Surf’s Up!


The picture says it all really. For a few days I am heading out of the jungle and getting myself down to some of Bali’s famous beaches. I will go to the big wave beaches and checkout the pros in action there and then I will go and take some lessons so I can get to know the waters, currents and wave types out here under the guidance of a pro.

Looking forward to meeting the people behind handmade surfboards Journey Surf who are sponsoring the Bali Surf Jam with 4 handmade surfboards going to each winner in three categories “Longboard, “Shortboard” and “Fun” or fancy dress.

I’ll be shooting some photos and vids and have been warned that there will be a big party tonight and I have been going to bed early and waking up at 6am everyday out here so I don’t know if I have it in me to dance and drink all night…well dance yes but drink all night no. Anyway I think it’ll be fun to have a change of scenery for a few days fom the jungle and consciousness of Ubud to the sea and surf and fun on the beach.

Last night I was invited to a delicious dinner party at Clear Cafe and it was the goodbye party for a new friend I made out here, yogi, writer and poettess Alexandra Moga. We were joined by several others from the Onenessc course and it was interesting to share insights and experience in this one week since finishing the course.

I am editing away on the many videos I have shot and probably have enough material just to make a documentary on the multi-talented Punnu Wasu himself.

Now I am going to film two video shoots and interviews with Sound Healers Fire-Mane Honey-Voice and Awa Hoshi before a 2 hour drive to the seaside.

Bali Rocks!


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