Kundalini Awakening & The High Priestess

Hello again! It’s been interesting to switch up my daily routine recently and I have missed writing my morning blog diary. I also realised though, that the blog writing feeds my neurosis and tendency to over-intellectualise or over-analyze things, so it has been good to take a break from it for a bit. We now have only one day left of 2013- wow how this year has flown by!

The highlights for me in 2013 have been producing and hosting a weekly radio show in London and getting to meet and interview so many inspiring people in wellbeing and creativity. Also a highlight was completing my writing/directing debut fiction feature film and getting to spend some quality time in California on a beautiful ranch, riding horses and editing the movie with Mark Lemmon aka VJ Lemmontage. Really excited to “give birth” to that film and get it out into the world in 2014 also very happy that the British Film Council have taken the project “under their wings” so will be presenting it to some great film festivals on our behalf- phew! This also means I can focus my attention on the documentary I am currently rolling out here on “Sound Healing”.

Anyway…. a roundup of what I have been up to and most inspired by since my last blog diary…

Over Christmas I  “facilitated” and “held space” for the Oneness course led by Dr. Punnu Wasu.

Dr. Punnu Wasu is an amazing, inspiring and charismatic teacher and I took on the role of sitting, supporting and sending out loving vibes to everyone as the journeyed back to their pasts and healed relationships with their inner child, with their parents, with their exes and did other very significant healing work as well as learning all sorts of life philosophies to guide and assist in living consciously “free from the suffering of the mind”.

Here are some videos I made to communicate what the Oneness course is about and also to point a “Lovebeam” towards Punnu who has been a great teacher and friend to me out here.

Of course I didn’t just sit there floating and smiling as a faciitator and space holder (although it did feel like one very long extended meditation for me at times to sit and listen and send good vibes to all on their journey for 14 hours or more a day). I also had to do a lot of personal assisttant things, errands like searching for microphones and amps and stacking metal chairs in silence and ensuring there was always paper and pens and making trips up and down in the pouring rain to get things and answering questions when they came up and reassuring people that all was well at times of need.

Luckily I had my ful length rain parka which looks like a giant tent- it made going out in the rain kind of fun. I wore white the whole time and I acessorised with my crystal cords by Jelila, wrapped around my head. I had this image in my head of an archetype I felt to embody in my role as facilitator, it was the Empress from the Never-Ending Story!

urlAlthough on the final day after being in mostly silence throughout, I decided to speak up and do some sharing to show that I am in fact real and not some kind of perfect never-ending story empress, I wanted to share and show my humanity and my flaws and some of the pain I have experienced along the way which sparked a longing in me to live a more conscious life.

It was a wonderful way to spend my Christmas, by empowering others- especially as for me Christmas is a time of giving… and it was delicious to end with a Christmas feast all together at midnight on Christmas eve.

The next day I headed up to the Tjampuhan Spa with Anne my co-facilitator. She is an elvin angel from Finland and we spent a blissful afternoon floating in the natural spring waters and taking in the steam room and saunas there.

Yesterday I began my day early with Laya Yoga led by Uma who is a very well known and famous yoga teacher here in Ubud. It was unlike any yoga class I have done before and it even came with a sort of guidline or warning sign outside the studio!


In this yoga class we moved through all 7 “doors” to open the chakras. It was the most sexual yoga class I have ever experienced- literally being told to “breathe all the way down and into your anus” or breath up and into the g-spot”! This class was all about cultivating  life force sexual energy. It almost seemed like some people were close to orgasming in the class too…the sounds the were making and the way they were shaking….I tried hard not to pay attention to what was going on for other people in the room but I definitely felt a sort of awakening of sexual energy in myself, as I have been mostly focused on the upper chakras undoing the mental clutter in my brain and awakening a heart centered loving spiritual energy since getting out here. It was interesting to connect to the lower chakras in a massive circle of others doing the same..in a yoga class. At times I felt very self conscious or aware of other people and then I coached myself to get over that and focus on myself, my physical experience and make it a spiritual one- cultivating amazing energy to carry with me through the day. This is definitely a great way to start the day, if not actually having juicy tantric sex then doing kundalini yoga. It is advanced yoga and it would be hilarious to see it introduced to the western spa style yoga studios in London and Vancouver where I often practise. The closest thing to this type of yoga class that I have experienced before was David Sye’s Yogabeats although his yoga classes are not so overtly sexual and don’t focus on awareness of and moving through the chakras, they definitely stir up the sexual kundalini.

