 minute uninterrupted set of songs and sounds designed to rebalance and open and heal.


It’s very unsusual t experience a concert lying down with your eyes closed and your head close to the instruments so you can really feel the music and energy moving around and through you. I love the sound healing and look forward to receiving more of it and to filming a documentary and interviews with the collective whilst I am out here. “SOUND HEALING” To be continued…