From Paradise Ashtanga to Neon Splash

Hello, Day two in the blogosphere for me. Hope you are having a good day and that you started it off with something nurturing and healthy and not just a quick fix rushed breakfast. I woke up and chopped up a papaya with a bit of lime squeezed on it and am sipping my ritual cup of strong coffee as I write. I have just had fresh coconut water delivered, such are the perks of life in the tropics. I am a massive fan of coconut water- fresh or not, it is moisturiser from the inside. In fact coconut water, coconut oil- for drinking, cooking, massage, for face for hair- everywhere- I love coconuts! In London, I would splash out on Vita Coco from Planet Organic or Coconutty will even deliver fresh coconuts to your door: []Image

So, what I really want to write about for a bit today are Ashtanga Yoga and Danny Paradise.

I met Danny a few years ago in Bali through Simon Low (Ex-Record Exec, founder of Triyoga in the U.K and renowned trainer and teacher of super yummy and chilledout Yin Yoga)

Danny is a very respected and famous yoga teacher and is best known for introducing yoga to Sting, Madonna, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon (and the list goes on). Danny is a very funny guy, full of anecdotes of his life as a yogi and a Shaman.  I would like to make a fictional movie based on his life story. I would cast Johnny Depp to play Paradise- I can really see it being a brilliant movie, so I think that is the screenplay I want to write out here and I have invited Danny and his beautiful girlfriend Bibi out for lunch at Clear Cafe (my favourite raw food temple in Ubud) so hoping to explore how that might evolve.

Danny is a dear old friend of Ganga White. I hungout and made some videos with Ganga and his wife Tracey a few months ago in California (see one of the vids here):

Danny Paradise is in town to teach and lecture at the Ashtanga Yoga Conference.


Now as far as yoga styles go, Ashtanga is revered as  a classical form of power yoga. It is the Yang to the Yin- it is the sweat to the chill. Founded by Pattabhi Jois, back in the day it was a big honour if he invited you to attend his ashram in India- that would mean you were an outstanding yogi. Ashtangis are very strong and very flexible.

I am not an Ashtangi Yogi– I am fluid, I go with the flow and I am intuitive. I like to work with what is right in front of me, tailoring asanas or discourse to what I feel those in front of me would benefit from rather then adhering to a strict drill-like series. I feel a resistance to such austerity and I mostly blame it on my very strict training as a ballet dancer from a very young age- the repetition every day did improve my technique and focus my mind but it didn’t make me happy…

I wonder however if the universe is calling me to become more disciplined in matters of body, mind and spirit and not just with the intention to write a daily blog for example…and now the introduction yesterday to the world’s top Ashtanga yoga masters. A brief conversation with local Ashtangis Prem and Radha went something like this:

Me: It all seems very strict and austere (Ashtanga yoga)

Them: It is a discipline, something you must do every day. It is about consistency not fluidity.

Me: ok well this training might be worth a try for me.

Them: You’d have to committ to training 6 days a week for at least 3 weeks and we would treat you like a beginner, even if you are already a teacher.

Me: Wow hmmm ok… let me think about it.

I don’t know if I want or need my consciousness and confidence to be smashed down and rebuilt right now, but I do always want to become a better teacher and part of my intention out here is transformation and evolution/growth so maybe Ashtanga Power training will be a massive part of that transformation process…”stepping into my power”?

To be continued…

Here is a photo of me with the lovely Danny Paradise awww…


So, for today’s reflection on Consciousness- I am pondering whether I can keep learning, picking and choosing and shaping my life philosophies as I go along or if I really need to surrender to and go through a process such as being broken down and rebuilt by a different experience or teacher from time to time (this must be more of a fast track learning curve method “smash em down, dust em off, build em back up again).

I met a cool artist and yogi for brunch the other day, who described himself as a turtle and not a hare- slow and steady wins the race. I am inclined to lean that way now too after being mostly a hare throughout my life- bursting with energy and impatience I would now like to try to be more slow and steady. Yes that is my revelation for today. I want to be a Tortoise with humility, patience and grace and not an unconscious, frantic, arrogant hare.Image

And now for some pop culture…

If you haven’t already heard of it then checkout Neon Splash. Inspired by the Indian festival of Holi, ravers showup dressed head to toe in white and throughout the night are splattered with rainbow coloured paint. It’s wild, sexy, slippery, loud fun and it’s a booming business with Neon Splash parties being thrown around the world. Checkout this video here and congrats to the team for the entrepreneurial skills!


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