Intuition 101

Yesterday I began this intuition course with Jana Johnson and Tamara Brown who are both empathic and intuitive healers and all-round very funny and cool women. Studying the subject of Intuition with two experts was a very fascinating process indeed!

After Punnu introduced me to Jana, she and I bonded quickly over  filmy stories when she told me she had co-produced and actedl in a feature film that premiered at The Sundance Film Festival in 1999 called Los Enchiladas.

I was intrigued to lear more about intuition, knowing I and we all have it as a natural instinct but feeling somehow a bit disconnected from it with layers of logic and decision making and practicalities confusing things over the years.

I was really surprised to sit down and learn right away that I was in fact going to be learning about ESP. It must have been my intuition that wanted to learn about intuition and I hadn’t even realised that I was actually going to be learning about clairvoyancy and the many forms of receiving and reading psychic information.

I found this totally exciting that I had subconsciously led myself into this kind of class and situation becuase I have had a lot of what they described to me as “Claircognizant” moments in my life but have never really known what to do with that information or where it ws coming from so I preferred to ignore it and over the years this began to shut down my own intuition. Though I realise I have played upon this psychc intuitive archetype quite a few times over the years- from fortune-telling gypsies to Solitaire in James Bond, so I am superduper grateful for a few days to tune into and learn how to master and what to do with my intuitive abilities.

I really like the very grounded fact that we know in our guts if something is good or bad or right or wrong yet for a zillion different reasons, mostly lower vibration or lower self reasons…we ignore these gut knowings. Yet the wiser higher self listens to the gut instinct and the hearts wisdom.

If you already know this stuff and live this way…well you rock and I hope perhaps you share some of that way of knowing with those around you because if people keep this wisdom to themselves then I imagine more then half the world is going around deciding everything logically and only a small percentage have the confidence to listen to their gut or listen to their heart. Really interested to hear some personal responses to this matter.

It is so awesome to be a student when you are really interested in what you are studying.

We did a guided meditation to meet our spirit guides. I met one who has been with me all along and funnily enough I had written about her in a previous blog post- but at the time I didn’t realise the weight or significance of what I was writing– when I said “I’ve had the angel of integrity with me for a long time asking me to check in with her along the way- am I in my integrity?” So, I literally do have an angel of integrity as a guide. She was beautiful and It seemed she was Haida or certainly some kind of First Nations Archetype- very tall towering over me with a big white feather headdress and she clearly represented light and purity and good and power possibly the ideal best of me. Then there was this other creature, I was uncertain at first it seemed like a mermaid but then she morphed into this dolphin who at first was very playful and telling me to play and have fun but then it got all serious, macabre and quite scary. When I emerged from my guided journey with spirit guides I immediately wrote down the name of this song as this dolphinwoman creature in the video was very much like one of my spirit guides

I understood that Integrity represents the light in me and the best of me and that the Dolphin hybrid creature represents the mischevious shadow in me.

Anyway that was a powerful and surreal journey but I didn’t have much time to make sense of it all a I had to rush off to a commitment of filming a sound healers collective performance. I made it just in time and it was so beautiful, like a ballet of dancers with healing sound props moving about the room whilst the audience lay on the floor with their eyes closed- the healers would move about banging bowls and gongs and strumming harps and mandolins right above each individuals head…magical to film and watch.DSC_0163

I then filmed an interview with Baba Ji for my Sound Healing documentary. Baba Ji doesn’t speak much English so he answered my questions in Punjabi and sometimes Punnu (his son) would translate what he was saying into English.



I got home to start writing this blog and then stopped to have a real life and totally inspiring chat with my next door neighbour Angelika Hansen, author of her travel memoirs Nur Mut: Be Courageous amongst other English titles. She is a woman who has a very strong sense of intuition and it seems that travelling solo also helps one to develop and fine tune that inner listening/knowing. She is an AMAZING storyteller and could totally have her own tv show in Germany.

Then I went home and tried to write about the day but fell asleep mid-writing.

I awoke early and excited the next morning/today… dreaming that I had a little kitten curled up beside me and shortly after waking up a little kitten did wander in and climb up to curl in a ball beside me- so cute!

Then it was day two at Psychic school….

I’ll write about today, day 2 in hindsight tomorrow. After I have slept on it and seen what comes up in my dreams I think, because it was really powerful, strange and insightful day of intuitive work and insights.