It was interesting to see the effect that had on my energy as I left the Yoga barn floating in a state of orgasmic bliss and headed on to Soma to say goodbye to Harmony Polo who was only in town for 24hours on her way back from a very intensive 40 day deepening and advanced teacher training course at The Oneness University and on her way to study sound healing in Hawaii. I arrived at Soma buzzing and sat down at a table and picked a few of the Little Wing cards. I got these three for a quick reading that tell a story of past, present and future. I analysed that I must connect to and speak my truth, I must accept that this is a period of working on myself and that great adventure are ahead for me- cool!


A gorgeous musical surfer looking guy called Nick Walliki was sitting at our table as was Toby who also facilitated the Oneness course and another cool and exccentirc man who told me he was the owner of “The Most Amazing Chocolate Factory” for real! He showed me some photos of this rainbow colourful chocolate factory he built in New Zealand and it seemed as though was the real life Willy Wonka- surreal!. Nick Wallaki brought out a guitar and started singing and rapping in English and Indonesian Bahasa and singing a cover of a Michael Franti song. He blew me and everyone else in the cafe away with his spontanious talent shining through, he was amazing. Afterwards, he explained that it was sort of a rehearsal for his gig later at The Soulshine Festival. I predict big things a g’wan for Nick Wallaki in 2014!


I then met up with Anne and hopped on the back of her motorbike to make a pilgrimage to meet the High Priestess of Bali whose story is very interesting, mostly because she is the only woman who has ever been made a priest in Bali! The legend is that after suffering with depression for years she had an epiphany, a vision that she must become a priest and deliver blessings to relieve the suffering of others. It is very unusual that a woman would be granted permission to carry out the activities of a priest but her alling was so strong and her comittment to helping others in this way so strong that they gave her blessings and teachings in becoming a priest. In n the western world, this is often referred to as “The Wounded Healer”, the theory being that out of surviving great pain comes the knowledge and the ability to relieve the suffering of others. She is a Goddess High Priestess and she was really kind and lovely, it was very cool to meet with her.



She instructed us to sit in silence and meditate and then at one point did what I can ony describe as “Shaktipat” meaning awakening touch by pummeling up and down my spine and then asking me to chant and tone specific sounds. It got even more surreal when the sounds I was making kind of took on a life of their own and got REALLY loud reverbing around me alos because Anne and IDa the High Priestess were chanting and toning too so it was the most unearthly and beautiful chorus of song that I wish I had recorded. Some things are just for experiencing in real life I guess!

In those 3 or more hours that I sat still to meditate, my mind floated to the last year and to everything I am grateful for, to everyone who has been a magical and important part of my life this year and beyond. I sent loving and healing thoughts out to loved ones to family, to friends and to exes. I brought to the surface of my awareness any negative habits or situations or people I wanted to let go of. I also put some time into visualising the type of life I want to live and the family I would like to have…

We were then invited into a bigger temple to take part in a water purification ceremony. There was an incredibly beautiful family that appeared to join us for the water purification ceremony, a very pregnant supermodel mum, her gorgeous surfer looking husband and their two adorable little girls. I felt this was a good omen.

 The ceremony involved Ida sitting on an altar praying and chanting and throwing flowers and holy water at us and then we were invited one by one to have flower petals thrown and water poured over our heads whilst singing and toning and stamping my feet. I was kind of choking at first not knowing when to breath with the constant stream of water pouring over my head and face. At one point it sounded like she asked me to “make a noise like you are swimming” i was feeling disoriented by the experience and confused by this, so I nearly started blowing raspberries but then quickly realised she meant singing not swimming…DOH! I let out some of the very loud unearthly almost alien toning sounds we had been “rehearsing” with her earlier in the meditation”.


To have holy water poured all over me was a beautiful sensual and spiritual experience. It was also literally a chance to receive divine blessings an to “wash away any pain”…


It really was an amazing day, from beginning to end I loved every magical moment of this day.

It ended with a curry at Little India, where I signed up for some private cooking classes with the chef there as a pro-active way to kickstart 2014, because the food was SO delicious and the place was SO cute!





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  1. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as
    though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what
    youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog
    when you could be giving us something informative
    to read?

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