Sunday Morning Nostalgia : Cartoons & Vids

Awoken super early by the cats and kittens this morning.

I think it’s my inner child sitting down to write now because I am feeling like some Sunday morning cartoons, in particular my favourite cartoons from the past and the present.

I’ll sip some strong Arabica coffee and then head over to The Yoga Barn for Sunday Morning ecstatic dance. It is like clubbing on a Sunday morning and it is a natural high. I love dancing in this town twice a week for two hours non-stop. Sweaty, sticky, flow. I filmed a couple who were dancing on Friday in such an amazing flow, contact improvisation it was incredible to watch and they didn’t mind me filming them for a bit. It was dark though as Friday’s are a night time dance and this is their last day together here so I will film them in the daylight a bit and share the video in a blog post just about them. Seriously their spontaneous dance flow was as incredible as many things I have seen at The Royal Opera House or Saddler’s Wells.  Then later today I am going to do some filming with a sound healer called AwaHoshi for my documentary on Sound Healing. She has a collection of crystal bowls and again everyone lies down on the floor to absorb the healing vibrations emitted from these beautiful crystal bowls. She is a magical woman and a Shamaness I am certain- I will find out more and will no doubt be shining a “lovebeam” on her via a future blog too.

So back to fun and to cartoons

This is absolutely my favourite childhood cartoon: Jem & The Holograms

I never get sick of watching it and there are so many episodes on youtube.

I even spent a good chunk of time about 5 or 6 years ago developing a proposal and screenplay for Jem & The Holograms as a Live action movie- I still think this is a really great idea with global appeal- pop music, fashion, a triumph of the underdogs…it’s really a potential hit concept and a great story. The only reasons I am sharing this in a blog rather then keeping it secret is because I am certain that I am not the only one with this idea and also the rights are tied up with Hasbro and Marvel and it’s on the scale of GiJoe and Transformers, so for me an indie filmmaker Jem & The Holograms is waaaay beyong what I am able to produce- the screenplay though, I would love to be involved if that ever does get off the ground…

Hello Hasbro!? Hello Marvel!? Jem & The Holograms gets my vote but it really has to be good.

The story of Jem being a holographic pop star alter ego was a huge inspiration for me, I just thought it was the coolest idea ever as a kid and I even lived out my own real life Jem fantasy as an adult pefroance-artist for many years!

That was a very fun, very inspired however very unconscious chapter in my life…

I guess in hindsight the whole “Alter Ego” project was very ego driven and I have since learnt that projects rooted in the heart for my own good and for the good of others will go far. Projects rooted in the ego, that are fearful or competitive will not go so far. What began as me living out a “Jem” fantasty did snowball into something much bigger, involving many other performers, musicians and producers even being invited to create a performance piece for The Venice Biennale D’Arte. Somehow being both artist and manager of an expanding circus was too much for me and my mind couldn’t handle it all…I lost confidence and couldn’t defend it to the critics who at the time were like “WTF is this!?!”. Anyway…that feels like it was another lifetime ago and it was a fun adventure! I feel so differently about life and creativity now that I can hardly believe I used to be a pink-haired Jem girl!

Here are some pictures of those days

113_26188220696_7507_n 132_27456460696_6621_n 132_27431830696_2785_n 113_26301530696_1769_n


As a good example of in my opinion successful girlie cartoon to live action adaptation,  I really liked the film adaptation of “Josie and The Pussycats” that was really intelligently done and featured Parker Posey who I adore. I even met the script-writers for it just after it came out, tat is why I went to watch it and the writing/subtext/subplot are what make the film so great.

Here’s a clip from Josie and the Pussycats reviewed on “We Eat Films

And here’s a clip of Parker Posey in one of my favourite films Party Girl

Here’s a series that I am loving and revisiting on this Sunday morning. It’s made by a collective from B.C Canada called The Fungineers who all live, work and tour together, creating these cool, fun and wacky songs/videos/webisodes.

And finally for this morning’s video, cartoon and inspiration I’ll let you in on a new discovery  that a genius hot nerd recently shared with me. It’s called The Venture Brothers and it’s a super addictive, wacky cartoon series. I love it and would actually like to watch the whole series but for now am just enjoying some clips this morning on youtube.

So there you go, some random videos that are inspiring me and may inspire you too.

Enjoy watching.

I just had a little coffee break from the blogging and tripping down cartoon and video love lane, to sip on some strong Arabica iced F.R.E.A.K Coffee together with my neighbour filmmaker Sue of Spotted Frog Productions. Nothing like a bit of a motivational morning coffee to stir up some inspiration, in a short space of time we discussed some amazing possible documentary ideas and film festivals and ways to get projects funded. I really like having a filmmaker neighbour to have inspiring chats with out here. The stars of her new documentary are coming to stay for a few days so I’ll definitely write a “Lovebeam” blog about all of them soon.

