Be The Change That You Want To See

Yesterday I learnt so many things…

Oneness is a full on life philosophy course, diving deep down into the roots of the conscious and sub-conscious mind. I did quite a bit of filming throughout too as we moved through meditations, to ecstatic dance to kirtan to satsang and lessons and q and a…really deep stuff I am still processing. Dr. Punnu Wasu is a great and charismatic teacher and storyteller!

I had homework to do last night and video clips to import and camera batteries to charge- back to being a multi-tasking night owl…that’s the way I know it.

Here are some photos from the day:




I love the ecstatic dancing on Sundays in this town- at least a hundred people show up for it every sunday and sweat their prayers on the dancefloor for 2 hours non-stop!. This time some people were going around with glitter and I had glitter sprinkled on my face and in my hair and I loved feeling the glitter love.

Also some surrealness happened on the dancefloor. Like a mirage, someone very dear to me from a far away country appeared through the crowd, which gave everything a totally surreal and dreamlike quality. He told me afterwards that he’s been reading my blog. We ate a healthy raw food lunch together and had some deep and meaningful conversation. Then we said our goodbyes and I was back upstairs to the Oneness.

I am mostly grateful for the surreallness in life- it adds magic doesn’t it?.

I am aware that if I try to share too much of what I am learning and too quickly (via stream of consciousness blogging), that it is likely not to make any sense, however the main message I got out of yesterdays teachings that I would like to share with you are this:

Gandhi Ji’s message “Be the change that you want to see in the world”

Perfectly summarised in the popular culture form of hiphop, by MC Yogi

Also, I took many notes- pages and pages of notes and shot videos-phew, I am sure that I can write something better once I have processed it all.

For now these stood out:

“The root cause of all suffering is seperateness. The solution is oneness”

“Our external world is a reflection of our internal world”

“A complete life is one in which I am growing in all aspects (Intellect, Finances, Health, Relationships, Spirituality.)

“Who or what is a happy person? Someone who is comfortable with who or what they are.”

“Unconscious beliefs create our reality.”

“The unconscious is repetitive and compulsive in either constructive or destructive ways”

“Stress is a result of unresolved emotions”

“Consciousness is unknowable and shall forever remain unknown.”

“Consciousness says: I will manifest your underlying beliefs.”

“Unresolved issues in the relationship with the father result in a lifetime of financial troubles or difficulties. Unresolved issues in the relationship with the mother result in a lifetime of unnecessary obstacles.”

I understood how it is really important to resolve any issues we have with our parents in order to be our most powerful and magnetic and in order to manifest our needs, wishes and desires in life.

I was also reminded about the disempowerment factor of “The Blame Game“.

As long as someone else is “wrong” or “at fault” for my inner or outer state then I am “A Victim” as long as I can take full responsibility for my words and actions then I can become empowered…maybe even enlightened.

“A problem does not cause suffering, the way I react to a problem causes suffering”.

This stuff is basically very similar to what I was taught when studying life coaching, but it feels like it’s coming from a more spiritual mind, body, spirit consciousness place on this course, it was sort of more goal-oriented in life coaching.

Anyway- wow phew…I think that’s enough sharing for now.

More info about the roots of what I am studying can be found here: Oneness

Diving back in…with love and consciousness

“I am my beliefs

I am that

So be it”

(All these posted quotes come from the Oneness founder- Sri Amma Bhagavan as passed on to me by Dr. Punnu Wasu)

And on a final pop-culture note….I must admit that this song came into my head a few times during the lectures…

Josh Wink “A Higher State of Consciousness” a great classic rave anthem and I am actually in this music video for a few seconds! This video was shot at Tribal Gathering in the U.K in the late 90’s!