But before  I go…

Jana also took some time to explain mala beads and the importance of a daily meditation practise in becoming more and more attuned to our intuition, also in communicating with our spirit guides.

JAna makes these beautiful mala bead chains and explained the entire full moon ritual of dipping the stones in holy waters that have been gathered from Balinese temple springs an then setting intentions into the stones and chanting specific mantras whilst stringing them together so each one is programmed with a specific mantra and intention. They also look beautiful and like very stylish jewellery as well as having deep healing capacities. I put these two aside as Christmas presents for my sister and mum and then went out to see if I had the cash for them. When I returned someone else had snapped them up as gifts for his friends…I guess it wasn’t meant to be those mala beads as gifts for my Mum and sis and he saved me some money too.

But if you are reading this ladies (Mum and Sis) also any other friends out there who might be reading this and might like the look and concept of them and also want one…I could ask Jana to make one especially for you- programmed to help you with a specific area of concern or to empower you with a specific goal- love it and here are some pics.


IMG_0258 IMG_0034 IMG_0032 IMG_0028

You could also commission your own one by contacting Jana directly at

Jana Johnson Healing Works

Maybe I will open a holistic healing jewellery shop or somehow sell it all online through The Conscious Hipster at some point because I am crossing paths with some really interesting and talented healers and creatives who are also makers of exquisite pieces of jewellery out here, all very different and all beautiful as you will see if you browse through my past blogs…and I like making jewellery too.


Goodbye Cigarettes, Hello Beauty

I had such a sweet time contemplating life, doing yoga and surfing at Balian Beach.  Massive thank yous to all the nice people at Pondok Pitaya Surf & Yoga especially for putting me in the Beach House Surfer Suite! Here are some pics of the beautiful place- it seemed a perfect place to me for hosting a yoga and surf camp retreat- only the waters are too choppy and the waves are too big for beginners, it would have to be intermediate to advanced surfers. It was really a meditation to watch the pros take on the big swells. I found it pretty scary when I ventured out there myself and it’s amazing how much bigger and scarier the waves look when you are out in the water. Also unusually there is a big river that feeds into the water causing these perfect regular swells, though the downside is that it causes some strange strong current action in one area only as well as attracting hungry bullsharks to the river mouth when it rains!

IMG_0210 IMG_0188







Where the river meets the sea

I’m so happy to skip the winter in grey and rainy London…but travelling solo definitely has it’s ups and downs. I was a good meditator before and I feel like I am becoming a great meditator now.

Until I started writing this blog, I was always a very private person, some would say enigmatic or a closed booked. I am someone who values confidentiality massively and who is also a professional secret keeper. Life coaching work requires me to hold space for secrets, for dreams and for shadows; then to help dispel what no longer serves someone and to keep the rest  safely wrapped up and enclosed in the session.

I do a lot of referrals as a coach- when I feel that someone would benefit from a particular form of therapy I often recommend it; anything from singing in a choir to dancing 5 rhythms to meditation to psychotherapy to silence or acupuncture. I do a lot of referrals.

Anyway, I said I wasn’t going to blog so much and here I am doing it again. I think it’s because I feel kind of lonely and I am trying to figure out what to do about those feelings when they come along.

I have given up smoking, this was my crutch.

You may be shocked that a conscious healthy type and yoga teacher would smoke. It’s been my dirty little secret for years. I use to joke and say it was the final remnant of my heady party days- but that was kind of true and not really a joke. I used to blame it on my high-stress lifestyle juggling careers as a Film Producer, Record Label Director, Creative Consultant and Life Coach– I blamed it on the fact that I was doing too much and always stressed. My family nickname was even The Smoking Yogi.

Then I left that London, the parties, the juggling of multiple creative ventures, the euro jetset lifestyle behind to chill out, to find and get to know my best self in the Tropics and with that I also left the ciggies behind.

It has been over one month now since I last had a cigarette and I truly hope I’ll never smoke another cigarette again. The thought of tobacco and all the disgusting things it did to my body and my skin is grossing me out- and I have been going through a cold turkey detox process out here. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had waves of cravings and instead of rolling up and lighting up, I just try to sit with the wave, as if a mini earthquake of emotion is passing through me. I listen to those feelings now instead of diving in for a quick fix of numbing the feelings with a smoke. I brace myself and really feel the loneliness, anxiety, anger, fear. Whatever feeling is coming up I try to welcome it and really FEEL it. Then it passes and I mentally pat myself on the back for surviving yet another craving wave. I really hope these waves will completely disappear.

