Forced to Pause

Yesterday, I was on the back of a motorbike and the roads were muddy, slippery and wet from a heavy rainfall. As we snaked our way through a side path in the Monkey Forrest, the wheels just spun out and suddenly in what felt like complete slow motion, we tumbled down and sideways to the ground and were just kind of very still for a moment. The driver hopped up and said “I’m bleeding, we need to go to a clinic right now.” I was in shock and not sure if I could move or what had just happened. I slowly got up shaking a bit too and examined the minor cuts and sore spots and got back on the bikewhich required a few attempts to kick start, as we both slightly green in the face wobbled our way on to the closest clinic.

The closest clinic happened to be a very interesting place called Bumi Sehat

Bumi Sehat is a natural birthing clinic and the founder of the clinic has been the recipient of the CNN Heroes Award.

What the bike driver told me is that in Indonesia, many poor women go to a hospital to give birth and if they cannot afford the hospital bill then the hospital will hold on to/keep the baby until the bill is paid- in many cases this can take years. Speedy C-sections are also popular in Indonesian hospitals ad Bumi Sehat offers women the option to have a natural birth in a tranquil setting with love, care and attention. Westerners or tourists using the clinic have to pay and make a donation but Indonesians are invited to Bumi Sehat for free.

There were no agonising noises of women giving birth when we hobbled in cut and bleeding. There was a room with a door open and all I could see were bodies that looked like they had smoking incense sticks all over them…it looked kind of freaky like a cremation but I was assured it was a holistic therapy. Bumi Sehat embraces alternative medicine, homeopathy and ayurveda as well as all the best of what traditional western medicine has to offer.

I told my cutup bike companion about an old friend of mine Melissa Rodrigues who is a doula very much championing the concept of natural births and co-founder of a doula collective called Wood and Water Doulas

We were led into a room to see the nurse who promptly disenfected and then injected the bike drivers knee with some kind of strong pain killer before getting out a thin needle and thread and stiching up the flap of skin that had been sliced off in the fall. I am a qualified first aid nurse but stitches and surgeries always make me squirm. So, I took on the role of chief distractor and led biker woman through some breathing exercise whilst she was injected and stitched up. She screamed a bit as though she were giving birth and then joked how it would be funny if i made a baby screamng crying sound as it would be totally fine and appropriate given that we were in a birthing clinic. It was all expertly done and I mentioned how arnica would be a really good thing for us both to have since we were going to be covered in bruises from the fall. I was really impressed when the nurse produced arnica homeopathic pills and cream. Other then some minor cuts and bruises I looked fine but my knee was starting to swell up since I fell right onto my knee cap- I was told to R.I.C.E it and no that doesnt mean a bag of rice it means: Rest Ice Compress Elevate.

So I came back to my beautiful little home away from home with the slightly shaken post-surgery bike driver and we ate take away vegetarian burritos from Taco Casa. Then I elevated my leg on some pillows and drifted off for a few hours with two or maybe three little kittens curled up on me. They are adorable these little kittens. When I first arrived, one of them was the little runt, smaller then the rest and a bit sickly. She curled up in a ball on my heart, I think she need to hear a heartbeat or something. She is so much better now so it felt like yesterday she was helping me to feel better.

Anyway other then slipping on a bike and resting with my leg in the air feeling a bit down about being “forced to pause” especially as I was just getting pumped up to go surfing and start doing power yoga… In the end, I didn’t do much yesterday.

I have been invited to teach some free community yoga classes on Fridays at The Yoga Barn, which is really exciting as it is probably the most beautiful yoga studio I have ever been too. I have been warned to expect a minimum if 50 people in my class likely many more- there is space for several hundred people… I am really excited to do my thing as a yogi in paradise, to uplift, to inspire, to heal and to empower in the massive world famous Yoga Barn! I just have to heal this knee up fast so I can walk properly again…

Here’s a photo of my Avatar/inner jungle warrior Goddess shot in the Monkey Forrest by Ida Kristine Hogbakk. Someone commented on my hairstyle being a combover– ha I really had to laugh out loud at that comment because 1: it was very funny and 2 it was true (although that comment would be what I know from Neil Strauss as a “Neg”- when a guy puts a girl down to make them feel stupid or insecure”). I am not going to let piss-taking facebook comments rain on my parade. I am intent on laughing more, especially at myself and I am here stepping into my Goddess power (even with a jungle combover) and rocking an earring by Leela Creations with an impromptu jungle warrior combover look…


Perhaps for 2014 and beyond myself, we will see a revival of the all hair on one side 1980’s look or even the sticky hot sweaty jungle combover.

Now I am on my way to a meeting with Author and healer Jelila, who I met a few years ago. I am going to study and learn more about crystal healing with her out here. I really love listening to her song “the Law of Attraction” as a meditation it’s 20 minutes long so I sometimes just lie down on the floor and close my eyes and listen to this song and remember a feeling of confidence and trust in life, knowing that I have the power to manifest my authentic dreams. Jelila- The Law of Attraction

Here’s a video I made with her a few years ago:

Then after my meeting with Jelila, I am going to have lunch with Yoga master and Shaman Danny Paradise and his girlfriend Bibi. I know that is going to be the most interesting and inspiring lunch I have had in a long time…

I just have to psych myself up to get back on a bike now, because i definitely cannot walk there today…and I really hate being “forced to pause” but maybe that’s exactly what I need to do right now- feel gratitude, as it could have really turned out to be a lot worse, a motorbike crash… and probably what I need to do right now is pause and return to the breath…