Lovebeam : Amelia Powers

Today’s lovebeam is shooting across the world and all the way to London, U.K.and it is zoning in to highlight the amazingly inspiring healing story of flamboyant beauty and handbag designer Amelia Powers

Here are some fantastic photos of her, shot by Philip Volkers

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The Numinous recently posted a story about Amelia’s incredible healing journey which you can read here Amelia Powers: My life in my hands

And through following the links Amelia posted to The Numinous website, I have found another favourite online sort of magazine that is “right up my strasse” fusing style and well-being, a perfect resource for conscious hipsters! Check it out here The Numinous

Now, just a few months after that story was published, Amelia has gone and done it and a bonafide miracle has occured. She has completely dissolved her brain tumor using several alternative healing methods- mostly down to the “Powers” of the mind and most controversially (to traditional western medicine) she credits Cannabis and Cannabinoids for playing a massive role in her healing process.

There are a multitude of alternative approaches to healing out there, most people I have spoken to who have avoided hugely invasive surgeries in favour of alternative healing methods, credit a change in diet- raw, pure, no sugar, no wheat, no dairy, no meat as well as a change in mindset- from doom & gloom to positive thinking, gratitude and joyfulness. These also seemed to work in complimentary ways for Ms. Powers’ healing journey too.

Here is her video diary “The Powers of The Mind” 

It’s a beautiful day.

Today I thank my body for being vibrant and healthy.

I thank Spirit, God, The Universe and everything in it for guiding me on a path of awareness, love and light. I thank the many angels who have come and gone and continue to inspire, to appear and disappear in and out of my life, energy field and consciousness.

I thank Amelia Powers for her courage in sharing her inspiring story of healing and for her boldness in experimenting with alternative methods of fighting a brutal disease that has claimed the lives of many. I thank her for doing it all publicly, with style and panache and for sharing the great news today that she has been given the all clear-she did it her way!

Checkout her handbags too. You may want to buy one for yourself or as a gift for someone near and dear.

Website: Amelia Powers