Full Moon, Flying & Captain Love

Let’s start with the full moon in Cancer on January 16th…

I love the energy of the full moon. For a pale person like me it is the ultimate recharge to bask or dance or howl  under the light of the moon. I usually put my crystals or jewellery out under the moon to cleanse and charge them up too.

Being a Cancerian it was a significant full moon for me to embrace by meditating in gratitude, setting some intentions and making some manifestation wishes aka praying…

I like to read this blog for insight into full moon significance and astrology Mystic Mamma

I was delivered a powerful mala bead necklace by Jana Johnson Healing just before the full moon, which I wore around my neck that night to cleanse and bless and empower my full moon wishes and intentions.DSC_0235I was invited by Jana to a full moon gathering hosted by sound healer and spirit guide White Star.


It was a powerful ceremony of song and chanting and toning, dancing and shaking all sorts of percussion instruments and picking cards to call in our own individual spirit guides before we set off on a guided meditation to receive some important intuitive messages and directions whilst White Star sang and Crystal worked with Tibetan Bowls.

The card I picked as my master spirit guide was Lady Nada. I think she looks very beautiful in a kind of Mills & Boone fantasy way. I found some information about her online here Lady Nada and without knowing all this stuff about her archetype when I drew the card under the full moon, I would say that Love & Christ Consciousness have been the underlying vibrations of my week so it all fits together quite well- spoooky magical, love it!


Then for two days I took part in “Rising Hearts” a workshop study of Acro Yoga and Thai Massage led by Carlos Romero and Bex Tyrer at Villa Naya in Ubud.

Acro Yoga is really very advanced yoga and involves both “Basing” and “Flying” ie being on the ground and lifting humans not weights and also being lifted up and flipped upside dwon. Both basing and flying require complete trust and concentration because one minute out of focus could lead to a great crash and injury, though there is always a “spotter” to ensure that doesn’t happen. On several occasions I was asked to lift men and women who looked heavier then me and to my surprise I was able to lift them suggesting that I am stronger then I thought- it apparently has something to do with locking the bones rather then muscle capacity. We also did a lot of assisted handstands as they are a big metaphor for turning ones point of view upside down, and for the first time in my life I was able to do an unsupported handstand once Carlos let go of my legs it was a pleasant surprise to be able to stay put on my hands unsupported.

DSC_0032 DSC_0023 IMG_0038 IMG_0036 DSC_0031

DSC_0041 DSC_0075 DSC_0011 DSC_0081

After all the basing and flying my body was aching though, in a good and very exercised/workedout kind of way.

I had already done a short one hour thai massage course with Carlos at The Yoga Barn, so it was great to dive deeper into the thai massage techniques. It’s a fun thing to study as it involves both giving and receiving massages. On the second day I filmed it so there will at some point be a Carlos Romero Thai Massage educational video out in the webosphere for those of us that may need a refresher on the “choreography” of thai massage.


Thai massage really feels like a flowing dance wherin the receiver is completely passive and surrendered to the process and the giver has to effortlessly and smoothly pummle, stretch, lift, swing and sway the receiver’s body so as not to disturb the tranquility at the same time to give deep almost yoga stretches whilst massaging…I look forward to giving some thai massage bodywork in the future…who will be my lucky recipients?

It was also accompanied by a group of sound healers who performed global world healing music whilst everyone massaged eachother in a circle and then lay still in sivasana to receive the sound healing- it was quite a sight and the musicians Rob and Patricio were powerful. I filmed it moving in and round and swooping overhead with a D.I.Y steadycam, so there will probably be a world music video for the sound healers filmed that day too.



It was a beautiful community experience and a gathering of many familiar faces that I have seen around or crossed paths with in one way or another over my time here in Ubud.


It was a stretch out of my comfort zone to be able to lift people I saw as being “too heavy” and to trust in my “spotters” whilst doing handstands and turn everything literally upside down! It was a lot of fun to fly.

I have also become really full of wonder in my day to day life out here which is a most joyous way to exsist. It’s almost as though life is a full on game and everytime I make a conscious decision to change something I don’t like about myself or way of living, the universe presents me with a hallenge right away as if to say “so you think you can change?”. In those moments of challenge, my higher self really gets it, the humour of the universe challenging me. My lower self maybe just gets triggered or annoyed by the challenge and tempted to fall back into old familiar patterns of reacting and acting ad my higher self fights to try something new and ask myself “what would love do?” rather then identifying with what my inner child wants or my eo is afraid of…

Anyway perhaps this all sounds a bit cryptic as I usually am more direct in writing about a particular learning experience rather then just a vague and generalised big learning- but there you have it some food for thought that I am loving dealing with as and when this stuff comes up which is pretty much anytime I interact with people!

