A Beautiful Dance

I’ve been tucked into the many aspects of post production over the last few weeks, transcribing footage for two feature length projects. One is fiction and it is so close to be finished that I can hardly believe it might be ready to birth out into the world soon…I feel so lucky to hand it over to an amazing editor here in London for “polishing” “scene tweaking”, “Colour-grading” and also trying to lock down someone talented and creative to do the sound mix. I have written and recorded many layers for voicover to be woven throughout- I’m aiming for a soundscape…I am not a mainstream filmmaker- but I do want people t see my films and I do wish for my films to open up dialogue about important or inspiring subjects.

I feel pressure to secure an amazing space or a film festival to premier it and I figure that having the support of The British Film Council might help with that- when it is good enough…

I haven’t been very social here in London. I have turned down a lot of invitations- feeling as though I am in a post-production cave, fighting off a fluey cold for much of this time, succumbing to it at one point and then feeling sort of too vulnerable for chitchat, small talk or slightly invasive questioning- kind of standard when one travels the world as much as I do. Part of being an avid traveller is becoming a bit of a raconteur- tales of the tavels become de rigeur upon return. Note to self- pace yourself!

I have been going to 5 Rhythms dance every week here- twice last week all with amazing teachers, Chris Connors, Liz Baron Cohen and Jessica Howie. I have seen some beautiful familiar faces on the dancefloor. I have shaken and twisted and convulsed and head-banged. I have felt the awareness and physical pain of it all the following days.

It is a serious workout because I make it that way for me. It is such a release and it tunes me right into what is going on in my physical body, energy body, emotions and mind. It is challenging, healing and empowering. I love it more with each class. In the beginning I hated it because I found it very uncomfortable and had to sort of undo all my years of ballet training and technique. I also greatly disliked any sort of directed or encouraged interaction with “random” unfamiliar people getting a bit too close into my personal space. Then , I figured out that the dance was a metaphor for life and the challenge for me was to work on setting boundaries without words as well as in opening my heart and trusting more in life and other people. I also understood how the dancefloor is a microcosm for how I relate to people..eventually seeing the interconnectedness in everyone spinning and jumping around the dancefloor. It has taught me humility and compassion and given me skills to witness and rise above the ego…

Today, I saw this amazing video for Forest Swords, directed by Benjamin Millepied and starring Billy Barry. I find everything about this film so beautiful that I have watched it several times. Tonight, when I danced the 5 rhythms for the last time in London for about 6 months- I felt myself channeling this amazing dancer Billy Barry…or my version of him at times- I def can’t do those backbends that he does…

I energetically let go of many things from 2014 and made some wishes, welcomed in some blessings for 2015. I also sent good vibes and blessings out through my dancing and intentions, to all the beautiful people I know in London.

Enjoy this amazing video and get yourself down to a 5 Rhythms, Biodanza or Ecstatic Dance class, if nothing else…call it an experiment!

Nowness: The Weight of Gold


Inspiration: Top 10 Well-Being & Creativity Websites


I am open to it and I welcome it. If you’ve got something to say in response to what I write here please feel free to leave a comment below and I will likely respond to you in a future blog.

It has been brought to my attention that many great blog articles are madeup of short and punchy lists such as “Top 5 tips” or “Top 10 these or thats”.

In fashionland as you probably know very well already, there is a saying each season that for example “Neon is the new black”. Black being the unconditional epitome of chique so if something is to replace it, well it is pretty darn hot. Right now, I would say “Lists” are currently hot enough to be “The new black” and this piece of advice was given to me over a very late night trans-continental skype session with my sister who is a Central and South American expert. magazine editor, travel writer and author of the Moon Guides and the Rough Guides.

Today is a rainy day here. In the tropics, a rainy day means a proper heavy downpour. A rainy day here is perfect for writing and watching movies. I am in the final healing stages, post motorbike accident and it’s a tricky stage because it’s mostly internal pain, as the bruising begins to fade from a deep purple to a jaundiced yellow- it doesn’t look too bad but that whomp on the kneecap is and was trauma that I’m still feeling. The way I ‘m working on healing it now is through visualisation. I close my eyes and I visualise the kneecap and where it might be dented or hurting and literally visualise the nerves, the fascia everything fusing back together and becoming even stronger and more flexible then before. I learnt about visualising to heal from the woman who trained me to be a a yoga teacher: Shakti Mhi of The Prana Yoga College. Several years agao, she had a bad accident and she was told she would very likely not be able to walk again. She explained how everyday in the hospital bed, she would visualise herself healing, the very nerves and tissues fusing back together within her spine. She healed herself this way in record time and shocked the doctors with her recovery and ability to get back up and train more future yoga teachers. I have since passed this knowledge on to many suffering from injuries over the years and now it’s my moment to experiment with the concept. So far so good- it’s certainly forcing me to be mindful!


I thought I would begin today by exploring the listy-trend, with my top ten favourite websites to inspire in the realms of well-being, empowerment and creativity and also to entertain you on a likely up-coming rainy wintery day.

