Toning Not Moaning, Crystal Resonance & Coconuts

Yesterday was an unexpectedly and incredibly powerful healing day.

It began with Transformational Breathwork at Radiantly Alive led by Daniel Aaron

This is a seemingly simple yet profoundly insightful and healing journey using only the breath, guided by Daniel to release and to welcome in insights and air.

Daniel was an inspiring guide and created an informative and safe space for a group of strangers to go on a surreal journey side by side. He encouraged us to tone and not moan throughout to release any stuck energy or pain- it was something like strange singing sounds coming out of people all around me. I was pretty caught up with my own process so not paying too much attetion to the others.

Re-birthing breathwork emerged as a form of therapy in the 60’s and 70’s and then evolved into Transformational, Holotropic and Satori breathwork when it became apparent to it’s creators that there was a lot more healing potential trough the breath then just fixing the birth process traumas.

Pretty much any pain or trauma can be shifted through the breath and by sitting in an intentional breathwork practise one can move through painful experiences, literally revisiting and travelling through them, gathering any insight necesarry from the situation in order to release it and move on.

I first encountered Breathwork through my yoga mentor David Sye when we did a one to one breathwork session together, after which I felt like a new person. It felt as though I had done 10 years of therapy in one hour, it was that profound. I didn’t really understand what it was though, all I understood was that I just really felt different energetically and lighter, freer, happier afterwards. In the session I was encouraged to talk about anything I wanted to, like a couch therapy session looking at the ceiling and with every statement I was encouraged to breathe into it, sometimes taking several deep breaths after a revelation which then brought up new insights and so on.

I then came into contact with Satori Breathwork when I randomly entered my name into and won a competition and was invited on a Transformation Vacation by Dawn Delgado and Beau Robb in Bali a few years ago. There I learnt about nutrition, fasting, detox, being in silence and daily practise of breathwork, yoga and meditation. I also learnt to hold space for and support others through their own breathwork process as well as specific ways of holding or laying of hands in a way that reminded me of reiki healing, though done during a breathwork process to assist someone in moving energy through their body and also to provide a feeling of comfort and safety as it can be a really intense and even scary inner journey. I have since practised it with several people, mostly friends who have been emotionally stuck in trauma or playing it out like a broken record story. Most have given me feedback that it has been really helpful as an emotional release and in gaining insight into a stuck pain or emotion. Sometimes it has really wierded people out too- all sorts of reactions to it really but mostly good.

I do my best to create a safe space for whatever may come up and sometimes people really do release demons… at times it has seemed like a new age exorcism is happening in front of me- anything can happen and each time I support the process I also learn something new.

If you are looking for an amazing retreat that will truly transform and empower your own transformation and evolution, as well as a chance to practie and learn Transformational Satori breathwork then I can highly reccommend looking into and booking in to Transformation Vacations.

Yesterdays breathwork circle was interesting, as a workshop we were taught what it is all about and how it works and how it affects people differently, also how most people do not breathe properly. This is a really good moment for me to be held in a breathwork circle, with giving up smoking I am developing a new relationship to breathing.

I had quite the trip on this breathwork journey- it was only 1 hour but I felt as though I were flying through space and time and actually through my entire lifetime. I travelled from childhood memories to adolescence to communicating with family and friends and even dealing with some stuff on the romantic front. Forgiving, thanking, healing, clearing, clearing, clearing and making some internal and energetic space for great people and experiences to show up.

Then I went to the home of AwaHoshi

She is an AMAZING woman, I really admire her and am sure she is a part of my soul family, I felt such a deep and immediate connection to her.

We did some yoga and sat in discussion about the crystal bowls and the healing potential of crystal resonance.

I inquired about the wobbly eye psychadelic experience I had after the last crystal bowl healing session with her and I asked her if anyone had brought up the possibility…the idea that maybe the crystal bowls were capable of releasing DMT from the pineal gland.

I basically concluded that I had been mildly hallucinating from a small amount of DMT being released from my pineal gland,  stimulated by the crystal resonance….a thirdeyegasm!?! She seemed to think this was a possibility too but I was the first to suggest it. Is time for me to write a thesis on crystal healing and it’s relationship to DMT?

This insight was inspired by an article my friend, yoga teacher Shelly Shine shared on facebook The Meaning of The Pineal Gland– Thank you Shelly Shine!

Here are some photos I shot of the beautiful and inspiring AwaHoshi. So far I have done quite a bit of filming with her just being herself and I will begin to do more performance based filming with her this week too. I also have more filming planned with Punnu Wasu Jelila and Shervin Boloorian

IMG_0229 IMG_0240 IMG_0239 IMG_0246

As you can see, we began in daylight and finished at night!

I also got to draw an angel card at the end and I chose this beautiful, awesome Miracle Angel card- bring it on…bring on the miracles, I believe in miracles!


I was also advised to take a week off from filming, editing and blogging….I guess I have found a lot of comfort always in doing these things, filming, editing and writing and it would really be a good challenge for me to be truly present. Not of service to anyone for a week, not creating or busying or distracting myself.

So next week and for one week, I will stop this routine of filming, editing, blogging. Smoking and drinking are out too…well there is always yoga and meditation and dancing and long walks in the rice fields and visits to holy waters and temples.

It wont be easy for me to give up a routine, technology and being of service one way or another for a week because it’s all a discipline for me, to create a sense of normalcy in an unfamiliar place and it all makes me feel like I am contributing, educating and of value. I will try to stop all of those things and see how true presence feels, see how much do i like myself when i have very little to offer and am truly present in each moment, what is life like then?

It sounds like it will feel very awkward but I hope it will be bliss!

AwaHoshi is performing at Taksu on Friday night in Ubud. I will race over there to film it after teaching a free community yoga class.

Here is the flyer for her Taksu gig. Taksu is an incredible place and I know it will be a magical event!


Also, one of the best things out here is being delivered a weekly supply of fresh coconuts! Yum- juicy and jelly.


Anyway I am rushing off now to do a 2 day intensive course in developing intuition with Jana Johnson and Tamara Brown.

Very intrigued and looking forward to it.

To be continued…


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