Love Love Love

Today I want to write about love.

What do I have to say about love…well a lot actually.

I like this short film “The Revolution is Love”

Love inspires, love creates tragedy. Love lifts up and drags down. I can’t survive without it (in one of it’s many forms). Love is fuel. Love is energy and that begins with love for the self, love for my self…awwww.

My challenge here in the blogosphere is to try keeping things short and sweet, as I mostly have a tendency to ramble in my stream-of-consciousness writings.

So, today on the theme of love I am going to write a list of the different kinds of love because I find that interesting. Did you know that love can be categorised into different types? Thanks to the Greek philosophers that is.


Spiritual love which is also known as unconditional love. Knowing and accepting someone with all their imperfections and flaws. It is perhaps the highest form of love that we could strive to develop for all human beings, in fact for all creatures great and small. This is an altruistic love which expects nothing in return. In my opinion, this is the holy grail of all loves, the kind I love most to give and to receive. Agape is a verb, witnessed through behaviour and actions towards others. If you feel it coming at you- cherish it. Agape or Unconditional love is very very precious indeed.


Lusty love with romance and passion that makes you feel kind of high. This emotional and sexual high is unfortunately mostly temporary, unless both people are willing to put the focus back onto themselves as well which can enhance the ongoing high and empower agape. Too much energy and attention placed on pleasure or on the other/outside of the self with eros, will eventually kill it. Eros is wild and intense, it requires consciousness to either enjoy it for what it is or grow it into something deeper. Mostly though, it will end in a sharp shock or heartache, once the bubble has burst.


A family and friends kind of love. It is unconditional and accepting of flaws but is not romantic. It is the kind of love that is comitted and makes you feel safe and supported. If this kind of love evolves into romance then the relationship will be very strong with great foundations for a long lasting love.


“Let’s just be friends”. This is a platonic love. This is a choice. This is a noun- a form of love that requires virtue and familiarity.

So apparently and ideally, we need all of these aspects working together for a wonderfully fulfilling and long lasting love.

Thank you to Plato, Socrates and Aristotle and any other Greeks involved in the original LOVE definitions and debates. Also to Wikipedia and various other online resources that I used as research to summarise these types of love today.

You must know by now that I love diagrams to help describe things (that’s my inner nerd)

Here is a triangle that describes different types of love:


Also here is a link to a love blog I am liking at the moment: The Daily Love

Anyway this post is getting me thinking more then feeling…and my personal challenge at the moment is to feel more and think less.

So I am off now to go around beaming mostly unconditional love to everyone I meet today and sending it energetically to you too, from Bali Hai!


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