I’m off to have my “second cup” which will be a creative brainstorm meeting with yogi, writer and poettess Alexandra Moga over an an iced latte with almond milk at the Yoga Barn before I dive into the Sunday morning ecstatic dance.

Loving life and feeling good.

On a  final and more conscious note- then just sharing cartoons that I love…

I’d like to recognise that today is world aids day, and that means education day or re-education day as science and cures are always evolving. It all means gratitude day, for good health and for being alive!

Here’s a link to this video presented by Gok Wan reminding us to wear red ribbons in memory of those who died from this disease. I doubt I can find those out here in Bali so I’ll just try to wear red instead:

My inner child is happy from watching so many cartoons and vids that I love and I’m ready to go and dance dance.

l’ll leave you with a video of my beautiful and talented friend Fletcher singing a beautiful song “Feeling Good”.


Lovebeam : Amelia Powers

Today’s lovebeam is shooting across the world and all the way to London, U.K.and it is zoning in to highlight the amazingly inspiring healing story of flamboyant beauty and handbag designer Amelia Powers

Here are some fantastic photos of her, shot by Philip Volkers

988711_582745295123468_1563805780_n 1384262_583293288402002_2138203845_n 1232412_10151603351772201_2066328289_n

The Numinous recently posted a story about Amelia’s incredible healing journey which you can read here Amelia Powers: My life in my hands

And through following the links Amelia posted to The Numinous website, I have found another favourite online sort of magazine that is “right up my strasse” fusing style and well-being, a perfect resource for conscious hipsters! Check it out here The Numinous

Now, just a few months after that story was published, Amelia has gone and done it and a bonafide miracle has occured. She has completely dissolved her brain tumor using several alternative healing methods- mostly down to the “Powers” of the mind and most controversially (to traditional western medicine) she credits Cannabis and Cannabinoids for playing a massive role in her healing process.

There are a multitude of alternative approaches to healing out there, most people I have spoken to who have avoided hugely invasive surgeries in favour of alternative healing methods, credit a change in diet- raw, pure, no sugar, no wheat, no dairy, no meat as well as a change in mindset- from doom & gloom to positive thinking, gratitude and joyfulness. These also seemed to work in complimentary ways for Ms. Powers’ healing journey too.

Here is her video diary “The Powers of The Mind” 

It’s a beautiful day.

Today I thank my body for being vibrant and healthy.

I thank Spirit, God, The Universe and everything in it for guiding me on a path of awareness, love and light. I thank the many angels who have come and gone and continue to inspire, to appear and disappear in and out of my life, energy field and consciousness.

I thank Amelia Powers for her courage in sharing her inspiring story of healing and for her boldness in experimenting with alternative methods of fighting a brutal disease that has claimed the lives of many. I thank her for doing it all publicly, with style and panache and for sharing the great news today that she has been given the all clear-she did it her way!

Checkout her handbags too. You may want to buy one for yourself or as a gift for someone near and dear.

Website: Amelia Powers


Playlist : Current Top 10 Artists & Tunes

Over the last year I’ve been hosting and producing a radio show in London on K2K Radio called Motivational Mondays and right now I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for a moment and missing that weekly process of sourcing guests, tunes and creating playlists and powerful questions for each show.


Wondering if I could setup an online community radio station out here in Bali?

These are the tunes I am listening to and artists I am loving a lot right now.

Have you got any new songs or artists to reccommend to me?

Connan Mockasin


Charles de Pury

Tallulah Rendall




Feral Is Kinky

Beats Antique

Djanan Turan

And here’s a bonus track from the signed CD I have just been given 🙂

Danny Paradise

Welcome Om : Laughter& The Power of Intention


Invisible In The City

Invisible In The City

The earring I am now on my way to collect.

The Leela Creations earring I am now on my way to collect. I like that it climbs the ear and is more about magic than cool.




I want this to be funny.

LOL Laugh out loud would rock or quietly chuckling with familiarity or disdain.

Ideally I want this blog to be Woody Allen kind of funny. 

There is so much potential for laughter along a spiritual, conscious, mindful and awakened life path.

Are you on it?

I would like to interview you for this blog if you are!

Are you one of those austere-take-everything-including-yourself-really seriously types? I have met many of those, I have even been one of those at points too, I think.

Can you laugh at yourself?

I laugh at myself daily, often out loud…I find this very therapeutic.

From Bridget Jones clutzy moments to insane ideas or eureka inventions; try as I might to be the epitome of grace- I very often trip up or bail along the way.

