Hello Again!

Well hello hello on the first of September…. and it’s very hard to believe that this is the first day I have really had all to myself so far this summer. Is that a lame excuse for not blogging at all? Maybe I was just too busy actually trying to be present and conscious rather then contemplating it or writing about it. I also had a bit of resistance to blogging these last few months because 1: I don’t know if anyone reads my blogs 2: I don’t know if it helps me to do so much pondering and written introspection.

Being alone inspires my writing and being in joy inspires me to live fully. So, now I am alone and whadda ya know…I am writing again. Maybe this blog will come and go in waves. It’s my diary when I need it and I am grateful for this anonymous outlet of self reflection, expression and promotion of all that I love or am inspired by. If it helps or inspires anyone else in any way- that’s awesome!

So….a recap of the summer highlights and inspirations….

Firstly I’d like to say that much of my activity this summer has been fuelled by a delicious herbal coffee alternative which is caffeine-free and currently only available for sale in the U.S.A it is called Teeccino. It is really delicious and tastes just like coffee but is made from all natural ingredients such as cacao, dandelion and hazelnut. I was introduced to Teeccino as a coffe alternative by actor, rock climber and founder of Soul Climbing Galen MacDougall.


I am currently back on my regular morning coffee as rocket fuel but mostly go for the teeccino’s during the day and the best thing about finding an alternative to caffeine is that I no longer stay awake all night- obviously coffee affects me massively and was a big part of my insomnia in London.

So what else…

I am very inspired by Canadian Haida artist Corey Bulpitt and loving his fusion of Hip Hop and Haida Culture. I went to checkout his current exhibition at The Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver and have planted seeds to ideally visit Haida Gwaii and make a documentary with him about contemporary Haida First Nations Art and Culture.

url-4I also attended the opening of Douglas Coupland‘s solo show “everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything” at The Vancouver Art Gallery. He is an incredibly inspiring person, writer and artist and it was an exciting arrival to Vancouver and straight over to the art opening where I was asked to bring a bag of stuff to swap as well as to chew some gum to stick on/vandalise a large bronze sculpture of Doug’s head and then do “The lego walk of flame”  by walking barefoot across a pile of lego pieces, quite painful but I won a Starbucks gift certificate for succeeding in the challenge.


 The Gumhead sculpture is at this point completely covered in pieces of gum stuck on it by participants and then melting in the summer sun so it has taken on a multi-coloured gooey texture and is far from the staunch bronze head that was presented at the opening night. I also left that opening with a bag of cool objects that I had swapped my stuff for including a plastic dragonfly and a crystal ball- for calirvoyancy and future predictions?

I have had the pleasure of hanging out this summer with another very talented Canadian artist called Christopher Rodrigues and his wife Melissa who is a former professional ballet dancer and now a yoga teacher, dula and mother of two beautiful little girls. Vancouver is the most beautiful city in the summertime with sunshiney beaches so I was able to swim in the very refreshing Pacific Ocean most days.

I am currently back in California and experimenting with wellbeing and creativity retreats involving health organic foods, yoga, meditation, horseback-riding, hiking and quiet time for journalling or creative writing- just with friends as the guineapigs and co-creators at the moment not as a commercial enterprise. It feels like I am practising for more ambitious retreats of this type and I hope to offer you such wellbeing & creativity retreats in Bali 2015. I have also been discussing the element of dance incorporation with a friend and brilliant 5 rythms dance teacher Jessica Howie. 5 Rhythms dance was created by Garielle Roth and was a weekly highlight for me when I lived in London, I would go weekly to dance every wednesday at HOME in Paddington. If you haven’t  tried it but have even the faintest inkling of interest in dance as fun and therapy then I can highly reccommend it. Somedays it is fun and other days it is a brilliant emotional and physical release for the stresses and worries of life. When I would bring a new friend to the dance with me I would always say “You will get exactly what you need from this experience so go with the flow.”

I had a great time staying in L.A at the house of a talented filmmaker Tao Ruspoli who has several airstream and vintage trailers parked in his Venice Beach garden which are available to rent on airbnb. It’s the perfect spot, very close to the beach and interesting creative guests passing through. I am in love with his series of short films called “The Love Project” 

I was invited to go and watch a friend racing and win a grand prix which was such a thrill- I was shaking in my boots with fear watching the racecars speed and spiral round and round the racecourse and it was amazing to see him being sprayed with champagne and triumphantly holding a trophy up in the air at the end. I am a big walker, I will pretty much walk anywhere or ride a bike as I am possibly the worlds worst driver and have never owned a car, so it was almost ironic to watch the experts racing and somehow it gave me some more confidence behind the wheel as I have since been driving myself around California.

I have also been able to indulge in being a cowgirl this summer, spending time with horses is very healing and in my case empowering as I love to get on and gallop as fast as I can across the hills whooping loudly “Yeeeehaw”. It is one of the best feelings in the world for me tuning into the spirit and character of these powerful wild and free animals…not to mentioned the exercise as it tones up my entire body- particularily the thighs, core and arms. I have had the pleasure of quality time with a beloved soul sister and awesome cowgirl who also loves to gallop off into the hills at full throttle and that is a great feeling, no fear of having to slow down for but rather trying to keep up!

And of course the hooping, I picked up some shiny new custom twin hoops and have been doing a lot of that too- the most fun type of exercise with immediate results in core toning. I even had a private lesson at The Brewery in L.A with artist and pro-hoop instructor Malcolm Stuart


So today I am about to tune into writer and sound artist Jasmin Blasco‘s monthly radioshow on Dub Lab You can tune in live online the first Monday of the month from 2-4pm.

Currently feeling blessed and full of gratitude for the incredible and inspiring people I have had the honour of spending quality time with over the summer, including dear old friends, new friends and artists and of course my beloved family and siblings.

Until the next time I find myself alone y hasta luego x


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