I did it with the help of one hypnotherapy session in London the day before I left and it’s working for me so far. It has just reminded me and given some power to the concept that I have a choice- to smoke or not to smoke. Before there was only ever one option for me when I felt stressed, anxious or afraid or even if I felt anyone was getting too close to me… I would roll up and light up.

Now instead of puffing my pain away, I have to own my emotions, understand what they are trying to tell me, speak up if I need to and set healthy boundaries.

Wow major life shifts g’wan when I eliminated cigarettes!

If you are considering giving up I can highly recommend a quit smoking hypnotherapy session at Triyoga in Primrose Hill, London with Mark Davis : Inspired Hypnosis

Anyway, that’s enough about cigarettes. I am out here stepping into the new, more conscious and frankly better me.

Here’s what I am currently listening to

Tweaker Ray Remixes

JimChicken by Connan Mockasin

Jamie Catto & Alex Forster : Internal

I’m also compiling a very unusual and inspiring playlist for the Yoga Class I’ll be teaching on Friday 13th. On the theme of “Shadows & Light”, it will be a yoga class that allows us to bring awareness to and breathe through the dark/negative and the light/positive energies we hold in our bodies. Releasing the negativity and increasing the positivity. I’m compiling an awesome soundtrack to steer us through that yoga experience too as an experiment.

And here are some articles to share that I have found insightful/helpful/inspiring


Using Our Imperfections For Spiritual Growth

The Battle IS The Map To Peace

Conflict Resolution & The Buddha In You

I am also loving everything written by this man Jeff Foster

And as holidays and festivities are upon us….so many people get severely depressed at this time of year too. It can be down to family dynamics or the winding down of one year and pressure to do great things in the next or a ton of reaons really. So if you or anyone you know is feeling depressed, do not be afraid to speak to someone you trust and ask for help. this video might help too

Stay Conscious Cuz You’re Cool

And when in doubt… Try Satisficing

Lovebeam : Amelia Powers

Today’s lovebeam is shooting across the world and all the way to London, U.K.and it is zoning in to highlight the amazingly inspiring healing story of flamboyant beauty and handbag designer Amelia Powers

Here are some fantastic photos of her, shot by Philip Volkers

988711_582745295123468_1563805780_n 1384262_583293288402002_2138203845_n 1232412_10151603351772201_2066328289_n

The Numinous recently posted a story about Amelia’s incredible healing journey which you can read here Amelia Powers: My life in my hands

And through following the links Amelia posted to The Numinous website, I have found another favourite online sort of magazine that is “right up my strasse” fusing style and well-being, a perfect resource for conscious hipsters! Check it out here The Numinous

Now, just a few months after that story was published, Amelia has gone and done it and a bonafide miracle has occured. She has completely dissolved her brain tumor using several alternative healing methods- mostly down to the “Powers” of the mind and most controversially (to traditional western medicine) she credits Cannabis and Cannabinoids for playing a massive role in her healing process.

There are a multitude of alternative approaches to healing out there, most people I have spoken to who have avoided hugely invasive surgeries in favour of alternative healing methods, credit a change in diet- raw, pure, no sugar, no wheat, no dairy, no meat as well as a change in mindset- from doom & gloom to positive thinking, gratitude and joyfulness. These also seemed to work in complimentary ways for Ms. Powers’ healing journey too.

Here is her video diary “The Powers of The Mind” 

It’s a beautiful day.

Today I thank my body for being vibrant and healthy.

I thank Spirit, God, The Universe and everything in it for guiding me on a path of awareness, love and light. I thank the many angels who have come and gone and continue to inspire, to appear and disappear in and out of my life, energy field and consciousness.

I thank Amelia Powers for her courage in sharing her inspiring story of healing and for her boldness in experimenting with alternative methods of fighting a brutal disease that has claimed the lives of many. I thank her for doing it all publicly, with style and panache and for sharing the great news today that she has been given the all clear-she did it her way!

Checkout her handbags too. You may want to buy one for yourself or as a gift for someone near and dear.

Website: Amelia Powers


Lovebeam: Jelila

Yesterday I filmed a presentation and performance by artist, author, musician and healer Jelila. It took place at a cool little cafe full of beautiful earthy types. The cafe was called Soma  and it specialises in Organic, Raw “High Vibration Food”.