There is so much potential for laughter in the world of Fashion, Art, Music, Trends too.

Laughter in The Zeitgeist, in the now and in the wow.

Do you create it?

I would like to interview you for this blog if you do.

I first heard the word “hipster” in NYC in 2009 over a coffee at The Gershwin Hotel sitting with the art collective I co-founded “The NEW Breakfast Club”. One of the co-founders was a punk artist, in the vein of Shepard Fairey . He made some diss comment about Hipsters being “too cool for school” and looking around me I thought aren’t you/we all possibly Hipsters? These kids were kind of the coolest young things I had met in NYC so if anyone or thing was Hip…to me, they were it. Then it was brought to my attention that we were as a collective were not hipsters- we were cooler then that or something- even thought we nearly had our own reality tv show…

Fast forward a couple of years and I was Producing/Hosting my own weekly radio show and had just made a short film about vintage Balloon Tire Bicycles. After posting a photo of me on a vintage bike, someone commented underneath “Hipster”.

Eeek, that word again! I felt my inner teenage Emo resist with thoughts of “No I am not a Hipster! I find my own groove in life, I do not follow trends or fit in to any kind of mould” And then an epiphany struck me- Aha!Trying and wanting to not fit into any mold was in itself trying to be something. My round-abouty ways of thinking led me to a conscious choice of embracing The Hipster tag and helping it to evolve. Like the little bald man in the Princess Bride would say “Inconceiveable!” Thus “The Conscious Hipster” was born.

Why not make mindfuless, compassion, presence and personal development “The New Cool”?

I feel it’s worth a try as I love a challenge, an experiment and a mission.

So for 10-20 minutes everyday, I am going to sit down and write whatever I feel, prompted by the themes of Consciousness and Hipster of Pop Culture and Mindfulness and everything in between…

We’ll see where it goes…hopefully on to inspire. Based on the posts I read from friends on facebook and twitter (otherwise known as “The Zeitgeist”) and based on the random daily learnings I have received through conversation with sages of the urban, cyber, spiritual and everyday varieties.

This will be my discipline.

Along with my yoga and my youtube videos (current theme of particular interest: Sound Healing)

And how am I going to try and contribute to the world by merging all that is cool with all that is conscious?

By really listening to you more and less to what rattles about in my head.

By writing out that which rattles about in my head and also reflecting on what you/others have said.


The readers.

The creators.

The teachers.

You are my Zeitgesit.

I am just a mirror.

Ooooo that’s all getting pretty earnest in it’s weight and sincerity, isn’t it? This makes me laugh at myself a bit more.

So anyway, stream-of-consciousness this first post is- yes.

Perhaps I will write with more structure as this evolves.

That might be better for you to read.

When I made a radio show, I was very organised and would structure each show around themes and playslists with pre-meditated powerful questions for the guests.

So I would like to try that format out here via the blog maybe too.

Interviewing people in the realms of wellbeing and creativity: from Popular Culture to Mindfulness.

I would like to feature your wisdoms and creations on here and in between, I’ll write my stream of consciousness, perfectly imperfect, slightly neurotic, earnestly conscious, now and wow musings.

Since I am currently mobile and based mostly in places where a smorgasboard of spiritual, learning and new age/conscious activities abound; I am likely to have much to write about in those realms as well as possible reflections upon what I have experienced, learnt, processed thus far.

Also I have just left my life in the Eye of The Zeitgeist behind- London that is. And so I am of course missing many of you talented, unique, one-of-a-kind Hipsters in London and NYC. I use that word with fondness and respect and not with disdain and am writing this in a way for all of you too- to remind you to laugh ( at yourselves, at me, whatever…ideally at one thing each day).

In truth, I want to sit down and write my next screenplay.

In truth that requires mad discipline because I also want to do yoga, to meditate, to eat healthily to dance, to sing, to love…to mak a documentary about “sound healers” (pun intended)

So this blog will be the beginning of my creative discipline with a little writing each day in this free-flowing way before i work on anything else.

Ah yes I am so zanily optimistic on this day one of my very first ever blog.

What is conscious about it though…other then my intention?

Here is an inspiring blog post by Deepak Chopra on “The Power of Intention

And here is another article about intention and the law of attraction by a wise man Dr. Wayne Dyer :

Happy to receive your feedback or questions.

One thing I know is that when I try to be funny I usually am not.

When I am earnest and neurotic and slightly over the top, I can be pretty funny.

I will consciously avoid drama- addiction just for the sake of a funny blog…or maybe it will evolve into a comedic work of fiction- it’s an experiment after all.

Some call it Schadenfreude:

And for this week’s trend/style love, I am now on my way to accquire some pretty and unusual earrings by Leela Creations