2014 : High Vibrations!

Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014 and with welcoming in a new year, a new chapter of living high vibrations begins…

Gone will be the neurosis. Gone will be the drama. Gone will be the victim. Gone will be the blame game. So then, what is left? It’s like a clean slate, a clear intention and a chance to start afresh. The theme of High Vibrations has put me in a greater state of awareness, understanding that my thoughts, words and actions can come from a lower vibration or a higher vibration and that the choice in which path I take will directly affect the relationships and situations I find myself in. I am also getting a better understanding of the fact that the choice is mine, as I can no longer play “The Blame Game”. It’s super interesting to me also that I have chosen to make a film on the theme of Sound Healing, which is all about “vibrations” and “frequencies” at it’s core too…

I have also been making a few notes along the way these last few weeks of “Lovebeams” I really would like to send out via the blog…

I want to shine a Lovebeam on artist, writer, publisher and major inspiration Anton Perich.

He is and has been a great inspiration and creative mentor to me since I was a teenager- always encouraging me to write and even publishing a lot of my diaries in NIGHT Magazine.

Anton discovers and nurtures talent, makes films, shoots fashion and art photos, writes fiction and is also the inventor of a painting machine that paints portraits and abstract stripes. I LOVE stripes and I am in love with all of Anton’s paintings. I especially love the stripey outfits for partying and for yoga that he painted with me on his machine…

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Photo by Jakon fuglsang Mikelsen

Photo by Jakon fuglsang Mikelsen

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Hayward Gallery Performance

Hayward Gallery Performance

Happy New Year to you Anton and the entire NIGHT family (with some extra hugs to Tristan Perich, Lesley Flanigan, Jakob Fuglsang Mikelsen and Andrea Langdon) I hope I get back to see you for some high vibrations in the Big Apple later this year.

Then another “Lovebeam” goes out to Alex Moss in Australia. I signed Alex to my indie record label back in 2012 because he is such a talented singer-songwriter and a very cool creative dude. He was sitting on some great self-produced songs when we met and I wanted to help him get them out there. At that point I had Kitsch Palace and The Rodnik Band brainstorming multi-platform collaborations and releasing tunes on my label and a bunch of amazing producers in the extended family doing remixes like Marius De Vries, Nick Lloyd Webber, Ill-Esha, Paul “Groucho” Smykle, Uwe Doll, Andre King, Sam Doha and The Popular Culture Shaman.

Alex Moss and I had a lot of fun shooting music videos for his single “All that you are” and his EP “Naked”. Alex has a new EP coming out soon “Hope you sleep well, when you do” which he is putting out directly himself-an exciting new step for him for sure. Check out the videos inspired by metamorphosis and rebirth that we made for “Naked” in Bali.

So those are the lovebeams I just had to send out and I hope you feel the love.

Now a little summary of my very awesome Balinese New Year’s Eve.

It began with some live acoustic sounds at a charity fundraiser organised and hosted by Nick Wallaki. Nick appeared in my last blog post and I am really excited about him for several reasons… He is a beautiful shiny soul, a tall and handsome alpha male, a seriously talented singer-songwriter, a goofy fun surf dude…he is just awesome and we have been buzzing with ideas for possible collabs since meeting.

You can listen to his first album here Wallaki: The Follower of The Sun


Nick Wallaki hosts NYE live music fundraiser for Anak Alam

On NYE, he welcomed friends up onto the stage including Greta Orion and Radha Divine – two beautiful and incredibly talented female singer-songwriters.


Greta Orion & Radha Divine

I was joined for the celebrations by awesome new friends out here, two beautiful Goddesses and inspiring Hollywood film industry pros Elizabeth and Nina.


Nina and Elizabeth were keen to slip away before midnight and get up to the big NYE bash at “The Mansion” for fireworks and a 3,2,1 countdown, so we took off and made it through the pouring rain to celebrate midnight at the amazing huge party at The Mansion.

