Monique : Awakened Chique

I just received the most beautiful email after asking Monique if I could do an interview with her about Oneness as a feature for this blog. It made me realise that as I have been meeting so many inspiring and interesting people along the way, I could do with the blog that which I was doing with the radioshow and “Feature” people more (This also will give me content for the days when I just don’t feel like writing or ppublishing my stream-of-consciousness writings).

So Monique Sayers will be my first feature. I admired her style, she was a super cool Oneness facilitator.

(“Facilitator” is definitely a new age trending qord, an important role in assuring all flows smoothly on workshops and also in holdiang the energetic space for safety and for magic to happen.)

Here are some great pics of her daily personal style




And here is her beautiful writing:

About "me"- Written with inverted commas as what is "me" defined as? I am no longer attached to the concept of "me" having spent one 
month deepening in meditation and blessings in the Oneness 
University, Chennai India. The programme is run by two living 
Avatars together known as Sri Ama Bhagavan. The purpose of the 
course to detach from the "me" and to connect collectively with all of humanity throgh the process of "Awakening into Oneness". 
So here I write after posing in my cute meditation outfits from a place of fun... If there truly is no "me" or "self" then there is no attachment to the clothes, the photos, or the smile seen... 
It's a moment, its an energy and an expression of gratitude from my new friend Giada. So she asked me to share some details about my 
experience with Oneness having met in Ubud at the "awakening into 
Oneness workshop". I've been practising Oneness meditation since 
2007 in Sydney and I now live in Bali where I run Oneness weekly meditation and blessings. My vision in Bali is to run Oneness 
meditations by the sea sharing sunset blessings. Even though I'm 
placed in the forest in these photos... My love, my heart and soul are the "mother ocean". For fun I write..."perhaps the next blog images will be of me giving blessings in my wetsuit;)" 
Much love, blessings and growing wisdom.
Monique Sayers, Sydney Australia