Jelila is giving a talk and doing a musical performance at Soma every Thursday from 3pm. Next week will be a juicy-themed talk about Tantra.

The talk was a presentation based on her concepts and writings in her book The Gift as well as teachings about crystal healing and the properties of crystals based on her new book The Power Of Crystals. The traffic outside and motorbikes whizzing past were really noisy and fresh juices were being blended every few minutes, forcing Jelila to project her voice loudly without a microphone. Other then that it was really interesting stuff that she covered. I’ll put a short video from the presentation up on youtube soon.

Here’s a video where she explains the multi-crystal, chakra healing Yoga Chord

Here are some photos from yesterday’s talk and musical performance.

IMG_2085 IMG_2067

And here are some photos of her beautiful healing crystal jewellery.

As you can probably tell, I’m a fan of the jewellery which is both pretty and powerful.

I also really love Jelila’s lullabye-like songs which are infused with a “healing vibration”. I plan to include clips of her in the documentary about Sound Healing that I’m beginning to shoot out here.

You can listen to all Jelila’s music online and buy/download it here Jelila Music

The Law of Attraction is my favourite one, sometimes I just switch off my phone and lie down for 20 minutes, floating off into positive thoughts as I listen to it.

Song: The Law of Attraction

I’m now about to rush off and have a one to one lesson in crystal healing with her which is exciting. We will also be discussing her book and the work involved in a personal development and healing program she ha created called The Gift.

The Gift of Harmony

Checkout Jelila’s jewllery on

I think these are perfect presents. You can even perscribe a necklace to empower a particular area in someone’s life such as : Self Esteem, Abundance, Harmony, Detox, Love etc…

I love this pretty and powerful jewellery so much, I would like to have one of each necklace and may even become a wholesaler or probably just be a jewellery Ambassador (easier and less of a financial burden whilst I am a free bird, travelling light!)

IMG_2088 IMG_2086

My brain feels really full at the moment from all the learning I have been doing on the Oneness course this week and my computer is getting pretty full of video clips from all the filming i hve been doing. So I am probably going to take off out of the jungle of Ubud for a bit to somewhere by the sea where I can surf and edit. That way,  I don’t get a massive backlog of un-edited videos plugging up my hardrive.

A little bit more learning with Jelila, a bit of crystal healing and a lot of inspiration in this magical little town on a far away tropical island!

Surfing & editing sounds really good and exactly what I want to do next. First I have to do some research into the best places with good vibes and a nice surf community in Bali. I don’t want to and can’t surf massive wave walls or tubes, which Bali is well-known for. I’m also investigating places to scuba dive and to learn how to go deeper with free-diving in a mermaid-like double fin flipper.

Shooting Star Loyse de Pury & Oneness with Dr. Punnu Wasu

Quick blog post this morning as I am about to run off and begin a 3 day intensive course in “Oneness”. I am living in a house out here and cat-sitting for a woman who used to be a celebrity hair stylist and is now an amazing kirtan singer, musician, sound healer and “Oneness Blessing Giver”. She is currently spending time at her ashram in India and I will try to interview her about her past, present and future for another blog post.

Today I would like to highlight my teacher on the Oneness course Dr. Punnu Wasu


Punnu is a performer, kirtan musician and singer, sound healer, a psychic healer– so many things. Most of all Dr. Wasu is really good vibes and very buddha like.

He has recorded a few albums which are out now on cdbaby:

Album: Bhakti Child

Album : Karuna

I have already learnt further about chakras with him and I am both curious and a bit apprehensive to embark on this course, because I don’t know exactly what I am in for, other then knowing I will be doing a lot of healing work on my past and learning a new way to give energy work blessings to people in the future.

One things is for sure, I will most definitely be blogging about the experience and about my learnings on the course.

The other person I woke up this morning missing and feeling to highlight in the blog is a shooting star and all around awesome Goddess: Loyse de Pury

I first got to know her work through a cute and magical series of youtube videos she made called “A Fairy Lost in Reality”.

Here is one of those videos:

She has her first feature film coming out in 2014 entitled Walk With Me?

She has also starred in a short film called Castle of Perserverance

She has acted in a lot of plays and films in France and is also an amazing vegetarian chef.

And would you believe it- she teaches french lessons via skype in between rehearsals for plays and shooting films…so if you want to learn to speak french with a great teacher, follow this link to Je Voudrais Un Croissant

And here are a few great pics from a shoot she did with photographer Ivan Frenkel



Check these beautiful people and their creative offerings out!

