Lovebeam : Angelika Hansen

Good Morning,

I have decided for this blog to also do features on inspiring people in well-being and creativity that I have met or that I meet along the way in life. Instead of calling it something like “A spotlight on…so and so” I am going to called it a “Lovebeam”, which to me sounds like a really appreciative kind of spotlight.

Today I am going to shine a “Lovebeam” on one of my cool neighbours out here called Angelika Hansen

She rockedup here to the community of houses I am staying in looking so fabulous in a brightly coloured outfit and red lipstick. “Travelling light-always the way” she said as she introduced herself with a flamboyant flourish. We sat down in my beautiful outdoor living room shortly afterwards and had the most inspiring of conversations as she regaled me with tales from her time acting in Federico Fellini‘s Cassanova to hanging out with Rock stars and Shamans to the first time she met her “Soul sister Gabrielle Roth.” I liked the idea of “Soul sisters”, women who have an instant friendship, trust and connection.

Oh and she has published several books on the themes of Shamanism, Lakota Indians, The Sundance as well as doing countless translations for one of my favourite well-being, consciousness and empowerment publishing companies Hay House Publishing

If I will be anything like this woman in 30 years- I would be very happy!

Here’s a look behind the scenes on Fellini’s Cassanova

Here are some direct links to purchase Angelika’s books on Amazon in English and also German translations (I of course immediately asked her if the film rights to some of her books were available…the answer was good news too!)

Encounter With A Shaman


Nur Mut : Meine Reise (Be Courageous: My travels)

Angel Therapy

I love this quote I found from her on the internet:

“Someone told me: “We need more first person accounts” – I couldn’t have said it better myself!”

How kismet is it that an experienced and inspiring expert on first person accounts moves into the house next door to me? Not only that she is an inspiring creative and role model but also that she has done a lot of translating work for my favourite wellness publishing company…

Let’s see how things go…maybe one of her books will be developed into either a fiction screenplay or a factual documentary…


To me this is obviously a no-brainer…

This woman’s published first person true stories about  meetings with Shamans, with The American First Nations Lakota Tribe and with being a free-spirited and glamorous traveller on a budget are all inspiring, spiritual and commercial true stories .

Maybe it’s a sign that “The Conscious Hipster” could evolve into something that would appeal to Hay House too? I have had discussions with Balboa Press (an imprint of Hay House for first time authors) about a publishing deal, however the deal they offered me was not favourable and in fact suggested that I would pay to print the books myself as a first time author…so I just stuck with investing in and focusing on my film company and my record label instead. Now however, I have time to write and I am blogging everyday and I am really getting inspired by the people I am meeting and the things that I am experiencing, learning and feeling….so maybe it’s time to knock knock knock on Hay’s door once more- heeeeeey hay hay hay?

I feel Angelika’s appearance as a neighbour is both very timely and inspiring…perhaps even a good omen for my film career that she has written a book called “Sundance”…

Here are a few photos of Angelika. I think she could also be a model.

get-attachment-3 get-attachment get-attachment-1


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