I also recently experienced the gift of meeting once again with my own coach on skype. This truly is a gift as I have been a great giver, space holder and emotional support to many over the last 5 years since training as a life coach and to have a solid hour of focus purely on bettering myself originally felt slightly uncomfortable for me but I have come to anticipate these sessions with such appreciation and focus also as she is a trained psychotherapist so I feel supported and challenged in many ways through our time together as well as being expanded in my own potential to empower and catalyse greatness in others.

In  this session I was led on a guided meditation to meet the “Captain of my ship” the inner essence who is guiding the decision I make in life. This was a very fascinating process as it also required a great deal of surrender for me as I have a very vivid imagination and I had to really let go of constructing my ideal super hero kick ass Captain and really see who would just show up if I let that happen…

Without giving too much away (some things do need to stay sacred for me to integrate them!) I met Captain Love who drives my “ship” my “physical being” through this lifetime. Who re-assured me that I never have been and never will be alone, that I have some great strengths I need to believe in more yet at the same time he sowed me to be very humble and heart centred not arrogant and ego centered. Yes, my ship’s Captain was a he but a very ethereal, radiant and otherworldly almost angelic he. And in this meditation I felt as though I were the consort, the soul mate of this “Captain Love” that I had known him through many lifetimes and that in this “other dimension” or “hyper reality” we had and were always connected”… He looked liked Jesus, my type of guy…I have always had a soft spot for handsome conscious bearded guys.

I also found it very comforting to understand that I could connect to his unconditional love and wisdom anytime I wanted or needed to, through prayer and meditation.

It seems like that guided meditation may also have been a wonderful medicine for some feelings of loneliness that I have been battling with and trying to cover up or push away or deny for a while…

Between this new found inner masculine Ship’s Captain aka “Captain Love”, my inner Goddess “The Angel of Integrity” and my spirit guide that I met on the “Intuition 101” course  “Ariel Delphina” the Dolphin/Mermaid hybrid… as well as my inner child, inner parents, inner artist, filmmaker, yogi, coach, ceo and probably many others including the shadows…there is a lot going on and the crew is pretty big…

Without having a clear awareness of all these aspects of the “I”  there was much inner clutter or “noise”. As I get to know these conscious and subconscious parts of myself, I am better equipped to silence the opinions or judgements of each as well as to understand which part of me is expressesing itself and then choose which to listen to.

It all sounds a bit long-winded when I take a quick look back at what I’ve just written…

I feel to share it in case you are fully on this kind of self-awareness or personal development journey or are just experiencing some confusion or conflict in life or relationships. Perhaps just starting to notice the many parts of the self that make us each the unique snowflake that we are is a step towards consciousness.

My friends who have attended the Oneness University are all very conscious, sensitive and inspiring and they explain to me that they have learnt to go beyond understanding all the parts of the self and actually detaching completely from the concept of “I”.

For me right now, the thought of annihilating the”I” would mean completely letting go of everything I am just discovering that I am and that I am capable of – which would probably be a blessing in disguise and a totally freedom of the suffering of the mind as this sort of “consciousness” is described, but then if I were to completely annihilate all sense of identifying with “I” why would this mind or body that is me here on earth aka “I” bother to make any plans or do anything with myself and my life other then A: just be fully present, compassionate and happy 24/7 or B: be of service 24/7 to the sick and the poor like Mother Teresa?

Actually I like the concept of living life based on plan A: being fully present, compassionate and happy.

With a good chunk of time dedicated to plan B: being of service to the sick and the poor

And I haven’t quite figuredout yet if it is possible to live that way by continuing to identify with Me/I/The self or if true consciousness is only achieved by annihilating the self and the ego…

(how many times have I used the word Annihilate in this blog! Makes me think of the Daleks in Dr. Who go around repeating “Exterminate Exterminate- Annihilate Annihilate”)

Anyway perhaps enough deep thoughts, questions,reflections and revelations for one blog?