Goodbye for now.

I am all dressed in white and off to study Oneness

Trooper & Conflict Resolution

Yes, I am a hippie at heart which is possibly why I am on a conscious path more then a hipster path. I came up with the name for this blog when someone called me a Hipster and I felt offended because to me the notion of being a hipster is kind of like being a sheep and wanting to fit in (even if it is by standing out). I like to think for myself and am very open minded, tolerant and even celebratory of differences. Hipster didn’t feel like a good fit for me, I have never liked to be put into any box…always redefining myself or rather evolving. I like the idea of cool or hip people being or becoming conscious, mindful, compassionate. To me that is the true definition of cool or hip, essentially “good vibes”. Thus The Conscious Hipster was born.

Today’s conscious theme is conflict and how to resolve it.

I once asked a professional expert on this subject if he could narrow it down to one solution, what would that be? He said he could narrow it down to two words “Moral Imagination.” I believe that conflict resolution is completely possible when opposing sides take time to really imagine what it feels like for the other side and also to consider the underlying oneness in all humankind.

If leaders around the world invested more in conflict resolution rather than sending soldiers out to war, the death rate would go down and more hearts would open ie tolerance would become a fact of life.

Anyway, I am not an expert on global warfare (though I have studied conflict resolution as part of my Life Coaching studies and if you were to ask anyone I have worked with in this capacity, they’d tell you how effective it is to have a neutral mediator present at times of conflict).

Here are some helpful website for further information on conflict resolution:

Conflict Resolution Help Guide

Conflict Resolution Network

Also on the themes of war and conflict…

I just got some good news that a feature film I Co-Produced a few years ago called “Trooper” has landed a distribution deal and a pretty major one too. This is a huge step for an indie film and it’s been a long time coming. The Oscar-winning movie “Hurt Locker” came out in the same year that we made Trooper and Hurtlocker slightly overshadowed our indie film endeavour also as it was the first time a woman (Catherine Bigelow) won the Oscar for Best Director.

A few years on and after several attempts at shopping it about to distributors and also after both many festival awards and rejections (likely for being a bit sensitive and controversial).

Trooper now has a distributor!

This is a film about PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and this is an issue that needs to be raised to the surface. Nobody really discusses how traumatic it is for a soldier to return from war and try to re-integrate into society once again.

This film is the Writing/Directing debut for Brooklyn-based filmmaker Christopher Martini and it paints a realistic picture of what it feels like to deal with the issues that arise when returning from war. It also features several real life soldiers, some in their acting debut and others who are veterans of war films such as Jerry Della Salla And on the soundtrack we have been given the blessings of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen to feature their songs after seeing the film with their songs in it and agreeing that it was an important film.

I hope that you will get to see it.

Here is the trailer

And finally on this theme of Conflict Resolution Consciousness.

Someone recently wrote to me inquiring if I would be interested to host and facilitate workshops in conflict resolution and non-violent communication. Of course I said yes as I am totally down with that kind of purposeful work, also to empower others. I will likely be offering some workshops in non-violent communication and conflict resolution as well as some divine well-being and creativity retreats starting next year.

Peace Out

Make Love Not War

Forced to Pause

Yesterday, I was on the back of a motorbike and the roads were muddy, slippery and wet from a heavy rainfall. As we snaked our way through a side path in the Monkey Forrest, the wheels just spun out and suddenly in what felt like complete slow motion, we tumbled down and sideways to the ground and were just kind of very still for a moment. The driver hopped up and said “I’m bleeding, we need to go to a clinic right now.” I was in shock and not sure if I could move or what had just happened. I slowly got up shaking a bit too and examined the minor cuts and sore spots and got back on the bikewhich required a few attempts to kick start, as we both slightly green in the face wobbled our way on to the closest clinic.

The closest clinic happened to be a very interesting place called Bumi Sehat

Bumi Sehat is a natural birthing clinic and the founder of the clinic has been the recipient of the CNN Heroes Award.

What the bike driver told me is that in Indonesia, many poor women go to a hospital to give birth and if they cannot afford the hospital bill then the hospital will hold on to/keep the baby until the bill is paid- in many cases this can take years. Speedy C-sections are also popular in Indonesian hospitals ad Bumi Sehat offers women the option to have a natural birth in a tranquil setting with love, care and attention. Westerners or tourists using the clinic have to pay and make a donation but Indonesians are invited to Bumi Sehat for free.

