No Complaints

I realise that my blogpost from yesterday was a fragmented, streamofconsciousness rant and there was a bit of bitching in it- about L.A bulldozers… I want to keep this real and for me being conscious is being human and being aware/mindful…even if it is in hindsight/upon reflection. I strive to put this mindfulness into practise every waking moment but sometimes I slip up.

So I tried and failed to do this challenge today because the water system was shut off in my entire building, it’s sticky hot here and I couldn’t have a shower…so when I arrived late, sweaty and stinky to my language course and they asked me why I was late- I had to explain and apologise, which sounded more like complaining about not being able to have a shower- FAIL- which makes me appreciate how I took endlessly available water supplies for granted…and how challenging it is to go 24 hours without complaining!

Tomorrow is a new day and I am really going to go for it with this positivity challenge.

24 hours- No complaining…maybe I’ll be able to go all weekend…



2 thoughts on “No Complaints

  1. Hi. I met you thru Shervin at one of his sound meditations. My husband and I live in an Hindu ashram about an hour away from Ubud. We teach English to the 10 students and manage the ashram and various community projects.

    We are moving to rome next May for 6 months before returning to Cali (Berkeley). I wanted your take on language schools. Also, any neighbor hoods to recommend for renting apartments.

    Really enjoy your blogs. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The journey is the work.


    Felicity (Ibu Happy) Bensch

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    • Hello Ibu Happy! Thanks for reading šŸ™‚ I remember meeting you at The Yoga Barn with Shervin Boloorian. Wonderful work you do over there and I would love to visit your ashram when I return to Bali. Sounds exciting that you will live in Rome for a bit- it gets seriously hot here in the summer so prepare to sweat maybe more than in Bali! I suggest staying as close to the center as possible so you can walk everywhere, public transport is crowded, buses can be unreliable, the metro is more efficient and there are some talented pickpockets on all public transport, so be mindful of that. Trastevere is a funky old artistic neighbourhood. You will get more space for same price of course outside of the center checkout for ideas Here are some links for recommended Italian language schools in central Rome:

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