Black Sand & Surf Jam

Big thanks to Tara Lee and Markus of Journey Surf for inviting me down to Surf Jam Bali at Balian Beach. I had a really great time hanging with their tribe. I felt a bit like I was living in Point Break ( a movie that I LOVE).

The sand on Balian Beach is black and sparkly. The waves are big and the surfers wear funny costumes. Here are some pics.


IMG_0047                                          IMG_0056   IMG_0033 IMG_0040 IMG_0035















IMG_0011 IMG_0006

Yeah that was a lot of fun and then, just like that- they all left and I am here alone at the beach and I mean all alone- as if I imagined the whole thing. Where did all the Russian surfers go? I don’t mind it though really it’s very peaceful here now and I have made plans to visit Journey Surf in Canggu around Xmas time.

Meanwhile, I have just read this article shared by photographer and filmmaker Tao Ruspoli he really deserves his own “Lovebeam” post particulariy for his short films about Love.

Tao is a conscious hipster and you can see some of his films and videos here:

This article says what I sometimes feel and sometimes want to say in terms of the superficial or money-making side of all things New Age. I am often deciphering who and what is “the real thing” and there are so many people who prey on someone of my clichee- a solo female traveller on a spiritual path of discovery and empowerment- wanting so much to become the best possible version of myself and willing to do whatever it takes to become that. I am also grateful for those sages and healers I have met along the way who truly are not after my money or preying on my vulnerabilities- there are some who wouldn’t even accept any money from me. I am grateful for them all really…all people that I have met along the way be they good or bad or kind or evil or  pure or dirty…whatever I have learnt and am continuing to learn from them all.

Anyway, back to this article that I feel blows the lid off this whole “New Age movement”, the many clichees in it and the monetisation of it. To me it feels too harsh, too critical and in some ways I wonder if by taking a persecuting stance is close to becoming a parody of itself? It’s interesting what he has to say and there is much truth in it. It kind of makes me think of that song about hipsters that came out a few years ago “Being a Dickhead is Cool”. When a friend first showed it to me, she was so cute when she said “Check out this video- I want to be a dickhead” which was a hilarious response to such a pardoy in my opinion. At that time I felt that I actually knew too many people who were just like the dickheads in the video and that it would be forcing them to awaken, possibly before they were ready to by say sharing this kind of video (something I have learnt along the way is to be responsible only for my journey of awakening, unless someone finds me or reaches out and asks me for help. I am mainly blogging something of a stream-of-consciusness daily diary to put my processa dnd learnings out there so that if people are searching for this kind of thing that they may stumble upon this and if it helps in any way then great…rather then preach what I feel is right or wrong or good or bad,  I am just putting my own first person story out there).

Anyway…. eventually the Dickhead video went viral and anyone who was vaguely like the dickheads in it either woke up and evolved or went into denial saying that is so not me… Here’s the Dickhead video I’m talking about if you are one of the few who didn’t see it flying around the internet and facebook walls.

I guess if a dickhead became mindful then it would be trendy- a conscious hipster could also be a mindful dickhead or an Oxymoron hahahahah. Maybe I’ll start a contradictory new band called the “The Oxy Morons” I think thats a great name for a punk band!!

“I also feel though that the tone of austerity in this article unfortunately comes from judgement, defensiveness and ego. Anyone who takes themselves or their words too seriously is essentially angry and persecuting and that becomes it’s own form of one-upmanship and seperatness and suffering.

Hmmmm at the end of the day it’s all about integrity. For me it’s a constant checkin process.

Am I in my integrity…if not, what can I do to rectify things? Do I need to apologise for something? Do I need to chnge my behaviour? Do I need to speakup or standup for myself or someone or something…Yes for me integrity is something I really value and is kind of like an angel who has always been by my side, one that I often sadly have forgotten about over the years but that I try to pay more and more attention to everyday. There are so many paths to take but really the important thing is to at least begin being mindful and aware if you or I are not already… As long as there is authenticity and humility and integrity…. well that will all lead to happiness and inspire so many along the way too…

Anyway I recommend reading this article which will no doubt ruffle some feathers and also garner some head nods in agreement. Just like the Dickhead video, it’s probably a good if not slightly overly critical way of asking people to please check in with their integrity and authenticity and not to just buy into all that is on sale out there.

I am in support of personally checking in with integrity, which is why I feel to share this article rather then brush it under the carpet and pretend I didn’t read it.

I am also very interested in debate and sometimes like to catalyse it or provoke because of course, we all know there are two sides to every coin and a million different points of view out there.

So, whatever your point of view is…try feeling it in your heart and not your head and we will all get along that little bit better- yes please, here’s to a better and more conscious world.

Zen and The New Age Legacy


Also I just started listening to an audio book last night as I was falling asleep and I am sure some of it must have filtered into my dreams…it’s a book called  The Artists Way: A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity and in it the author was talking about the importance of “morning pages” to unblock stuck creatives. I realise that is what I am doing in this blog…I am pouring out my stream of consciousness morning pages in public and this is either my new for of art or it’s a really stupid thing to do- mostly because I don’t really want people to see or know this much of me… I must admit though I fell asleep shorly after hearing about the morning pages concept, so I will revisit and see what else she has to say and hope it inspires me somehow to write differently, better, more…je ne sais quois?

I feel like I am just going to stick to sharing photos for a while…or maybe just blog once a week and that way I’ll keep “the morning pages” to myself for a bit…and maybe the writing well help to unblock whatever part of me might be blocked and maybe the blog will inspire whatever part of you might want to be inspired on your very own conscious journey.

Anyway the sun is shining and the surf is up now. I am going out into the sea, to wash away the pain and I mean collective pain for many, not just for myself… I am going to have fun and splash and play and maybe even catch some waves. Then I will head back up to my home away from home in the jungle, otherwise known as “The New Age Capitol of The World”.

Bye for now

Peace & Love


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