There were no agonising noises of women giving birth when we hobbled in cut and bleeding. There was a room with a door open and all I could see were bodies that looked like they had smoking incense sticks all over them…it looked kind of freaky like a cremation but I was assured it was a holistic therapy. Bumi Sehat embraces alternative medicine, homeopathy and ayurveda as well as all the best of what traditional western medicine has to offer.

I told my cutup bike companion about an old friend of mine Melissa Rodrigues who is a doula very much championing the concept of natural births and co-founder of a doula collective called Wood and Water Doulas

We were led into a room to see the nurse who promptly disenfected and then injected the bike drivers knee with some kind of strong pain killer before getting out a thin needle and thread and stiching up the flap of skin that had been sliced off in the fall. I am a qualified first aid nurse but stitches and surgeries always make me squirm. So, I took on the role of chief distractor and led biker woman through some breathing exercise whilst she was injected and stitched up. She screamed a bit as though she were giving birth and then joked how it would be funny if i made a baby screamng crying sound as it would be totally fine and appropriate given that we were in a birthing clinic. It was all expertly done and I mentioned how arnica would be a really good thing for us both to have since we were going to be covered in bruises from the fall. I was really impressed when the nurse produced arnica homeopathic pills and cream. Other then some minor cuts and bruises I looked fine but my knee was starting to swell up since I fell right onto my knee cap- I was told to R.I.C.E it and no that doesnt mean a bag of rice it means: Rest Ice Compress Elevate.

So I came back to my beautiful little home away from home with the slightly shaken post-surgery bike driver and we ate take away vegetarian burritos from Taco Casa. Then I elevated my leg on some pillows and drifted off for a few hours with two or maybe three little kittens curled up on me. They are adorable these little kittens. When I first arrived, one of them was the little runt, smaller then the rest and a bit sickly. She curled up in a ball on my heart, I think she need to hear a heartbeat or something. She is so much better now so it felt like yesterday she was helping me to feel better.

Anyway other then slipping on a bike and resting with my leg in the air feeling a bit down about being “forced to pause” especially as I was just getting pumped up to go surfing and start doing power yoga… In the end, I didn’t do much yesterday.

I have been invited to teach some free community yoga classes on Fridays at The Yoga Barn, which is really exciting as it is probably the most beautiful yoga studio I have ever been too. I have been warned to expect a minimum if 50 people in my class likely many more- there is space for several hundred people… I am really excited to do my thing as a yogi in paradise, to uplift, to inspire, to heal and to empower in the massive world famous Yoga Barn! I just have to heal this knee up fast so I can walk properly again…

Here’s a photo of my Avatar/inner jungle warrior Goddess shot in the Monkey Forrest by Ida Kristine Hogbakk. Someone commented on my hairstyle being a combover– ha I really had to laugh out loud at that comment because 1: it was very funny and 2 it was true (although that comment would be what I know from Neil Strauss as a “Neg”- when a guy puts a girl down to make them feel stupid or insecure”). I am not going to let piss-taking facebook comments rain on my parade. I am intent on laughing more, especially at myself and I am here stepping into my Goddess power (even with a jungle combover) and rocking an earring by Leela Creations with an impromptu jungle warrior combover look…


Perhaps for 2014 and beyond myself, we will see a revival of the all hair on one side 1980’s look or even the sticky hot sweaty jungle combover.

Now I am on my way to a meeting with Author and healer Jelila, who I met a few years ago. I am going to study and learn more about crystal healing with her out here. I really love listening to her song “the Law of Attraction” as a meditation it’s 20 minutes long so I sometimes just lie down on the floor and close my eyes and listen to this song and remember a feeling of confidence and trust in life, knowing that I have the power to manifest my authentic dreams. Jelila- The Law of Attraction

Here’s a video I made with her a few years ago:

Then after my meeting with Jelila, I am going to have lunch with Yoga master and Shaman Danny Paradise and his girlfriend Bibi. I know that is going to be the most interesting and inspiring lunch I have had in a long time…

I just have to psych myself up to get back on a bike now, because i definitely cannot walk there today…and I really hate being “forced to pause” but maybe that’s exactly what I need to do right now- feel gratitude, as it could have really turned out to be a lot worse, a motorbike crash… and probably what I need to do right now is pause and return to the breath…