Psychic School, Shadows & Ananda Mandala

Day two of Psychic School on the Intuition 101 course with Jana Johnson and Tamara Brown. I have already received interesting feedback from my last post and am pleasantly surprisd by the people who have made contatc with me in response, to tell of their own experiences in life with clarvoyancy. I love that intuition is inherently within us all and that it is possible for everyone to attune to it better with practise and intention. Why are we not taught the language of our intuition and 6th sense as a life skill in school? This brings me back to a lecture I gave during my Life Coach training about a programme I would introduce to university students called “life skills” in which you could attend weekly lectures and learn about all sorts of things such as meditation, non-violent communication, intuition, the law of attraction, nutrition and many other things that I personally have only learnt about in adult life through trial and error or through signing up to courses to learn about this stuff. I am eternally grateful to all the amazing teachers I have learnt from along the way in the school of life too.

So, day two of the course and it began with us splitting up into twos and doing flash readings, paying attention to what we experienced in our own bodies when the other was telling a story about something that was on their mind. We gave intuitive feedback to eachother and I guess that was a practise of listening to our intuition and sharing it if the other person is open, because of coourse we can’t go around telling people wat we sense as if it is accurate or the truth and without asking for their permission first tat would jus be creepy and invasive. It is mostly just a hunch but apparently the more we attune to these hunches, the better we get at it.

We also learnt about Kinesiology and the body’s knowledge and ability to give quick yes or no answers, if we understand how and are able to hear what it is saying.

We learnt other helpful methods and tools for accessing intuition including working with D.I.Y pendulums and some people seemed to work better with them then others, again asking yes or no questions.

IMG_0008 IMG_0001

And we did some card readings.

One of the notes I jotted down in my notebook was this

I remember “That time when Carrie Fischer read my tarot cards…” and I thought about including that note here in this blog and I thought about how funny and surreal that experience was, to meet her at a party and for her to offer to do a tarot card reading for me.

So we all picked some cards from two beautiful decksIMG_0024


The first one I drew freaked me out enough for me to freak everyone else out with a loud yelp and gave me goosebumps. I felt terrified by this card and such a resistance to it because I have always understood that God is pure unconditional love and that the Devil is  his evil nemesis…


I read the symbolism definitions in the book that came with the cards and it explained that this card is not about the Devil in an evil Judeo-Christian sense but rather that it represents the mischevious shadow or negative aspects of the personality and not necessarily the evil parts of the personality or psyche.

I am really interested in shadow work since learning about it during a meeting with a Jungian Psychologist a few years ago and also attending Jamie Catto‘s workshop on Transforming Shadows.

I had also in fact created a flyer for my upcoming yoga class and had called it “Shadows & Light”, so it’s not surprising really that the shadow card would showup as something to assist me. I have done so much work on and been so committed to becoming a being of light that I realise it is unrealistic and in orer to truly be in this world and not of it and to become my best and most authentic self I need to know and accept both the dark and the light in me…. and that the dark in me can be a great source of wisdom- that it is not an evil thing.

I found it even more intriguing when I then drew this Goddess card for support on my journey out here…clearly along the very same lines and themes “embracing the shadow”.IMG_0011

IMG_0013 IMG_0016

This theme of dark and light, of yin and yang of feminine and masculine- basically the theme of polarities is what I am exploring now. In one word it is about balance and not denying one or the other but really knowing, healing and accepting it all thus becoming a whole person.

A friend then posted this image on facebook and it fits todays theme too-thank you Jelila!photo


And this poem by Felix Dennis came into my mind

So, all in all the intuition course was eye opening and most of all it re-connected me with what had become a warped and unused intuition attenae- so it will be interesting to see how life and interactions differ from now on.

I then joined the Ananda Mandala meditation group led by Punnu focused on breathing thrugh the chakras as a form of breathwork that was a brilliant chance for me to release some of my mischevious shadow characteristics by screaming and shouting through the meditation for 30 minutes or so. Most people seemed to be either bawling their eyes out crying or laughing hysterically it was brilliat and cathartic and slightly mad feeling but mostly great.

Afte the meditation I came out of the studio and saw sound healers Shervin Boloorian and Larissa Israel with a friend practising chi gong in the gardens, I often see them doing these kind of energy exercises in the gardens. I must try to join them sometime.DSC_0019

I sat down with Punnu and Katherine from the Oneness course to show them the videos I had filmed and then edited since the course and also to film an interview with Punnu about Sound Healing for my ongoing documentary project out here.DSC_0041DSC_0042

Jana Johnson is leading an inspiring sounding “Embody Your Intentions” retreat that begins next week in Ubud Bali.

Here is the flyer


I’m now heading off to go and bathe in some waterfall- sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?

I’m sure I’ll have some cool pics of waterfalls to post tomorrow….except, wait- it has just started to rain and beng the tropics this rain could get serious and very heavy…..

Bye for now.


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