Portraits : Juergen Teller

Hello again! I hope you have had a chance to checkout my posts over the past week as a contributor to The Bali Spirit Festival Blog. It was a brilliant festival, so many bands, so many yoga teachers and so many new inspiring people…

It was fun to write with a focus on music and reviewing the impact of the sonic experiences.

For todays return to my homepage I’d like to share a cool portrait I shot a few years ago that I have just randomly discovered on my hardrive. I love shooting video and photographic portraits. It is always such an intimate and unique experience completely dependent on the relationship that stews and brews between object and subject. Portraits are a passion- just me and a subject with the thin veil of a camera between us.

My favourite people to shoot are artists and musicians because creatives always make for interesting, stimulating and collaborative experiences wherein the dialogue that takes place around the shutter click is where the true magic happens for me or the alternating between record and pause is where I really get to see the essence of the person I am with. Freezing a moment in time that will last so much longer then either of our physicality here on earth is a powerful notion to me, that reflective awarness that we can freeze time and leave little droplets of essence behind through imagery…

I feel like I might start to share more of my video portraits and photo portraits both old and new as I have shot some really interesting, talented, inside-and-out beautiful people over the years. It could also be a sweet and simple alternative to blogging my internal thought process as a diary for you out there to read and probably judge me by…

If you would like me to make a video or shoot some photos for you, please note I’m currently more into income stream and sustainable living than the Artist’s Bartering System which I have been surviving off for the last couple of months as I float around Asia and the Tropics.

I am open to amazing or luxurious exchange offers, otherwise I have no energy, time or space for freebies, favours or unpaid collaborations. I’ve also got a backlog of videos to edit and I am committed to sitting down and working on those… though this puts my body into a state of panic as editing actually really hurts me…my eyes, my mind, my back and my shoulders…it’s a big sacrifce and it is such an important part of the filmmaking process but it is not my passion or my forte. For me editing is a means to an end a necessary part of the process that requires a lot of yoga and massage to undo.

I much prefer to work with a budget, hiring an expert editor who can work quickly and confidently. Editing is unhealthily obsessive and slow work for me.

Feeling full of gratitude that thanks to Hubud, I have found an amazing former MTV and Hollywood film editor who is on board for cutting at least a promo trailer right now for my Sound Healing documentary project. This also means I am able to focus on the 2 hotel promos, 2 music videos and 1 retreat experience video that I have shot in the last 2 months all unpaid, all as favours or on exchange and all in need of cutting and signing off.

I’m experimenting yet again with the Law of Attraction and The Law of Abundance here… so I’ll share this fact and see what opportunities it may manifest.

My short films and documentaries have been to international festivals and won awards. I have now completed my second fiction feature film intended for cinemas, my first as a Writer/Director. My photos have been published as album covers, in books and in international magazines including Vogue. You don’t know who I am as I write under a pseudonym and I really like it that way.

If you know me, you probably know it’s me.

It feels liberating to write an anonymous blog, to open up about where I am at personally and creatively and to share my stream of consciousness ramblings and now some of my archive video and photo portraits too.

Here is TCH “Portrait From The Past” #1 Juergen Teller




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