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So here I am now 18 days deep into March and not one cigarette smoked or even touched for that matter- yeeeehaw! I still get the waves of irritation and emotion that go with nicotine cravings and having no emotional crutch to fall back on other then self awareness. I am blown away by how easy it is to get hooked on those cancer sticks or in my case very quickly re-hooked on those cinnamon-clove flavoured cancer sticks. Yuck!

The smoking is well and truly behind me and I have also done a 4 day juice cleanse supported by my friends at Bali Vitality who kindly delivered me daily delicious juices and soups and superfood powders to make the whole no eating and juicy juicing days easier for me. I feel I got any booze and nicotine out of my system with the cleanse to and thanks to the Kundalini morning  energy raising I was getting an emotional cleanse going too.

A few things that have ben on my mind lately…

I get kinda upset or notice how impatient I can become with unconscious people lately because I am doing so much self awareness and mindfulness work on myself,  but my higher heart self knows that is me playing a blame game and judging- so I try not to do either and what I have learnt to do is ask “what part of me is this dumbass/bitch/bully mirroring”. That’s a strong challenge in understanding that everything witnessed on the outside world is a mirror reflection of what is going inside of us…

I’m still getting to grips with this intellectually but basically it means if someone is mean or nasty they are in fact reflecting some “shadow” aspect of myself or some underlying belief I have of myself.

Unfortunately I assume that anyone who travels to visit or live out here in Ubud  is on a consciousness journey with a desire to become a better version of themselves.

Lesson 1. Never assume anything

Lesson 2. Be proactive not reactive.

Lesson 3. Any judgement I make is a reflection of my own internal emotions or state.

Lesson 4. Speak my truth even when my voice shakes (This one is some internet Meme that I recently grabbed form the Yogi Times)

So yeah as always some powerful lessons to mull over, digest and integrate into daily life.

I share them of course so that perhaps you may identify, disagree, learn from grow or evolve too- bit by bit I wish for a more conscious and heart centered world where we are all one by one taking responsibility for our own thoughts words and actions, understanding the effect these all have on our own realities as well as compassion for the effects on other people. I’m sort of swinging right now between super sensitive compassionate empath and totally detached not caring waht anyone thinks about me…the challenge is really how to exsist in both states at the same time, compassionate yet detached.

So, some good news…

I recently made a short and sweet trip to Singapore and reconnected there with the handsome, intriguing and uber talented man that I had briefly met floating in the middle of nowhere at jungle yoga. He truly is one of a kind and it was just so lovely to see him again and for a moment time stood still, though as before it was all too fleeting.

Universe I ask you please for more of that connection, to create a reunion involving more quality time…deeper and less fleeting bliss.

This is an experiment Bring on the Law of Attraction!

Now I can detach, let go, trust in the flow and see what happens I guess…

I had a brief visit with the band Astronomy at their creative retreat and recording studio called Voyager in Canggu (here’s the video fro their pop song Bali Moon)

I then had the most wonderful day “Celebrating Life” at Desa Seni in Canggu, where I filmed an overview of all the excitement that day. Desa Seni is a boutique Village resort founded on yogic and sustainability principles and it is truly one of my favourite place on earth, so I was in heaven to celebrate life there with all those beautiful people.

Now here’s a headsup to say that I will be coming at you all week directly from The Bali Spirit Festival where I will be giving you the lowdown on all the Conscious, Talented experts who are flooding into town to share their knowledge and love of Yoga, Dance and Music.

Follow what’s up this week here: BALI SPIRIT FESTIVAL : The Conscious HIpster


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