A Glass Third Eye

The internet is so slow here by the beach. A sure sign that I will keep my internet time to a minimum so I can focus on these MASSIVE waves and the people riding them at the Bali Surf Jam 2013 Surfer boys and surfer girls are SO cute, I adore their scruffy, quirky, nerdy style and I loved joining this tribe last night to dance like a demon and bop along to a really great live surf rockabilly band called The Deep Sea Explorers Before the band kicked off there was a gathering of all the surfers in front of a big outdoor movies screen and a Russian Emcee spoke loudly over the videos- I think he was discussing suf technique…I don’t speak Russian. I was surprised to see so many Russian surfers and was told it is a relativly new sport for Russians who have only been competing in Surf events for the last 5 years or so… They’ve all certainly got the look and I imagine this trend will just keep expanding and there will be a massive boom in surf looks and sounds coming from Russia. It doesn’t surprise me that so many would want to swap the chilly wintery Russian climate for sunshine and surf.

The vibe is naturally so diffeent here from up in the jungle, it’s much more party party dance dance and it feels good to tune into this surf vibe. The waves here are big, long..it’s the first time in my life I have seen people riding big long tubes/tunnels!

I had to jump into the sea as soon as I got here and the current is seriously strong just even in the shallow waters, I can’t imagine how they navigate the breaks further out. I guess I’ll learn more about how to do that soon.

Yesterday I squeezed in two video shoots for my documentary on Sound Healing

First I filmed what I would call a “holistic” interview or “Satsang” which means deep honest conversation with Christina “Fire-Mane Honey-Voice” Charley.

She is a Goddess, a healer and a really cool woman- it was a great interview.DSC_0164

Then I went to film AwaHoshi giving a talk and crystal bowl healing session. IT is soooo powerful, the resonance of the crystal bowls. I had a really bizarre sort of lucid dream throughout the healing session and was pretty fascinated afterwards about the places my imagination travelled to throughout the healing. She is such a charismatic character too and was open to questions which she responded to honestly and spontaniously- even the questions that came up for people ater the healing session were quite fascinating. After I left the filming and healing session, my head was really buzzing and it felt as though I were wearing what I could only describe as “crystal glasses”. My eyes felt all wobbly and in particular my third eye was rattling, vibrating…it felt really strange. I don’t know what was going on for me but I concluded that perhaps that was my kundalini awakening, my third eye bursting open, psychic abilities awakening or something… A glass third eye rattling fom the resonance of the crystal bowls? I must ask AwaHoshi next time I see her what that was all about. Coincidentally and luckily, I bumped into Dr. Punnu Wasu as I was waiting for the driver to come and take me to the beach, and I told him my head was feeling funny, that it felt like I was wearing crystal glasses and that my glass third eye was rattling or something strange like that (only in a place like Ubud would this shit make any sense to others!). Punnu put his thumb on my third eye and held it there for a few seconds and told me it was pulsing. After a few minutes everything calmed down and I felt grounded again asI climbed into a car on my way to the beach with Alphaville’s “Forever Young” blasting on the radio- I LOVE that song, also as it is the theme song in one of my all time favourite films LEGEND!

Here are some photos of the magical and beautiful AwaHoshiDSC_0017 DSC_0005

And here’s a photo of the sunset when I arrived at the beach- beautiful!IMG_0005

Now I’m going to get myself sunscreened up and out into the sunshine and surf-yeeeehaw I’ll take some pics of the surfers in the fancy dress “Fun” competition and I’ll track down Tara Lee and Marcus who are the people from Journey Surf the main sponsors of this competition and the reason why I am up here in Balian Beach. Maybe they can sort me out with some board shorts and lend me a surfboard?


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