Yesterday, I started the day doing some work on the music video for Jelila‘s song “The Law of Attraction” and it really puts me in a good mood to work on that because I really love that song and I really love her!

Also I have “attracted’ some amazing, talented new friends out here which is interesting… to see who is showing up in my life at the moment…inspiring, authentic, talented and confident people who seee greatness in me- thank you to you angels, I feel so blessed for your appearance in my life and supporting me along this journey to living as my wisest, most conscious, heart-centered self.

On a final note, today I went to my favourite weekly activity of Ecstatic Dance. After the dance, all sweaty and ecstatic- I went to the buffet to get some deliciious vegetarian food and then looked around for somewhere to sit. The entire restaurant was full, every seat taken except one chair, so I made my way over to that chair and asked if it was taken. The guy at the table was engrossed in a conversation with a woman at the next door table and I half wondered why they were not sitting together but was grateful for a seat. Throughout y meal I listened to their very interesting debate discussion about what drives people, it was a passionate debate and I felt invisible as I devoured my big bowl of veggies. Eventually they finished their conversation and the woman left, just as I was finishing my lunch, I noticed a sketchbook on the table with some really amazing drawings in it so I asked the guy if he was an artist…

3 hours and possibly one of the most interesting reciprocal discussion of my life later and it turned out the guy was not only an artist but an entrepreneur and a life coach too.

He also kind of looked like Jesus so momentarily my inner sense of humour wondered if I was in fact deep within some guided meditation and having lunch with “Captain Love”…

Ha anyway if you are looking for a masculine energy Life Coach who is an expert at highlighting the obstacles which are holding people back- I would recommend a session with Adrian Bolli. We sort of coached eachother for few hours but it felt more like conscious sharing then any kind of structured coaching. It was a sacred conversation for sure, one of those fleeting moments as he leaves tomorrow.

Adrian Bolli of Next Level Coaching

Adrian Bolli of Next Level Coaching

Staying put in this kind of magical town is interesting that way too- seeing people come and go and becoming acutely aware of how precious and sacred each moment, each conversation, each energy exchange is…

And I haven’t even started to write about my most amazing day with a colourful creative fashion designer who lives in my fantasy dream house…and who named a bag she has designed after me!

That was truly one of my best and most creatively magical days in Bali so I’ll save that story for a lovebeam about and dedicated to her! It’s been an action packed week- just the way I love it.

Currently feeling vibrant and very alive with a heart that’s recently risen under a full moon and in many ways thanks to some sound healing as well as deep, insightful and at times triggery conversations or encounters has also been cracked open, challenged and decluttered…


Crystal Healing and Shamanic Wisdom

Well it’s now a bit late in the day for me to be writing a blog, I just didn’t get around to it this morning as I had an early breakfast rendezvous with Danny Paradise and Bibi, so instead I am here and now rattling this out quickly and waiting for a delicious delivery from Kafe to eat dinner with my neighbours from Norway and filmmaker Sue.

Cool- I am making friends out here and yesterday I met some really wonderful people too.

The day began with a coffee, meeting renowned healer, author, musician and artist Jelila. I came in late because a woman who offered to drive me on the back of her bike was held up at a Sun Moon ceremony. She arrived to pick me up dressed so elegantly from the ceremony in her temple outfit, with no helmet though. When I asked her why she didn’t wear a helmet, she explained she would be protected because she had just come from a ceremony in temple dress so she wouldn’t need a helmet today. Eka invited me to a ceremony with her and as soon as my knee is better I will go. With a dodgy knee I can’t kneel down to pray- she said it would be ok for me to just “look see” but I like to participate in spiritual rituals and not just “look see”.


That’s a pic of Eka, looking chique after a temple Full Moon ceremony.

Here’s a photo of Jelila with her new book:


I met Jelila a few years ago out here in Ubud and remember saying at that time how I would like to study crystal healing with her; so it’s funny that I am back here now and that she presented me with a new book she has written called “The Power of Crystals (For Healing and Well-being)” Perfect timing, to reunite and be handed her new book on crystal healing. She also informed me that she will be giving a free workshop once a week on Thursdays at 3pm at Soma Cafe Ubud. In these workshops she will be giving teachings from her new book on crystal healing as well as on her last book “The Gift”, which I have read and can recommend. It’s about the law of attraction and it breaks people down into simple personality types. It’s easy to read and enlightening.