This also feels to me like it’s a way to big up and pay respect to my predecessors, distractors and online inspirations.

I will list some great sites and feature one article from each. Follow the links if they intrigue you and happy reading, rambling, learning, growing and surfing.

The Conscious Hipster’s Top 10 Websites (For Inspiration In Well-Being & Creativity)

1: The Cultureist

Featured Article: Cool items for yogis that give back

This site is just an awesome online magazine that captures the zeitgeist and inspires

2: The Elephant Journal

Featured Article: Common misconceptions about yoga

A website for everything, meditation and mindful-living

3: Nowness

Featured Article: Connan Mockasin: I’m the man that will find you

This website features the cutting edge in pop-culture and lifestyle- everything now and wow! Beautiful, inspiring short films.

4: Deepak Chopra

Featured Article: Blog Talk Radio

This man speaks to me in a way that feels safe, makes sense and opens doors to new ways of thinking/seeing/being. It’s all very grounded, not too out there conceptually and the vids/podcasts are good stuff too.

5: Martha Beck

Featured Article: How to tune in to your inner wisdom

Oprah Winfrey‘s life coach- need I say more? This woman and her insights are awesome.

6: Dazed Digital

Featured Article: Top ten innovative documentaries

London based style magazine’s online little sister. Awesome articles in the realm of pop-culture and creativity. You saw it here first, everything on this site ends up in the mainstream a year or two later.

7: Single Girl Survival Guide

Featured Article: Making love to the dancefloor

(Also checkout the book of the same name written by my friend Imogen Lloyd Webber A bit of surfing on google led me to this website of the same name which has some great articles, though I do wish Imogen had her own website to link to the book- which is a must read about dating and is VERY funny The Single Girl’s Survival Guide)

8: David Deida

Featured Article: The way of the superior man

This website is for all men who want to be the very best man and person they can be. It’s also good for women to read so you can recognize a superior man when you meet him and snap him up as a partner, lover or a friend. If you are married or partnered up, this book is worth leaving lying around on the coffee table for him to stumble upon. I often give copies of this book to the men in my life: friends, clients, family. I would definitely only consider a relationship with a conscious superior man- one who can admit to being perfectly imperfect and one who is willing to do some personal development work…ideally one who has read this book.

9: Marie Forleo

Featured Article: Networking for introverts

Marie’s gusto and oomph blows me away. This site is loaded with confident and great business and life advice from the creator of B School an online MBA. There is much to learn from her funny, slick, free online videos.

10: Yoga on a shoestring

Featured Article: Yoga Holidays

This is a great website and resource for affordable global yoga holidays. I so often am asked by people if I can recommend a yoga or wellbeing retreat. This has inspired me to setup my own well-being and creativity retreat company which will kick off with retreats in Bali and California in 2014. For the moment I usher people towards this site which has a lot of goodies to offer.

Eek- that’s it….only 10…urgggh there are SO many other great, inspiring and cool websites though so I’m just going to mention a few more that are worth checking out (Maybe with practise I’ll get better at being more ruthless with this shortlist making discipline)

Here are a few more last but not least great sites to nurture your mind and soul (i’ll do a seperate blog listing some great sites to feed/nurture your body- a list of my fave healthy global restaurants and cookbooks -yum, the thought is making me hungry!)

TED Talks

The Dalai Lama

Eckhart Tolle

Tony Robbins

Oprah Winfrey

The Daily Love

Mark Manson

Jamie Catto

Horst Und Edeltraut

Fast Company

So it was supposed to be my list of top 10 inspiring websites in the realm of well-being and creativity but really oops…now it’s the top 20!

I could probably spend this entire rainy day writing a list to become the top 100 hundred and maybe even publish an ebook as a resource- something like the new age yellow pages… but wait- I was just trying to write a resourceful Top 10 To support the opinion that “Lists are the new black/the new trend/the cyberzeitgeist” also because I do frequently get asked questions about global resources from well-being to creativity, so by writing a blog I am saving myself some time and rather then responding to individual inquiries I can support more people on their personal development journey in one with this blog and am able to offer you a one stop shop for such resources by giving tips so you can bounce around and do your own bespoke investigation, googling, learning and growing as well.  Soon I’ll be producing, promoting and or hosting retreats wherein you will be invited to experience many different teachers, outlooks, platforms for creative-expression and healing modalitites (such a trending word in the new age community- “modalities” other trending words are “juicy“- to describe anything from a person to experience and “dropping in” a verb to describe becoming present and “checking out” a word thats pretty obviously to describe mentally leaving a scnario before physically or verbally doing so “projecting” as in to paint an imaginary picture of what you want or don’t want to see, thus clouding what actually is clearly going on right there in real time.)

Anyway enough from me today.

Hope you enjoyed this, my first of many likely lists to come.


The Animated Musings of Mozaic Moss

The Animated Musings of Mozaic Moss