Trooper & Conflict Resolution

Yes, I am a hippie at heart which is possibly why I am on a conscious path more then a hipster path. I came up with the name for this blog when someone called me a Hipster and I felt offended because to me the notion of being a hipster is kind of like being a sheep and wanting to fit in (even if it is by standing out). I like to think for myself and am very open minded, tolerant and even celebratory of differences. Hipster didn’t feel like a good fit for me, I have never liked to be put into any box…always redefining myself or rather evolving. I like the idea of cool or hip people being or becoming conscious, mindful, compassionate. To me that is the true definition of cool or hip, essentially “good vibes”. Thus The Conscious Hipster was born.

Today’s conscious theme is conflict and how to resolve it.

I once asked a professional expert on this subject if he could narrow it down to one solution, what would that be? He said he could narrow it down to two words “Moral Imagination.” I believe that conflict resolution is completely possible when opposing sides take time to really imagine what it feels like for the other side and also to consider the underlying oneness in all humankind.

If leaders around the world invested more in conflict resolution rather than sending soldiers out to war, the death rate would go down and more hearts would open ie tolerance would become a fact of life.

Anyway, I am not an expert on global warfare (though I have studied conflict resolution as part of my Life Coaching studies and if you were to ask anyone I have worked with in this capacity, they’d tell you how effective it is to have a neutral mediator present at times of conflict).

Here are some helpful website for further information on conflict resolution:

Conflict Resolution Help Guide

Conflict Resolution Network

Also on the themes of war and conflict…

I just got some good news that a feature film I Co-Produced a few years ago called “Trooper” has landed a distribution deal and a pretty major one too. This is a huge step for an indie film and it’s been a long time coming. The Oscar-winning movie “Hurt Locker” came out in the same year that we made Trooper and Hurtlocker slightly overshadowed our indie film endeavour also as it was the first time a woman (Catherine Bigelow) won the Oscar for Best Director.

A few years on and after several attempts at shopping it about to distributors and also after both many festival awards and rejections (likely for being a bit sensitive and controversial).

Trooper now has a distributor!

This is a film about PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and this is an issue that needs to be raised to the surface. Nobody really discusses how traumatic it is for a soldier to return from war and try to re-integrate into society once again.

This film is the Writing/Directing debut for Brooklyn-based filmmaker Christopher Martini and it paints a realistic picture of what it feels like to deal with the issues that arise when returning from war. It also features several real life soldiers, some in their acting debut and others who are veterans of war films such as Jerry Della Salla And on the soundtrack we have been given the blessings of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen to feature their songs after seeing the film with their songs in it and agreeing that it was an important film.

I hope that you will get to see it.

Here is the trailer

And finally on this theme of Conflict Resolution Consciousness.

Someone recently wrote to me inquiring if I would be interested to host and facilitate workshops in conflict resolution and non-violent communication. Of course I said yes as I am totally down with that kind of purposeful work, also to empower others. I will likely be offering some workshops in non-violent communication and conflict resolution as well as some divine well-being and creativity retreats starting next year.

Peace Out

Make Love Not War


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