Jelila also had a very pretty necklace for me- a beautiful crystal “Abundance necklace”. I absolutely love her jewellery as it is both healing and pretty. Checkout her website to order your own original healing jewellery and checkout her song “The LAw of Attraction” just allow yourself 20 uninterrupted minutes to lie down and listen to it, it’s kind of like a lullabye a song with a vibrational healing: Jelila: The Law of Attraction

I am really looking forward to studying crystals and healing with Jelila out here and hope to be able to pass on the knowledge and make healing jewellery from locally sourced crystals and stones wherever I may end up after Bali.

I told her about the documentary I am making out here about Sound Healers and asked her to be in it too. It’s proving quite interesting so far as I figure out which are the ideal characters  and personalities to film from Dr. Punnu Wasu to Shervin Boloorian to Jelila, they all have extra talents in healing that extend beyond music and sound- so this project will also be an education for me in many alternative forms of healing. I’m feeling like this may be something for the BBC, CBC or Channel 4 too…

After a catchup and much inspiration in conversation with Jelila I headed to Clear Cafe– one of my favourite restaurants in the world. It’s like a temple, wherin you have to remove your shoes before entering and the interior design, the people and the food are all beautiful and yummy. I was a bit perplexed to be the first to arrive and to be seated at a table that was made from a large slab of natural teak wood that had a large crack in it, meaning someone was not going to be able to put their plate down on the table- anyway after some shuffling about, Bibi  decided she wanted to go shopping and left Danny and I alone for lunch to discuss everything from Shamanism to music to filmmaking.


Danny is amazing and I am so honoured for the quality time he has given me out here. I asked him how one becomes a Shaman and he told me it begins with learning about and understanding medicinal plants and grows on to incorporate a deep understanding of and connection with the spirit world, acting as  a mediator between earth people and spirits through ritual and ceremony.

I also learnt that Danny was the first real “Travelling Yogi“. As in, he was the first westerner to go around the world teaching people yoga and then being invited to beautiful places to teach workshops, host retreats and tour with rockstars as a shaman and yogi and general wellbeing guru. One thing I love about Danny is how he is anti-guru, seing as he could easily be a guru himself I think it’s pretty interesting that he mostly preaches to find your own inner guru and not follow or hand your power over to any one person or organisation. We discussed how this Guru path could lean towards narcissistic egoism at one inner guru end or dependency and powerlessness at the other end of outer guru worship. He pointed out that all teachers in life exist to teach you how to be your own master. We discussed the importance of virtues such as personal responsibility, accountability and authority all of which he sees as solutions to feeling lost or seeking answers. I told him about my Life coaching thesis entitled “If I took full responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions I would be…” and how challenging it was for me to start writing that thesis as I knew it was the beginning of the end of a lifetimes way of being for me and a dawning of an evolution or a new way of being- out with the old and in with the new.

We talked about music-making and Danny said he has always made socially aware music with a message. He has two albums on itunes, featuring many amazing, well-known and talented guest musicians

Album: Travelers, Magicians and Shamans

Album: River of the Soul

He’s basically just one very cool innovative dude and I told him I’d like to make a fictional movie based on his life story, starring Johnny Depp (if Paradise can get Depp into yogi great shape, or perhaps Paradise can be Depp’s yoga body double?).

He invited me to join a jungle retreat in Thailand in 2014 at a lodge which he was a consultant on the creation and design of. Apparently the whole lodge is floating on a lake- the houses, the yoga deck. It looks and sounds amazing and there are a few spots left too, if you are looking for an amazing yoga retreat experience at the end of January 2014 checkout http://www.dannyparadise.com

I could have stayed on in conversation for years with Danny Paradise but we had at this point munched our way through the veggie love burgers and yam fries (delicious) and Bibi had come back to join us for dessert. She told me about her tie dyed yoga and beachwear Bishaka Tiedyes and showed me some gorgeous pics shot by Danny of her in the clothes.


After lunch, they invited me to join them for the Birthday party of Manju Pattahbi Jois at a house in Pejang north of Ubud. It turned out to be Ashtanga Yoga Bali the incredible home and yoga studio of Radha and Prem, the Ashtanga teaching couple I had met at the conference and rather stupidly questioned about how strict and austere I found Ashtanga to be. Once again we discussed the possibility of me coming to train in Ashtanga yoga with them for a few weeks, and agreed that as soon as my knee felt better- more flexible and strong, I would start training with them in Ashtanga/Power yoga.

