Civet Coffee & A Mystical Orchestra in The Land of Confusion

Interesting…I have just seen a feature when I log in to write a blog, I am met with a daily prompt. Today’s prompt is “The Land of Confusion” which I think is a great title for a song or a book or a clothing label…

So today I am going to try in the vein of Creative Writes and Natalie Goldberg: Writing Down The Bones to do some free flow writing from the bones with no editing, no thinking just writing. Normally when I try to do this I write with paper and a pen, not typing on a computer because I feel it flows better This may and likely completely suck, but that’s what this experiment is about, just writing whatever comes out.


In The Land of Confusion

The air is thick with thoughts and dramas, suffering and pain

In the land of Confusion

There is nothing to grasp

And everything to gain

Thinly veiled dreams

Leading nowhere



The Rabbit Hole

In the land of Confusion

You are welcomed with not a hello nor  a name

But a puzzling question

Designed to wrack your brain

For hours

Maybe days

A riddle with no answer

In the land of Confusion

It’s all about the brain

No feelings

No heart

No guts

No intuition

In the Land of Confusion

There are

Many masters

Many Teachers

Many Choices

Many Roads

Many Maps

Many Lovers

Many Foes

Many Friends

But none are dear

And none are clear

And the only way out

Is to see it all for what it is

To be still amidst the chaos

O r to take a leap of faith

Away from The Land of Confusion

To the Land of Certainty

Where you are welcomed with a predictable hello

And introduced to a predictably suitable group of friends

And you create a routine

And build a home

And choose just one





And you feel safe

You feel secure

Because you know for sure

That whatever happens

You can deal with it.

Until life becomes stagnant

And memories of adventures in he Land of Confusion

Twinkle with allure

The intrigue of the unkown

So you slip and you slide

You throw everything you’ve got away

Leave everything you know behind

And dance on back to The Land of Confusion

And back and forth

And back and forth

Until a shape begins to emerge

To form

Something between the known and the unknown

The real and the surreal

The conscious and the un-conscious

The thinking and the feeling

Something that is completely your own

Neither muddy waters or crystal clear

Welcome to the Land of You

The frequency is loud

With the pulse of a heartbeat

That’s the journey

To find your way there

So maybe that’s enough.

It’s my blog after all, I can be random if I want to.Maybe some days I don’t feel like writing a long winded diary of everything I got up to the day before.

I do want to tell you that I invited the neighbours of my community over to my beautiful outdoor living room this morning to taste-test civet poo coffee with me… and it tasted good!

Louwak Civet Coffee

Louwak Civet Coffee

And I do want to tell you about the highlights from yesterday which included a group sound healing session with  Dr. Didge


who blasted us into the stratosphere with his Didgeridoo.

It was pretty dramatic as a loud and wild thounder and lightening storm broke out during his set and I lay there with my eyes closed feeling the vibrations of the Didgeridoo. I would occassionally feel my bike accident leg twitching or have a full body electric shock sensation when a super loud lightening crash would come out of nowhere. Through the combination of didgeridoo and thounder and lightening, I was transported to wandering through the outback of Australia, it was pretty magical. Something he said afterwards stuck with me “Sound creates space”.

After that I learnt some new exercises and techniques for deep muscles fascia release work by rolling around on a tennis ball and sinking into it on some major trigger/pressure points. It seriously hurt, I was even crying at points, but it was a major release both emotionally and physically. I can’t wait to incorporate the tennis ball when showing you some new ways to let go of physical and emotional pain.

In the evening I was i invited to film “Spirit Night” which was a concert and gathering of all the sound healers of Bali. This was all my chance to meet them all face to face and step into Producer shoes to begin arrange filming healing sessions and interviews.

I borrowed a massive pro tripod from filmmaker Sue and lugged it, along with my massive camera and extra bags towards the Monkey Forrest. The sun had gone to bed and I was still kind of limping so ended up jumping on the back of a bike for $2 to get a lift with all my gear to the Yoga Barn, also to ensure that I would arrive in time to setup a few cameras and introduce myself to everyone who was performing.

I was a powerful and interesting concert, poorly lit by candelight- which was so atmospheric but not ideal for filming. Though I got some great shots of the horizontal audience members receiving healing sounds as the shamans and healers moved about drumming and clanging and shaking rattles and other native percussion instruments over the bodies of the receiving audience.


At one point I set up my camera on a tripod and lay down to receive some of the healing sounds myself and as I drifted off somewhere far far away a clear message came to me:

Feel more

Think less

This may seem stupid or so so simple to you

To me this was a profound and very important message from spirit to my soul.

Nuff said

I feel inspired and I’m just going to start doing that one day at a time now, it may mean I become a very different person.

Feeling Vulnerable and Capable

Feeling Intrigued and Inspired

See you next time

Here are some photos of Danny Paradise from the video shoot we did the other day and also his album covers which he signed for me and a piece of Snakefruit that he gave me (Snakes are my animal totem out here clearly- oh i didnt write a blog about the cobra I met as soon as I arrived in Bali…)

IMG_1947IMG_2000IMG_2001 IMG_2002

And some more photos of Sound Healers and their instruments:


Awa Hoshi


Larissa Israel

IMG_2023 IMG_2026


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