A late UPdate on reflecting, shooting & surfing…

It’s been more then a week since I sat down faithfully to spill the beans on my latest escapades, learnings and discoveries and I’d like to apologise for that to any of you out there who enjoy reading my stream of consciousness ramblings. So sorry and thanks if you are reading this.

It’s like a diary really and I originally setout to develop my written voice, to delve further into free-flow and to maybe even writing something more profound and culturally significant then a diary…something I could eventually evolve into a magazine with guest writers, artwork and photographs. That’s really where I see The Conscious Hipster going down the road, meandering to the left, getting dolled up and evolving into an online forum or magazine. Perhaps a fusion of a style mag meeting a yoga mag in a virtual permaculture garden…

For now, it is what it is and lately that’s been real presence in the real world and not so much a virtual presence…slowly and slightly reluctantly getting back on the blogosphere writing horse., mainly as I’ve meet some very interesting people worth writing about and this seems a good platform for getting the word out too…

So here’s the latest in chronological order.

Backing up a bit and I spent some time on Koh Samui after floating in the middle of nowhere with no technology other then a camera for a few weeks…

I spent a few nights at the Samahita Yoga Retreat as a decompression zone of sorts and had quick deep chats throught my time there with Simon Low whom I adore and who was leading a Yin Yoga teacher training which I was invited to join however the cost of teacher training for a month is way out of my travel budget and so I just treated it as a decompression zne to reflect on my jungle experience for a few days.

I went into a recording studio to hear a new remix and then conceived and directed a music video for the song by an artist called Pablo J That shoot was really fun and Produced by Shelley Poplak the co-owner of an amazing Avatar jungle spa where we shot the video, called Tamarind Springs The song is a dance remix of his existing hit song “All You Precious People”. I also did a photoshoot out there with him and I’m pretty pleased with the results- easy to shoot a beautiful subject and this artist is beautiful inside and out!

pablojposterAfter the Guerilla one intense hot day of filming was the highly anticipated or slightly dreaded Valentine’s Day. I’d had so much fun filming with delicious Pablo J that I was buzzing with creative love, enough to see me through the global romance celebration day on my own. I had been invited to do a boat trip with a very handsome and old friend from London who also just happened to be on Koh Samui but I decided I didn’t want to spend the entire day on a small boat under the scorching sun so met them instead for dinner the next day at a very chic Orient Express hotel with a private beach. It was heavenly to sip fancy cocktails with not one but two seriously handsome, entertaining and very well mannered men. We also went out paddle-boarding which I loved and was pretty good at thanks to all the floating yoga from the weeks before.

I then moved into a small cottage by the beach and started to work through a book by local resident author Dorien Israel called “Becoming Unbound”. This book is available as an ebook directly from her website and it is packed with powerful and empowering insights. It was great to be able to have frequent one to one dialogue with her about the information in the book and I filmed many videos of our discussions throughout my stay there. She explained to me that the book was “channelled” that it came through her. I wonder if I could try channeling some creativity or what kind of work I might offer if I were open to receiving information from a greater source then my own imagination or ego. I’m definitely up for trying this approach and seeing what comes to me…I feel quite certain that my current documentary project is guided by a collective energy much more powerful then my own vision.. Please like the facebook page for the project here The Sound of Healing

These are posters I quicklydesigned for the project-perhaps channelled as the images and title came together in a flash.



I then flew to Singapore and did a photoshoot for my new role as a sponsored pro Yogi Ambassador for a well established Yoga brand. I’m really excited about this new collaboration as it is a platform for me to consult on yoga products and accessories as well as linking up with some of the beolved charities I have done work for over the years.

I’m aiming to keep this blog anonymous, which frees me up to write whatever I like so I probs wont post my ad campaign pictures on here but I will say that I am very excited about the whole thing coming together and to see what opportunities it opens up too.

The photographer for the shoot Sarah Landolt is seriously talented and cool. We met for a location recce and wandered around a futuristic manmade park in the centre of Singapore and then went for a drink at Ku De Ta on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands. The hotel is designed as a large floating cruise ship on top of three 57 story towers. It made me think of a film I love called The Fifth Element.

Sarah told me all about the concept for her passion project SKIN DEEP NOMAD™ which she has already presented as an exhibition of tasteful nude and semi nude portraits and she continues to shoot and develop it around the world to empower people (so far mostly ) women to fall in love with their own bodies in all shapes and forms. The images are stunning and I can totally imagine them blown up large on the wall of a stylish home or apartment.

We also discussed our focus and shoot for the next day being the yoga ad campaign and our location being a Chinese garden in the middle of the city- I was not planning or encouraged to get naked for it and in fact I was pretty uncomfortable with being in front of the camera as I have become so accustomed to being behind a lens or behind the scenes, so it would take some serious warming up for me to consider getting naked for a shoot- bikinis though no problem and I have just pickedup a hot new aztec-inspired bikini from Billabong. I am so pleased with the results of the shoot and the strong images she selected for the yoga campaign. I hope we will get to reconnect on a beach somewhere and have some fun shooting surf and bikini shots in the sun…

So that intense 24 hours in Singapore and a photoshoot with a talented pro later brought me back to Bali sweet Bali and moving into a new house, new chapter and all that.

I was invited to attend a traditional Balinese temple ceremony right away, so dressed up in my chic temple look and headed out with hundreds of Balienese people to chant and pray and throw flower petals at the statues of Gods and Goddesses. Previous to the ceremony I had a one to one sound healing session with Larissa Israel arriving all scruffy and sweaty and departing all blissed out and dressed like a Balinese woman going to a temple- transformation!

I was invited to visit a friend of friends with a beach house in Canggu and coincidentally my favourite band of the moment Wallaki were playing a gig at a local Canggu hotspot called Deus Ex Machina It was so awesome to finally see them perfoming live and by now I have been listening to the album “the Follower of The Sun” a lot, so I know the tunes and the words- makes a concert even better! We did a photoshoot in a professional studio space before the gig which was rushed and exciting to have a fancy studio with lights and a good-looking band to shoot in it.



The unpredictable tropical monsoon rain came down heavily during their last few songs, but the band played on and the brave kept on dancing- including me. It was very sensual and a lot of fun to dance in the rain to some of my favourite new tunes! I also caught up with my favourite Bali couple at the gig, Tara and Markus from Journey Surf who are making the most beautiful custom wooden vintage looking surfboards and sponsoring surf competitions in Bali as well as planning some great sounding surf retreats for those interested to learn or improve their surf skills and we agreed to go out for a surf the next morning.


After surfing mostly in the cold waters of Tofino Canada and Cornwall U.K (with a taste of warm waves and some surf lessons in Costa Rica from yogi, artist and surf pro babe Ale Munoz) I became hooked on the Ocean Devotion in Canggu and decided to stay a few more days delighted with my strength and ability to sucessfully surf the 5 foot waves- it was exhilirating and I definitely want to spend more time surfing in Bali and the friend of a friend I stayed with turned out to be such a kindred spirit and so much fun- yay for perfect introductions and kismet!

So getting settled now in my new Ubud home and have met with an amazing ex-MTV editor to cut a trailer for The Sound Healing doc and launch an indiegogo or kickstarter campaign to complete it and get some buzz going around everyone who is in it and the project itself.

Exciting times….more to come…I do love writing it all down!

Bye for now


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