At this point my kneecap was very swollen, like a fluid-filled duck egg. I found a healer to do a massage with some sacred oils on my leg and lo and behold, she got the fluid to move as I spent the evening with my leg up and wrapped in ice and by this morning it was looking more normal again, albeit a purply normal.

Today I hopped on the back of another bike to head up for breakfast with Danny and Bibi. Danny gave me some cds of tunes he has recorded with all sorts of great artists over the years and we shot a video in the gardens of him reciting some of his songs as spoken word poetry, I thought this would be a chance to really hear the lyrics of the songs as spoken word. Bibi stepped in with art direction and chose a pagoda floating on a fish pond for or filming location. The video will be up on youtube soon and I will post it in a future blog. Danny reminded me how lucky I was to get through a bike acident with only swelling, small cuts and bruises- he said it was a warning and that I definitely should not ride my own motorbike out here and I definitely must not take my good health and fit body for granted.

After breakfast and filming I got on the back of another random motorbike and headed to the yoga barn for the weekly ecstatic dance gathering. It’s sort of the new age equivalent of going to church. It’s basically two hours every Sunday of sweating your prayers on the dancefloor. It’s also a chance to make eye contact with most of the local expat community of Ubud. No words are excanged, just dance energy and eye contact. I felt reeaally awkward and very uncool because I couldn’t move properly. I could move my arms and upper body but I couldnt jump and dance around like everyone else, so I just felt kind of self conscious. Becoming aware that it was my ego or my pride that made me feel self conscious about appearing to be very repressed or fearful/not letting go with wild freaky dancing like everyone else was doing. I just decided to rise above my temporary self consciousness and move in a way that felt good for my body and that felt like gratitude for being here, being healthy and being alive; not caring about how I looked to others. It was very surreal to be wildly dancing on the inside and mildly dancing on the outside.

I took my time to slowly walk home through the Monkey Forest afterwards, remembering the Vipassana walking meditation and consciously hinking “lift, push lower” awkward, wobbly, it could be a lot worse and soon very soon it’ll be better. But til then, everything is still great- i am making new friends, I am stepping into my power, I am in paradise and I am taking everything one day at a time.

I have been a bit perturbed about taking on this role of a Conscious Hipster- like if it’s going to be a really Conscious blog, I need to highlight more current events like the typhoon after effects in the Philippines (I have met many people out here who are on their way to do some relief work in the Philippines, HK119 is making artworks as fundraisers for the Phillipines and my friend Max Power from London is heading over there now to start a local radio station). Just read that the British government have sent over £30 Million in aid funds. They need money out there really more then lots of people going over to muck in, I have been told as I contemplated going over there to be of assistance. I was told to send money and nothing else. You too can donate in many ways such as here Philippines Red Cross

And under the full moon, I’d like to put the concept of the Moon Cup out here in the blogosphere- the conscious woman’s choice of dealing with menstruation. A box of tampons out here for example costs $30 whereas the mooncup costs just $20 is reusable, lasts for years and is so much better for the environment.

Maybe I could highlight too that all we need is love. If we could all be a little more compassionate and kind to eachother and express our love, joy, gratitue and appreciation more often so much positive momentum would be in motion.

I like this little film called “The Revolution is love”

Hmmm it’s past my bedtime now. I have been waking up at 6am almost everyday here. I thought it was the jetlag at first, then the sunshine pouring in through my floor-to-ceiling windows, then the cats and kittens miaowing for food. Now it’s just habit. I have officially become a morning person and I’m loving it, also it means that I get tired at night, whereas in London and other big cities I would be awake into the wee hours of the morning often. Here I go to bed early and wake up early and feel great for it. Looking forward to some fresh coconut water tomorrow, I have two coconuts here on the floor ready and waiting or breakfast.

So, from crystal healing with Jelila to Shamanic wisdom, humour and insight from Danny Paradise…rounding off the evening with my Norweigian neighbours, filmmaker Sue and a delicious organic home delivery dinner under the full moon.

Here’s a great blog with a monthly post about full moons Mystic Mama: Taurus Full Moon November 17th 2013

Feeling grateful, icing leg, writing blog, kitten curled up on my heart