Shooting Star Loyse de Pury & Oneness with Dr. Punnu Wasu

Quick blog post this morning as I am about to run off and begin a 3 day intensive course in “Oneness”. I am living in a house out here and cat-sitting for a woman who used to be a celebrity hair stylist and is now an amazing kirtan singer, musician, sound healer and “Oneness Blessing Giver”. She is currently spending time at her ashram in India and I will try to interview her about her past, present and future for another blog post.

Today I would like to highlight my teacher on the Oneness course Dr. Punnu Wasu


Punnu is a performer, kirtan musician and singer, sound healer, a psychic healer– so many things. Most of all Dr. Wasu is really good vibes and very buddha like.

He has recorded a few albums which are out now on cdbaby:

Album: Bhakti Child

Album : Karuna

I have already learnt further about chakras with him and I am both curious and a bit apprehensive to embark on this course, because I don’t know exactly what I am in for, other then knowing I will be doing a lot of healing work on my past and learning a new way to give energy work blessings to people in the future.

One things is for sure, I will most definitely be blogging about the experience and about my learnings on the course.

The other person I woke up this morning missing and feeling to highlight in the blog is a shooting star and all around awesome Goddess: Loyse de Pury

I first got to know her work through a cute and magical series of youtube videos she made called “A Fairy Lost in Reality”.

Here is one of those videos:

She has her first feature film coming out in 2014 entitled Walk With Me?

She has also starred in a short film called Castle of Perserverance

She has acted in a lot of plays and films in France and is also an amazing vegetarian chef.

And would you believe it- she teaches french lessons via skype in between rehearsals for plays and shooting films…so if you want to learn to speak french with a great teacher, follow this link to Je Voudrais Un Croissant

And here are a few great pics from a shoot she did with photographer Ivan Frenkel



Check these beautiful people and their creative offerings out!

Goodbye for now.

I am all dressed in white and off to study Oneness


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