I found Hai Dai the Creative Director and Chief Orchestrator behind the big WOW Affect NYE bash at The Mansion who was also the VJ on the night. I got a chance to give big hugs to him and his beautiful daughter Jaz who is a jewellery designer and youth entrepreneur at Lychee Concepts 


I danced all night at the Mansion, it was beautiful, blissful and a lot of fun.



At one point I climbed onto a big bed and dove into a cuddlepuddle full of people…


At the very end of the night and just before the sun would start to rise…I shot some videos of some singer-songwriters from the previous gig who had all appeared like fairies at the mansion once more.


Beautiful people, a magical night with a quality moment under Wallaki’s wing, listening to his heartbeat as he strummed his guitar and sang a song called “I’m alive” about “high vibrations” definitely setting the tone for 2014 and beyond.


Loved it all… was the most fun NYE I have had in years.

So what else…

Oh yes I have been filming with Sound Healers a lot this week too with Larissa Israel doing a Tibetan Bowl Water Healing Session

DSC_0097 DSC_0143

And I also filmed a sound medicine concert and interview with Kailash Kokopelli. He is an amazing character, very inspiring and experienced in the realms of healing and a pioneer of the modern concept of “Sound Medicine”. He gave me a really insightful interview, where I really experienced a direct transmission a learning of information being passed down from generations of healers through him and into me and my video camera…to be shared with an hopefully to inspire, enlighten and heal you too. He also did some physical healing on an infected motorbike burn wound I have on my leg. He poured a product onto my wound that he makes called Dragon Blood and it has completely sped up the healing process, turning a septci wound into a crusty scab. It’s super hard for wounds to heal in the humid topics and I am very grateful to him for that. I am also really intruiged and wanting to buy many of the other products he is selling from his Dragon Rider website. I also experienced what might be described in new age terminology as a “download”, I heard some very lear directions during his Sound Medicine concert and I was told or guided to go and spend some time this summer in The Haida Gwaii, so I am now doing some research into where I would stay there and who I need to meet there and what I would make…. very likely a documentary film as that is something I can always make with minimal funding and crew.

I am half wondering about putting this message gift from the spirit to me via sound medicine world into my blog, because maybe this was a message intended just for me and not to share in the blogosphere? However, I also know that by putting ideas and inspirations out there you readers and your friends can find and make contact wih me. So anyone reading who knows anything about the Haida Gwaii please make contact as I shapeup a Haida project to make out there.


I also did some filming with Tara Leanne creator of  Space For Grace again this was a super educational interview for me to film. The more I film the more I realise what an opportunity it is for me to learn. It is also an affirmation that when I chose subjects that I have a deep interest in learning more about, I will be driven to keep filming despite not having a comission or any certainty about where this will end up.

My passion for the subject and my desire to learn about it gives me the fuel to keep rolling with a certainty that others will have an interest to learn about this too…

Anyway Tara Leanne taught me a lot of life lessons in a short space of time and also did a performance with several crystal bowls and some out of this world “channeled toning” sound-making with her voice.


For that shoot, I went to the home of Ibu Robin who is a very famous woman here in Bali as she is the founder of Bumi Sehat the natural birthing clinic. She gave me a dvd to checkout made by her daughter Deja Bernhardt and I look forward to watching the film with an awesome title “Guerilla Midwife”.

I must also mention my recent and very surreal 24hours in Singapore being culture shocked by high rises, dimsum, alcohol and UFC with old friends from England Jonty and Lou and new friends/ex boxers who were sitting beside me giving a hilarious running commentary throughout the gory violence- it felt so diametrically opposite to the peace and lovin of Ubud!

IMG_0073 IMG_0084 IMG_0096 IMG_0099

Here’s to all your seeds of intention for the year blossoming in 2014…

I really felt so many of you with me here on New Year’s Eve and I did a little meditiation to send some love and light and blessings out to many of you for the year ahead.

Wishing you all Love Love Love and Fulfillment for 2014!

Enjoy every moment along the way.

That’s what I am doing now as a conscious choice, putting happiness first for myself and others, enjoying the journey moment by moment and listening to the guidance and wisdom that whispers to me through the wind and the music…

Hasta Luego and lots of love from Bali