Top 13 Favourite Albums

Ah the time-wasting joys of Facebook. I was asked to compile a list of top ten albums and when I sat down to write them out it took some time…much more than I wanted to spend compiling a list just for fun. The friend who asked me to do this is a dear old friend and budding DJ Liam Mockridge so for him, I made the effort and it was fun. I realised that choosing my top ten all-time favourite songs would have been much easier because there are so many artists that I love listening to, depending on my mood. Choosing top albums involves loving at least several of the songs on there so, in the end I was able to whittle it down to my all-time top 13 albums plus 3 compilations. I am quite tempted to compile another list of my top 10 spiritual/yoga/meditation/world music albums too because there are so many great artists that I love in that genre alone and that’s what I listen to mostly these days but I don’t want to spend all day compiling lists of music I love – there is too much to do today! The albums on this top 13 list have stuck with me as great loves over the years and I never get sick of hearing them.

Depeche Mode- 101

Madonna- True Blue

Nine Inch Nails- The Downward Spiral

The Velvet Underground & Nico

David Bowie- Hunky Dory

Eek-A-Mouse- Wa Do Dem

The Doors- Strange Days

Patrick Wolf- Lycanthropy

Peaches- The Teaches of Peaches

Yoav- Charmed & Strange

M.I.A- Arular

The Beastie Boys- Check Your Head

Tchaikovsky- The Nutcracker

These are my favourite compilation albums because I have loved playing them from beginning to end over the years and still do- they have stood the test of time for me:

Nouvelle Vague- Nouvelle Vague

Hotel Pelirocco- Compilation

Kashpoint- Compilation



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