A Beautiful Dance

I’ve been tucked into the many aspects of post production over the last few weeks, transcribing footage for two feature length projects. One is fiction and it is so close to be finished that I can hardly believe it might be ready to birth out into the world soon…I feel so lucky to hand it over to an amazing editor here in London for “polishing” “scene tweaking”, “Colour-grading” and also trying to lock down someone talented and creative to do the sound mix. I have written and recorded many layers for voicover to be woven throughout- I’m aiming for a soundscape…I am not a mainstream filmmaker- but I do want people t see my films and I do wish for my films to open up dialogue about important or inspiring subjects.

I feel pressure to secure an amazing space or a film festival to premier it and I figure that having the support of The British Film Council might help with that- when it is good enough…

I haven’t been very social here in London. I have turned down a lot of invitations- feeling as though I am in a post-production cave, fighting off a fluey cold for much of this time, succumbing to it at one point and then feeling sort of too vulnerable for chitchat, small talk or slightly invasive questioning- kind of standard when one travels the world as much as I do. Part of being an avid traveller is becoming a bit of a raconteur- tales of the tavels become de rigeur upon return. Note to self- pace yourself!

I have been going to 5 Rhythms dance every week here- twice last week all with amazing teachers, Chris Connors, Liz Baron Cohen and Jessica Howie. I have seen some beautiful familiar faces on the dancefloor. I have shaken and twisted and convulsed and head-banged. I have felt the awareness and physical pain of it all the following days.

It is a serious workout because I make it that way for me. It is such a release and it tunes me right into what is going on in my physical body, energy body, emotions and mind. It is challenging, healing and empowering. I love it more with each class. In the beginning I hated it because I found it very uncomfortable and had to sort of undo all my years of ballet training and technique. I also greatly disliked any sort of directed or encouraged interaction with “random” unfamiliar people getting a bit too close into my personal space. Then , I figured out that the dance was a metaphor for life and the challenge for me was to work on setting boundaries without words as well as in opening my heart and trusting more in life and other people. I also understood how the dancefloor is a microcosm for how I relate to people..eventually seeing the interconnectedness in everyone spinning and jumping around the dancefloor. It has taught me humility and compassion and given me skills to witness and rise above the ego…

Today, I saw this amazing video for Forest Swords, directed by Benjamin Millepied and starring Billy Barry. I find everything about this film so beautiful that I have watched it several times. Tonight, when I danced the 5 rhythms for the last time in London for about 6 months- I felt myself channeling this amazing dancer Billy Barry…or my version of him at times- I def can’t do those backbends that he does…

I energetically let go of many things from 2014 and made some wishes, welcomed in some blessings for 2015. I also sent good vibes and blessings out through my dancing and intentions, to all the beautiful people I know in London.

Enjoy this amazing video and get yourself down to a 5 Rhythms, Biodanza or Ecstatic Dance class, if nothing else…call it an experiment!

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