Show & Tell

Today I am going to try and show more then tell. I have some great photos from yesterday and I will let the photos speak a thousand words for me…

IMG_0029 IMG_0036

Ginger Bear is the most adorable little kitten and she is becoming my best friend out here. There are many other cats that I have to feed and love as part of the deal in the nice house with pool that I am staying in, but this little one is definitely my favourite.

Balinese-style construction work begins outside my house at 7am- they work very hard.IMG_0001 IMG_0040

I tryout my new superfood supplement MANA

IMG_0041 IMG_0042

I sit down to write my blog review of day two on the intuition course and it takes way longer then 30minutes because the tarot card reading means I feel a need to tackle the subjects of Good vs Evil, Faith vs Logic, Masculine vs Feminine- it all trigger zillions of words to pour out of me.

I get a message from Dr. Punnu Wasu asking if I would like to go jump into a waterfall. I say I am writing but can get there in about an hour. I am delighted to be invited to jump into waterfalls with Punnu & Friends.

I scan, edit and then delete the long rant I have written for my blog about theology and religion and dark vs light and the meaning and importance of spirituality…I take off to cleanse my psyche and soul in a waterfall.


I find someone who is willing and able to take me there on the back of his motorbike but I arrive a bit late and by now sky is grey, the weather is turning and it feels like a storm is about to break out.

Punnu & friends are leaving/on their way out but he kindly gives me some offerings and explains the rituals involved, first showering to purify then singing as I walk to the base of the waterfall, then lighting the incense and presenting the offerings, then praying, then swimming diagonally across the river, then moving along the rocks to get directly behind the waterfall, then sitting behind the waterfall to meditate, pray, chant and sing…

IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0013

IMG_0027 IMG_0026


After lighting some incense and sending out love and blessings to many, I then sink into ,y own prayers and wishes.

Two mating bugs appear out of nowhere and scuttle around stuck together. I feel this is a sign that the universe really does have a sense of humor and I wonder what kind of insects they are?


I then prepare to cross the river but decide not to strip down to my bikini, as I am the only non Balinese person at this sacred site and it can be considered very offensive, these tourists getting their kit off. So I swim awkwardly across the river with my rubber shoes, my clothes on and my backpack on my head. I hide my backpack in the bushes on the other side so that nobody will steal it. I feel a bit bad about my mistrust but it has my wallet, cards, money, keys and phone in it and my trip would be a bundle of stress if the backpack were taken, so I chose to be safe and self-sufficient instead of laissez-faire. I then swim up river a bit more and snake my way along the slippery slidey rocks to get behind the waterfall. The mist from the fall and the thunderous sounds of the splash echo powerfully through the caves. I sit still, I meditate, I sing and I scream a bit. The thunder of the falls drown out my sounds, it is beautiful and magical. After a while- 1 or 2 hours, a fisherman appears and in very broken english asks me if I want company and offers to do his fishing beside me from behind the waterfall. I am a bit creeped out by this intrusion and say “No thank you, I am meditating”. I am sure he feels he is being nice to the woman who has swum across the river and climbed behind the waterfall on her own, but I decide it’s time for me to leave. Too bad, I could have stayed there for a lot longer. When I get back to the house, I run a hot bath with salts and learn that at exactly the same time as I was meditating behind the waterfall, a mini tornado broke out in Denpasaar which is an hour away from Ubud and only 2km from the airport. It shredded up a few houses but nobody died. I feel blessed for the safety of the waterfalls. It was a powerful meditation experience all the more so because I went through the ritual alone. I felt wild and brave and pure and strong and I feel protected and lucky that the tornado did not come my way.6198_170367326505689_160850445_n

In the evening I went along with my neighbour Angelika Hansen to attend the most beautiful “Sound Medicine Night” Sound Healing Concert PRoduced by Shervin Boloorian at The Yoga Barn. I didn’t film it, I don’t like to film gigs in the dark. I just experienced it, just lay down to receive some healing sound vibrations. It was really magical and I went on a gentle and far away journey around the world with it. Thank you very much to all The Bali Sound Healers CollectiveIMG_0002


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